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  1. go to your actual booking manager on the Carnival site. I just checked for my 11/20 cruise and those are not available for specialty restaurant pre-reservations. When you click that from the Hub app, it is just showing you the generic list for that ALL ships.
  2. All, apologies as I know this has been talked about but I havent found anything recent. I read a few months ago that If the cruise originates from the US, the travel health visa was not required. Does that remain true today? Or is this required to debark in Nassau? Thanks!
  3. Somewhere someone mentioned having talked to the designers of the ship, and they said they knew when they designed it that the two MDRs were not sufficiently sized to handle a 100% capacity Mardi Gras, so they were counting on heavy use of the specialty restaurants, so I think this may be something that they do for a long time, if not permanently. I don't think its a coincidence that those 3 specialty restaurants are enormous compared to other ships.
  4. Just to be clear, Check-in/arrival time is selected pre-cruise, either 16 or 14 days prior, but boarding zone is based on when you check in, correct? So, you could have the earliest check-in time of say, 1030, but still get a later boarding zone if you show up late? Basically, to get the earliest boarding zone, you need to have the earliest check in time and get there as early as possibly within that window?
  5. Did you happen to notice what deck parties/theme parties were onboard and which nights they took place? Thanks!
  6. Did you just ask the cabin steward for the lounger? we have an extended balcony and was wondering if this would be possible. Thanks!
  7. I didn't anticipate we would get up and mingle. I just didnt know what the maximum number of people you could request for a table is with YTD (I think 10 maybe?), and if your wait starts to increase significantly as you approach that maximum
  8. Hello all, we are sailing on Mardi Gras with a group of about 22 people. Due to the greater number of included dining venues on MG vs other ships, I am trying to decide if we would be better off having everyone with YTD or if we should do a set dining. I see Pros and Cons to both (Please correct me if any of these are wrong): Set Dining Pros: Everyone knows where to be and when to be there every night if they want to dine together Guaranteed to have timely access to enough tables for everyone to dine together (at least near each other) Set Dining Cons: Have to eat at the same time every night in MDR Can't access Cucina, Pig & Anchor, Chibang until after 8pm YTD Pros: Can reserve tables at any dining venue at anytime through the app Don't have have to wait at venue for tables YTD Cons: Possible long waits for large parties (?) Have to coordinate time/place with everyone Not able to sit with/near each other due to large party (?) Anyone have any experience on Mardi Gras with a large party? Which dining did you choose and would you do it any differently? Any tips/tricks? Thanks!
  9. Can 6 different people use the 6 pack of tests? Or is it only 3 people per 6 pack? When you try to buy it asks for three names of who will be testing...
  10. @Saint GregApologies if you readdressed this AND for asking again...but did you ever have success getting your pre-cruise dining charges moved to OBC? Thanks!
  11. I would agree, but it says you're in Michigan and I can be to 4 cruises ports within 4 hours, so I dont quite get that lol
  12. Lol that is my girlfriend's theory too. I would think under current conditions, they would want to attract people most willing to book right now (frequent cruiser), vs those who previously only took a cruise every few years (Infrequent cruiser). Either or neither could be right lol
  13. First off, I am not coming here to complain; I am just genuinely curious. I know some say it is random, but I have to think Carnival has some algorithms for determining what offers people get (for instance, I usually rack up a lot of drinks on Cheers so I only received the RU9 promo 😂). But what isn't making sense to me is what I am seeing right now. Carnival is trying to fill ships. I have been on 14 Carnival cruises, with my 15th booked for the Mardi Gras in November. We had 3 cruises cancelled and then rebooked last year, so an obvious willingness to cruise. I also live in Florida, so I have easy access to cruise ports. I am not a heavy gambler but play enough to receive occasional bounce back offers. However, I keep seeing all of these posts about $100 rooms (and have heard friends who haven't been on a cruise in 4 years getting emails with that type of promo), yet I'm not getting any decent offers. Again, I'm not complaining as I'm not even sure I could squeeze a cruise in right now...just more curious if anyone knows the science behind it.
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