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  1. Probably not. We unfortunately still work so husband needs to work from ship so that we can go on these great vacations. I can go without the bells and whistles of the slides and zip lines. I wonder how many of you asking for us tech people to give up our devices would cruise in an inside cabin or give up your drink package?
  2. I wouldn't recommend the caves as i saw a gigantic 6 inch centipede crawling after a roach near my foot yesterday. Unless you are already in the park. We rented a dune buggy from HS rental yesterday and spent most of day at Ariwak park. It does close at 4 so I'm not sure that would work with sunset? The pool is a royal uncomfortable pain in the behind to drive to and was closed yesterday. They do tell you when you buy your ticket. We should have just not spent all that time driving for a few selfies. You can't even go down to it. The landscape and views all over park are magnificent. The regular road out to caves is pretty easy driving and we kept getting out for the views.
  3. I just took the ship sponsored (celebrity) tour to Bequia. It included stop to snorkel at moonhole, a sumptuous creole lunch and relaxing at princess Margaret beach. There was I believe 130 people on our catamaran. We sailed by moonhole but did not snorkel. Ladder to get off catamaran was missing a rung. We were taken to shop for 1 hour while crew loaded the lunch. Not in description. Then spent rest of day on P.M. beach. They ran out of some products for lunch and cups for drink. Drinks were rum punch or warm water. People all over beach were helping themselves to a free lunch. Lunch was chicken leg or unknown fish, 2 tbsp of salad, 1 inch square of mac and cheese and 1 scoop of dried rice. Salad and rice were gone when I arrived but people said it was awful. We started at 930 and returned at 330. Not 6 hours 45 minutes. Bequia was nice but not worth the ship excursion. I did voice my observations to celebrity. I would only do again via ferry. I regret not simply exploring st. Vincent.
  4. We use our own. We did use Google maps today for the natural pool. We rented a dune buggy from hs rentals. It was a great day but long when car only goes to 35! My suggestion for snorkeling is Mangel Halto. Go to the right and find sand bar. Then snorkel to the left past the rocks. Best snorkeling in Aruba. No amenities though. Bring your own snorkeling equipment.
  5. I agree about face timing at bar or restaurant. It is a little annoying especially when Im trying to read something on my phone. I love when people criticize for anyone using a phone on vacation. Its my vacation and I like to read current events, amazon kindle books and of course cruise critic. Plus I have it available for family issues. People really need to mind their business about the phone use on a ship. You want to keep yours in a cabin? Thats fine if it works for you. It doesnt work for me.
  6. We tried the Norwegian pearl last april. We had a perks package that had the free airfare and choice of one perk. We had an inside cabin and chose the 4 night specialty dining. We thought the specialty dining was much better than celebrity. We loved the thermsl suite. We had bought passes and were in there all week. It was a nice break from rccl and celebrity and if price is right and ports are right we will try again.
  7. I got for the summit $100 a person 2 dinners and a lunch so $109 probably is a good price for 3 dinners.
  8. Yes. I am not sure when or if it occured yet but I did see advertising for it onboard.
  9. Yes. I've been told on celebrity summit that I can move the night 1 reservation. There usually is a discount on night 1. You can move it when you get onboard very easily. I've only been on the Summit 5x so that's my only celebrity ship that i know about. The Edge may be different.
  10. Rent a car. Pin places you want to visit on google maps and download. The "real natural pool" is not an option with rental car. Traffic is not bad. We used Waze on the island which was great for traffic. Last time, we went to snorkel at boca catalina, Philip's garden for the animals, a beach bar near the lighthouse and out to the gold mines where the other "natural pool" is. We had a great day! Tomorrow we will stop on our cruise in aruba and we are renting a dune buggy type vehicle and going to the real natural pool. And hopefully other cool places like baby beach. Of course we have only been to aruba 3x in the past all on cruise ship days. We've rented cars all 3x. With a map downloaded and Waze app, you will have no problems with traffic. The app helped us avoid any traffic as it does for me in the states. I love day passes and some places its good to relax at but honestly Aruba has so many interesting sights, it would be a shame to waste a day. And you are so lucky you have a long day!
  11. Le petit is included in the package. I'm on the summit now and booked le petit for dinner. I had the 2 dinners and one lunch. 1st night we did sushi on 5. There was a 30% discount if you ate there the 1st night so we saved our dinner #1 and paid 30%. Dinner #1 was Tuscan Grille which unfortunately is not good with the Italian food. My steak and sides were delicious, meatballs were very sweet. Qsine is done as of day 7 (11 day Itinerary which is today) for dinner. They have a special sea food lunch which our lunch counted for. And day 9 we are in dinner #2 for le petit chef at night. 6pm and 8pm seatings.
  12. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen problem at excursion desk, Celebrity put me on the wrong excursion (island delights) which i had absolutely no interest in and happily was reimbursed. We paid papa boat tours $65 a person at the pier and we went with 36 other people to snorkel at Anse chastenet and have lunch which was $15 a person. The reef unfortunately is slowly getting worse each time I return to St. Lucia at Anse Chastenet. There's still fish but its slowly dwindling. I really did not like that amount of people but they never stay in as long as us so it was all good.
  13. You cant use to call. However, if you have Facebook messaging or snapchat I know you can call with the unlimited package that we have. I don't really like the sit down restaurants (prefer specialty) because I don't like the table setup being so close to your neighbors. So I have no idea about their menus. Tuscan Grille was incredibly slow last night. Started at 6 and ended at 8. All non Italian food was good. Yesterday was my 30th anniversary and I had 2 roses in my cabin and a cute cake at dinner. We are simple in our tastes so this was just right. The elite lounge or whatever its called had a few pastries...and great coffee. Much better in oceanview. Just my preference.
  14. The celebrity app is really nice on here. Able to get reservation for dinner, book an excursion, and open my door with my phone! Also able to chat with my husband when not together. Also, we were on prior to refurbishment and I absolutely love the changes. Vegan selections, a lot of gluten selections in the buffet. Washing stations in buffet are a great idea. Chairs are fine. I have an inside cabin that has a glass shower door with shampoo, conditioner and body soap. Really like everything I see so far!
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