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  1. I contributed this morning after receiving email from Regent. I hope everyone contributes no matter how little. Those people need all the help they can get. So sad!
  2. Yes, it's great that cruise companies are helping out. Here is the link about NCL holdings. I agree I'm proud of Regent and others. https://www.ncl.com/.../norwegian-cruise-line-holdings...
  3. I take negative reviews with a grain of salt. We have never had a bad experience with any cruise on Regent and we have a lot of cruises under our belt (10 years). I've read reviews where I felt we were on different cruises although it was the same. My personal feeling is that some people have to complaint about everything. I just ignore them. We love cruising with Regent and more than anything we love the crew. They are like family. So, if you're new to Regent don't let reviews change your mind. You have to make your own mind without being influenced by others.
  4. No interest on my part. My phone stays in the safe during the cruise. I have no desire to carry my phone on tours. We have never had an issue listening to the guides.
  5. Jason, it would had been nice if the same statement posted on NCL website was posted on Regent's (and Oceania for that matter). Even though NCLimited owns all three brands not anyone goes to NCL's website to read announcements. I hope when an answer is available as to whether those of us booked on October's Regent cruise to Cuba are granfathered with new sanctions, it will be posted on Regent's website as well as Regent contacting us. An answer should be forthcoming next week since the final payment for October 15 cruise is June 16th. While I can understand the three companies not booking additional cruises to Cuba, I hope its lawyers can work something out with Treasure Dept so those of us who booked a year ago will b e able to go on this cruise. Thank you for clarifying.
  6. We are also booked on October cruise to Cuba and very confused right now as to whether booked cruises are grandfathered. I have no desire to visit other Caribbean ports is itinerary is changed. I hope we hear from Regent before final payment is due in July so we can cancel. I booked this cruise because it was visiting three different ports in Cuba. I booked all the tours through Regent to make sure they were compliant with Treasury Department. I'll be heartbroken if we can't visit Cuba. I hate the Cuban government but let's be realistic. The embargo and all prohibitions have done nothing to alter the government. The Cuban people are the only ones who suffer.
  7. Thank you. It sounds outrageous, but that's the way it is. You do get water with your meal, right? I'm assuming water from a pitcher instead of bottled.
  8. So, you cannot order a bottle of water at the bar with the beverage package? We have cruised with Princess and had no problem ordering bottled water at the bar. $14.95 for six bottles of water seems outrageous.
  9. The way I understand it from my TA is that Regent was having a difficult time setting up the tours. Something to do with the companies. I booked all the tours for our December cruise about a month ago. I couldn't book St. Barts because it said "tours for this port are not scheduled yet", or something to that effect. I read somewhere that St. Barts didn't want cruises stopping there. Anyway, St. Kitts was added to our cruise today. I've been to St. Barts and it was OK. I don't mind going to St. Kitts instead.
  10. We were on the Explorer in February from Buenos Aires to San Antonio. The food and service was excellent at all restaurants. The food in CR was as good as always. We had Justin as our waiter and he was excellent. We loved the Explorer as on previous cruised and everything was up to par. We had excellent service in the specialty restaurants. Perhaps the chef on our cruise departed. We had dinner with Massimo and mentioned how good everything was. I guess sometimes is a matter of luck.
  11. Thank you so much for posting the video. Beautiful! We leave next Monday for Buenos Aires for three days prior to boarding Explorer for Buenos Aires to Chile cruise. We are so looking forward to cruise. Your video has great views of places we will visit. Forevertravel
  12. Wonderful postings. We'll be on the Amazon cruise December 2019. I think that's a good time to go. I'm keeping track of all things we'll need like shoe covers, etc. I'm glad we can now get e-visa for Brazil. We have done two safaris and never took malaria pills. We used the wipes and they worked fine. Passengers who took the malaria pills were sick and said they wished they had never taken it. Again, it all depends on one's medical situation. I'm waiting to see about yellow fever shots. We have a different itinerary which won't be going to Devil's Island. I've really enjoyed reading all the postings and seeing the pictures. Thank you.
  13. You're right. I had my TA change to a lower deck. Thank you for replies.
  14. We have a concierge cabin on the 10th floor of the Explorer. From what I see we are below chairs on pool deck. Will we get lots of noises early in the morning? Should I request a cabin on lower deck. We always book 7 or 8th deck. Thank you.
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