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  1. BeachTunes, thank you so much for taking us along with you, (or, more accurately, taking us back in time and bringing us along with you!) In any event, it was such a pleasure to see people who obviously know how to have a great time! Bob
  2. Ban the lawyers! Just kidding. What I don't understand is why the situation seems to be getting worse. On my last several cruises on Regent and Crystal, the internet was far from speedy, but still usable, I was always able to post photos, etc. even if it required a bit of patience. Of late, people have been reporting significant difficulties in this regard.
  3. I am hoping that some that are on board now can comment on this. Recent reports on this forum have indicated that rather than improved internet, it has been worse than ever.🤔 Interestingly, there is a also a current thread on the Crystal forum with similar complaints. Bob
  4. Stunning videography and perfect choices of accompanying music, you had my wife in tears. One complaint- I have to wait a whole week to see the next one!!! We love each and every episode. Bob and Jeannie
  5. Marcia, looking forward to following along here and on your blog. It's always great to cruise, but cruising following difficult times is an extra special experience. Will you be teaching on this cruise? Bob
  6. Keith and Anne Marie, Welcome home and wishing you an amazing adventure. We know how special it is to be sailing again after an illness, it is absolutely the best!! We know that you will enjoy every moment. Bob and Jeannie
  7. We did this cruise last May. The trip from Paris to Lyon was seamless, Uniworld managed the transfer wonderfully. We arrived in Lyon early afternoon, and set sail for the next port at about 6PM. We chose to stay on board to explore the ship, but there should be time to do a little exploring on your own. This is a fabulous itinerary on a great line, I am sure that you will have a great time. Enjoy! Bob
  8. Thank you for your input. 😳😮🤔
  9. Hi Kaoli, I do not believe that there are any beaches within walking distance to the pier in Antigua. We ended up going to Beach Limerz, there is a lengthy thread about this place here https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2137130-beach-limerz/ My report in in post #90. My daughter and son-in-law are also loathe to bring the little one anywhere that he is not properly secured in a car seat, however we decided to go to Beach Limerz, here is why: -It is a very short ride from the pier, I believe it was 5 minutes or so -The owner, Gail, arranged for a taxi to pick us up at the pier, someone that she knew well, and knew was responsible and reliable, and would drive very safely -The ride there is only on side streets, no high speed highways or such For these reasons, we felt confident to bring our little one buckled in the back, we all felt very good about this decision and had a wonderful time. I'd be happy to answer any questions (with the proviso that it was nearly a year ago, and I might not remember all that much 🤔. But my wife probably will. Have a wonderful cruise. Bob
  10. Count me in as a member of the "odd" club, but when I am on a ship with beautiful pieces on display, such as Explorer, and O's Riviera and Marina, I do spend time appreciating it. After looking at the referenced press release, I now have yet another reason to count down the days until boarding Splendor.
  11. We are on Splendor March 14-30 and John Barron is CD, it's a good bet that he will be on for this one as well.
  12. We would like to join Stephen and Sara, John and Linda, and Roberto and Pam in wishing our fellow CCers, those who post trip reports, those who offer comments and advice, and those who follow, a very happy holiday season, and a happy and healthy 2020. Bob and Jeannie
  13. 6000 x 4000 2000 x 1333 1200 x 800 750 x 500 6000 x 4000 2000 x 1333 1200 x 800 750 x 500 6000 x 4000 2000 x 1333 1200 x 800 750 x 500
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