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  1. LOL, like a box of chocolates, you don't know what you'll get!
  2. Thanks for the extra info. 1/ So you can order multiple entrees for no extra charge at every specialty restaurant except Chops? 2/ I remember they had a sale on t-shirts and merchandise on the last day of our cruise. Has this changed and now they have it every day?
  3. Thank you! Thanks so much! I think the muffins you're referring to are English muffins? I was just wondering about the muffins, like blueberry or carrot ... I hope you enjoyed your cruise on Explorer!
  4. Thanks for explaining, we prefer to eat early so 5 pm is perfect!
  5. On a recent cruise compass, it lists the early seating from 5-5:30 pm. Is the half hour just a time slot to allow everyone to get to the MDR, and then the doors close at 5:30 pm? I remember long line ups for the elevators, and perhaps this is just added time? TIA (thanks in advance)
  6. We only had breakfast on our balcony once. I'd like to order more often for our upcoming cruise. What kind of pastries do they have nowadays? I saw the menu (thank you), but it doesn't list the type of muffins, danishes, etc. available?
  7. How exciting! We're on next year. I'll be looking for your feedback! Safe travels! So glad you enjoyed Harmony. Post cruise is tough 😥 Wow, I hope you enjoyed the cruise! Can't wait to hear all about it!
  8. I actually don't have the UDP for our upcoming cruise though, I only have one specialty dining night 😥 Enjoy the rest of your week, and thanks again for posting live!
  9. Thank you for taking the time out of your cruise to share your info with us! 1/ I thought with specialty dining, you can order multiple appetizers and desserts, but only one entree? 2/ How was the service at Chops? Were you able to get in/out in 2 hours or less? You both look great, the colors are very complimentary!
  10. Thank you. I called and another agent did call me back a few hours later. She said the price adjustment would affect the perks I already have, so I can't get any price adjustments unless I forfeit the perks 😥 Thanks for the info. Glad you were able to get some discounts!
  11. Thanks. Yes, I realize I have to go through my TA and not RC. This is the first time I've requested a price adjustment.
  12. Thank you! 1/ My cruise dropped $75 but my TA doesn't work on the weekends. Do I just hope the price remains and call on Monday? 2/ How many times can I get an adjustment before final payment? 3/ Since TA's get commission, how do they feel about doing multiple adjustments? She might not respond to my calls or emails after the first one ...lol Any price drop would be great since I'm paying in US dollars!
  13. Thanks so much for the picture! I appreciate it! It looks like a deep dish pie! I think the tart is definitely cuter, but I'll take either ...lol I'll have to try both and see. *Great photo btw 👌
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