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  1. Rent a car from cicar and drive to teide. You can buy a ticket to go to the top. Theres also places to hike there. If you like nature and enjoy hiking, you will love it. You do not need a tour.
  2. We rented a car back in april. We visited the donkey sanctuary, Philip's garden with the animals, 2 beaches for snorkeling and the mines. We were there for about 8 hours. If your son likes animals he'll like philips.
  3. As for excursions selling out, I dont normally book shore excursions. Only if it's the only way to get somewhere and back (ie st Martin to st. Bart...cozumel to the mainland of Mexico) without worrying about missing boat. I dont really know if excursions sell out pre cruise. I do know they are much cheaper then when you board. We will be in lisbon in November and I have been fascinated with the story of fatima. Several on our roll call arranged multiple trips. I was able to get the ship tour for $72 a person and that was after cancelling 2x for price drops. My point as before is, research the ports. Look at what interests you. Sometimes its something as simple as seeing a certain castle or a beach. Look for ways to get there. It sounds like you've been to a lot of ports so this must be exciting to see new places. It's why I will never stop cruising.
  4. I dont know when your cruise is but if you have booked your excursions, keep looking at your reservation cruise planner to check for price drops. If you see you excursion is cheaper say in a couple of months from now, cancel online then rebook. I do this all the time. During cyber monday last year I saved a lot of money on 2 excursions in Lisbon and cadiz. Another idea is to research the areas to see what you would like and then find a tour operator. Read all reviews to see if they are ok. Planning excursions are my favorite part of cruising.
  5. Its unfortunate that this happened to you. It's just another example of why you always check any type of booking before you get off the phone. I note that you claim to be business savvy. When you have any contracts do you read them before you sign them? This whole scenario is such a great example of why you should always check a contract thoroughly and never assume. Hopefully you will rebook and I would suggest asking your son if the dates are ok. I understand you wanted it to be a surprise but speaking from prior experience, once children reach a certain age it's best to verify that dates are ok for trips. I hope you do the trip with your family at a better time and enjoy yourself. It's not worth getting so upset over to the point of losing all that money.
  6. If you read my post I said, for example, $250. I was referring to one person canceling not all 6. I used a $250 number since that was my deposit for an upcoming cruise.
  7. I guess when I hit the jackpot I can pick and choose which cruise lines to just cancel a vacation with for no particular reason
  8. Just curious but did she pay for the entire family? Also the son that cant go, if it was only, for example, a $250 deposit, then all she would have lost was $250. I have 5 kids ranging from ages 17 to 29 and they would have been livid as would my husband if I canceled a cruise for spite.
  9. Great thread to drink my coffee and read this am. I still cannot comprehend throwing $2000 away for spite. I dont understand why son could not ask for time off for a pre planned vacation. I have no idea why one wouldn't change cruise date. But my biggest disbelief reaction is from a diamond cruiser who not only called to make a booking (why not the website or a travel agent) and did not check their invoice. I will be diamond after my cruise in November and I knew to do this booking cruise #1 in 2009. Just a question- how many people go over documents for airline tickets, cruise, hotels...? I always check them. Yesterday I was booking a quick getaway to Pensacola for my husband and I using frontier air and I had to call and book because of a frontier credit situation (long story). The whole process reminded me of why I hate using CSR in travel and prefer website. The rep, despite me telling her one checked bag 3x, proceeded to give me one carryon. I caught it when I opened email from them and of course had already hung up. I was able to call and get them to fix it (couldn't do it online). My point is, there is no excuse in 2019 not to check documents especially for an expensive trip. I sympathize but the OP has to take the responsibility of not checking the documents directly after booking.
  10. I've taken yoga and spin on summit and they were good but I take it you are coming from bayonne in the Atlantic waters which can be rocky sometimes so trying to hold that position can be tricky. My suggestion since I haven't done the classes since 2018 is to take one class each and decide. I think it is $12 per class. Do the elliptical and treadmill for cardio. Also, early afternoons, no one is really in gym other than staff so if you download a yoga program to your phone or tablet you can go to the class room and do your yoga. I've been on summit 4x and will be on again in January and my husband and I were always at the gym. Best time to go is 6am or 3pm.
  11. I have only been to aruba and curacao in your trip. I have seen actually them in both but only a couple. If you were going to culebra or st. Thomas or Cayman I could tell you exactly where to go. If it were me, I'd research each island to see where to find them. They do like areas with sea grass. Rays like the flat sandy bottoms. Good luck! Your ports sound amazing
  12. What other ports are you going to?
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