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  1. has anyone had any issue with expired tests from emed? I ordered the kits 2 weeks ago and opened the brown cardboard box the 6 tests came in this am. I noted the expiration date is 12/2020. I am on hold for about 35 minutes now with emed.
  2. use a portable charger for phones during day if walking around with them. Charge these at night. Charge whatever you aren't using during day. Shutdown all devices when not using especially at night. We have done this with same equipment plus our Garmin watches.
  3. MLB is closest. When do you dock? Is it weekend or week day? On weekends, especially Sunday, I have found its slow going off of the ship due to lack of agents at port. Are you in a suite? Do you have the Key? Will you sit in line for a couple of hours if allowed for self disembarking? The closest I ever did was a 930am out of SJU. We docked at 6am. We carried our own luggage out. We were on the Celebrity Summit which is a smaller ship. We got in the 1st taxi, had TSA, and actually were in the terminal by 845am and boarded 15 minutes later. Reason this happened was our flight time changed. Yet ANOTHER reason why you dont lock your phone in the safe the entire cruise and you buy the wifi package.
  4. I'm not sure. I'm cruising in November so I can ask then unless someone beats me to it.
  5. If you live in NJ, you can get an app called docket which you can retrieve your covid vaccine info. Someone posted about it here a while back so I actually have it as well as the card plus a printout from the state. My daughter just used it at college to get a reduction off her tuition as I hold onto all the family vaccine cards.
  6. I've done it 2x on a cruise and 2x when on a land vacation. They are really good with the cruise ones. I hate ferries because of sea sickness but this one really isnt as bad as others in other places (st. Barts...).
  7. especially when you factor in the ride there and back!
  8. Xcaret. Xel-ha. both around playa del carmen. My kids loved both places at that age.
  9. Xcaret. Xel-ha. both at playa del carmen. My kids loved both places at that age.
  10. laughing at all these posts. Seriously, you actually think fans from NY or Dallas are any different? I suppose all fans from LA sip tea and eat scones while watching games. I have been to other stadiums in NY, Tampa, Arizona, Washington for away games and it's the same reaction when I wear my team jersey. And this goes for away baseball and hockey games. In all fairness, I did find the New Orleans fans and Minnesota were the nicest. We went on a cruise out of NOLA when the Eagles had just lost to them in the playoffs and the fans and fellow shipmates were really nice.
  11. On Cozumel check if you guys can get on the trips that ferry to the mainland. There are the cenotes, Tulum, Xcaret... We have done these on 3 separate ship excursions as we have been to Cozumel many times. Very well done. I think we did the Cenote/Akamel snorkeling with turtles plus a private beach on the Vision back in 2019. I think your 7 year old would like it. They had life jackets for the sea snorkeling in Akamel. edited: called cenotes and turtle cove
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