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  1. Just back. Were also in 2254. Thank you for the exceptional cleaning job on the room.
  2. And finally someone posts a detailed 6 night cruise. We are on the Magic in two weeks and the lack of detailed reports over the summer has been killing us slowing. It's been 18 months since our last cruise so we are beginning to have involuntary twitches. Obsessive planners so please share everything you can. And THANK YOU.
  3. We declined the upgrade offer for 9460 and are staying in the cove we have booked for August. The second part of that was on the Disney Dream in 2011. One and done experience. Hopefullyl you have a quiet experence. The issue we had on the Dream was the crew moving deck chairs around in the early hours of the morning.
  4. Had a similar offer a couple of days ago for our cruise at the end of August. The "upgrade" was for an Aft balcony on deck 9, port side, under the Tides pool bar area (cabin 9460 to be exact). That was an immediate no way in hell. Our second cruise was under the pool deck because my FIL wanted to be closer to things. The frist, and last time we will ever make that mistake.
  5. We have two cruises on Getaway which is bascially Breakaway, and we love Getaway. Second favourite ship after Disney Fantasy and will happily sail on her again when we get the chance. Our girls are younger but both still want back on her. Waterslides were great. Shows were fun (I can't tell you how many times we have seen Legally Blonde), Burn the Floor is great. The dinner and dancing show in the Manhatten Room is a must do. Now it has been 3 years since our last cruise on NCL. We had NCL Jewel booked for a Southbound Alaska crusie this August but cancelled when the opportunity to go back on the Wonder came up. Not entirely happy with the corporate direction of NCL, little too much focus on the bottom line while sacrificing customer service (not a smart longterm business plan in my opinion). We were doing the same back and forth between Carnival Magic and Breakaway for the last week of August. Breakaway has a much better itinerary (Western) vs. what is effectively a beach cruise through Carnival's private ports. Ended up going with a cove balcony Magic, in part because we have always talked about wanting to try one, but primarily because of price. We have Disney Wonder booked for February of 2020 on her repo from San Juan to NOLA and that is the priority for us. But since our last cruise was Navigator of the Seas in March of 2018, going almost 2 years without of cruise was unthinkable so we need something. It has been 12 months and we are already in cruise withdrawl (sounds a bit like a 12 step program is required).
  6. You have the best sense of what they can handle. If it is going to be stressful then don't do it, you are on vacation and the stress isn't worth it. Make sure you get the family time in however, nothing is more important. We did the steak house on Legend in August '17 when the girls were 13 and 9, but have done similar venues on NCL dating back to when the youngest was 4. We did early (like once it openned) on Legend, so it wasn't crowded on the first night, food however was mixed, some good, some blah. Frankly the 9 year old seems to enjoy her filet more than anyone else. Looking ahead to this summer we are thinking Italian, little more relaxed, little more fun.
  7. Three NCL cruises under our belt. Two on Getaway. Would happily sail Getaway again and again. Just cancelled Jewel on a Southbound for this summer. Booked a repo on Disney Wonder for February 2020, and another Alaska and a Disney trip just wasn't in the cards. Booked Carnival Magic as a replacement for August earlier today however as a replacement. We did Legend to Alaska in August 2017. Part of the reason was price, part that it hit Glacier Bay. The ship layout is wonderful, the decor reminded us of the old downtown Vegas casinos. Love Vegas, but that isn't a compliment. If you get the intinerary you want at the price you want go for it.
  8. Four of our last five cruises have been out of Miami. Each time we have flown in to FLL using eithe Southwest or Jetblue. Lots of different shuttle companies that will take you directly from the airport or the surrounding hotels to the Port of Miami. We pretty much just use SAS at this point but finding what works for you becomes part of the fun.
  9. As long as you go in prepared there is no reason not to have a blast. Our first trip in 2010 was multi-generational like yours. Our youngest had just turned 2. Grandpa was in the connecting room so the kids could run back and forth (and they did that up to a couple of years ago when his health reached the point where travel wasn't an option). Balcony helps for nap time, so good job there. Dinner depends upon the child. We went in with an iPad loaded with games and videos for her to watch, basically things to keep her distracted. Consider it like the plane trip and how you plan to keep them occupied. If the expectation is that they will sit silently and behave, well good luck since there are adults who can't manage that feat. Now what we did on those first few trips are dramatcialy different then what we did on our last one, and what we are planning for our next one. We would never trade the memories or the great times we had if that helps. There are lots of things to do, just go in with expectations set appropriately (both for the children and parents).
  10. . . . . . and I was going to say exactly this. Because we all know from first hand experience that you have forgotten something.
  11. On the last day, esp mid afternoon from our experience there may be opportunities for whale sightings from the ship. We had probably 90 min of whale after whale, including a breach maybe 30 metres off our balcony. That was pure luck, but it was one of the highlights of the trip and ranked up there with the bubble feeding we saw on our whale watch in Juneau.
  12. First off love the Wonder. Third cruise on her is booked for Feb 2020. First cruise, first love. We will keep going back to her. If the youngest is going to be 2 at the time of the cruise you will have limited access to Oceanear's club, in fact pretty much any club on any cruise line. That changes what you end up doing. Given the age you will also likely be dealing with nap time. Advice: GET A BALCONY. Youngest can nap, adult can sit on balcony and watch the world go by. We spent more time on our balcony during our Alaska cruise then we did on our 8 previous cruises combined. Remember as well you are likely not going to be using the pool much. So nice ship with balcony should be priority. As Budget Queen said kids have a way of adapting. As the kids have gotten older we have gone further, explored more, seen more, and tried more. We got did Alaska on Carnival Legend, as we were getting off they asked if we could just get back on her again. And that is a ship that looks like the 1970's vomited all over it. We have NCL Jewel (southbound) booked for next August but are reconsidering and looking at Royal Princess (but considering connecting insides, which given the ages of our kids now (15 and 11) becomes more of an option just for the extra space).
  13. If you want to have your feet on the ground and walk up to or near a glacier two things immediately come to mind. 1) Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau - you can book a tour on the ship or in port. Lots of trails and you can get pretty close. We did this August 2017 as part of a combo with a whale watch. Downside is we didn't get enough time and would have like to spend more time on the trails. Juneau was our first stop so Mendenhall was our first taste of ice until we got to Glacier Bay. 2) Exit Glacier in Seward - Of course that requires booking a cruise that starts or ends in Seward. There are tours that are run to the glacier. You could also look at doing the hike up to along the Harding Ice Field Trail. That is what I am trying to figure out how to incorporate in to our plans for next year.
  14. darwinsrule

    Flight times

    You will go through U.S. Customs before getting to your gate, effectively making your international flight a domestic one. That can go smoothly, and at times not so much. In peak travel periods around holidays give yourself a bit more time.
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