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  1. We really enjoyed this tour. The countryside was beautiful and we were amazed at how they managed on those narrow, winding roads.
  2. I realize that this is a matter of personal opinion, but if you were going to be in Dublin, Kilkenney, Belfast, Invergordon, Edinburgh and Glascow - which castle(s) would you not miss? I think I might be able to get my family into two castles, max.
  3. We got the package for my 23-year-old son, for smoothies and mocktails. He never developed a taste for soda.
  4. Sheesh! It's cheaper to just buy new underwear and socks! Other cruise lines launder your clothes "whatever you can fit in this bag". I guess I'll be stalking the laundry rooms. Do you know if there are specific hours you can use the laundry room? I would imagine so, so you don't bother people that are in the rooms surrounding.
  5. We purchased an Unlimited Soda and more package for our cruise next month. That doesn't even show up anymore. Now it's listed as a Classic Soda Package and it costs more. Any insights?
  6. I'm confused by this whole thing. We're on a 25 day cruise next month. Shows multi-device $14.99/day. Does that mean one person can sign up and the other people in the room can use their devices on that account (that would be $374.75)? Because there is then the Medallion Net voyage package which is $129.99/person ($389.97 for the three of us). We are not elite members or anything, have no OBC.
  7. Once you do book, be sure to verify your choices with the airline. We booked through EZAir, got seats assigned, got confirmation, etc. and come to find out we didn't have reservations for our flight to Dublin. If I had gotten to the airport and found that out, I would not have been amused!
  8. Can you tell me how we would do this, and where the departure point is? We are not wine drinkers, but want to do SOMETHING while in port. I would be fine doing the "on your own" but it really is extortion!
  9. I booked an independent tour when we were in Costa Rica a few years ago. My husband is still giving me grief about it! Just wasn't a good tour Other than that, we've stuck with the ship excursions, but I've got to be honest, I've been somewhat disappointed with each excursion (especially for the price!). We're cruising Europe/TA next month and I've booked all independent excursions, based on recommendations from seasoned travelers here on CC. They have given me recommendations on what we should see in certain ports, as well as the best tour companies to book with. My husband is a nervous wreck about this (what if we miss the boat?), but especially on this cruise, the ship excursions were WAY overpriced for what you got. The ones that I find most amusing - "(insert city here) On Your Own" - that means at least $60 per person to take a bus to a town where they drop you off for the day, all because they ports they are going to aren't really near anything. Better to take a taxi or use an outside company, I say.
  10. have you used Bonine? Less side effects, from what I understand.
  11. We normally travel in a balcony room; however, in your case, I'd go with the Central Park interior. My reasoning? Central Park Balcony is likely to be loud, because there's an "echo" effect in there, since it's not actually outside. The kids won't want to be in the room long enough for any of you to really enjoy the ocean view. IMHO, I think you could spend that money in a lot better ways. Happy traveling.
  12. We're traveling next month and have the following questions - 1) Is there only one power outlet in the room (by the desk perhaps)? Is it 220 or 110? I know there is one in the bathroom, but I'm wondering about plugging in all our electronics. 2) Can suitcases go under the bed? I did the virtual tour of the balcony cabins and it looks like the closet is just an open area. Once you hang up your clothes, there's not much room left. 3) Are there saunas? I'm assuming you have to pay to use them. How does that work? Thank you, in advance, for any help you can provide.
  13. We booked a tour through WOW Scotland - Lock Ness, Inverness and Outlander tour - sites: Invergordon and Cromarty Firth, Beauly, Inverness, Loch Ness, Highlands, Clava Cairns (Outlander), Culloden Battlefield, Highland Cows. This tour came highly recommended by someone here on Cruise Critic. We'll be there in September.
  14. Good tip! That's what we usually end up doing, it becomes a standing joke, we ALWAYS head the wrong way! But we're on vacation, so no big deal.
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