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  1. How about offering customers with cancelled cruises to purchase additional FCDs while not on the ship? I know in my case with five booked cruises, all with FCDs, one has been cancelled and if I take the double your deposit offer, I lose the FCD. I suspect at least three more will be cancelled as well. While DW and I each have one FCD still available, in our situation we'd likely purchase some 'fresh' ones for future bookings.
  2. IMHO that's one of your best posts - only because I've been thinking along the same lines. 😁 What a logistical nightmare!
  3. My first thought was "Great, now we're bringing even more people onboard who possibly could infect passengers and crew..." - again, just a thought.
  4. All this analysis doesn't include that one may have some unapplied FCDs in their account. Seems to me that if that is the case, one may combine their applied $100 FCD (now converted to $200 FCC) with another unused FCD and get even more benefit.
  5. Found it, the half stripe denotes Alfie is the senior second officer!
  6. Did the Webinar explain how we let Princess know if we want the FCD back or get the doubled FCC? Is it the same link you use to ask for a refund?
  7. We are using a TA and received emails directly from Princess. Like you we are only into the cruise for an FCD deposit. Not so sure from the cancellation wording if we'll get the FCD back or FCC for double the amount of the FCD. Best case would be to get the FCD back and the extra $100 FCC.
  8. Yeah, very disappointed about that but worried as well. We were booked on the last 10-day French Polynesia cruise starting on Nov 24. It could have been booked as a Grand Adventure of something like that which started on the same date but went on to Sydney arriving the 22nd of December and that is cancelled as well. Because of Princess' odd cabin allocation schemes when sailings can be booked multiple ways, we booked a B2B2B on the PA, PPT-PPT-SYD-SYD to get the cabin we wanted. With the 10-day first leg and the overlapping 26-day Adventure being cancelled the remaining legs can still be booked and the cabin availability has gone way up as the Adventure's cabins have become available. Now, our concern is will those subsequent sailings actually occur as well. If Princess couldn't make a FP sailing out of PPT happen on Nov 24, what makes you think they'll come through with one departing PPT on Dec 4? At this point we're standing pat, making different flight and pre-embarkation hotel arrangements but nothing that won't be refundable. Our previous flights to PPT were FF awards and being in November, the airlines aren't (yet) waiving mile reinstatement fees so we might be out a couple hundred dollars. We'll see...
  9. IIRC, in a previous post chengkp75 noted that any member of the ship's company who has emergency duties is legally a crew member and is covered under maritime law. In my experience I've seen many of the hotel staff participate in the muster drill which is an emergency duty. Thus, I believe they would be covered. Waiting for a grade from chengkp75 to see if I've been a good student! 👨‍🎓
  10. Could it be that PP was the designation of the original Pacific Princess?
  11. You're behind in the news. First of all Princess never published anything about passengers over 70 and more telling, those companies that did, along with the Cruise Line Industry Association have retracted those requirements as well.
  12. Clearing the ship is pretty much a United States thing. We've done a lot of B2B(2B2B)s and if your turnaround day is outside the US, you'll hardly even notice it's a turnaround. Except, for all those poor folks who had to pack up and put their luggage out the night before and all those happy folks embarking the ship. You should get an instructional letter and an in-transit card you can use to skip the embarkation processing if you go off the ship on turnaround day. As another poster said, you most likely won't have to participate in the muster drill, however the instructional letter should give you the final word on that. We once had to participate in a second muster drill as it had been over thirty days since our last one (yes, it was a long cruise). You should also already have a cruise card good for the whole journey. If you don't you'll get one, probably the night before when you get your in-transit card. If you're elite you will get another mini-bar setup.
  13. Billco is likely correct but just to cover all your bases, send them an email requesting cancellation. Give them all the pertinent pieces of information, i.e., your name, additional passengers, booking number and so on. If you can, set it up so you get a read receipt.
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