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  1. In Cozumel last month my phone changed to Cozumel time but hubby's stayed on ship time. I decided to go with the earlier time so as not to miss the ship!!! Needless to say we got back an hour earlier than needed but it was ok. I'd rather be back to the ship early than LATE!!!!
  2. Um there's this spreadsheet you can use to calculate...... Carnival Beverage Package Evaluator (2).xls
  3. I look forward to the day we quit calling them a booze cruise. We have had afew short ones and like someone else said, a cruise is what you make it. There are times and places and events for everything and everywhere for everybody. It's so customizable really.
  4. I'm really interested to know is this typical to 1) this ship/this ship size 2) the Gulf of Mexico 3) the time of year. I had planned to immediately book my next cruise when we got back and received our discount email. But I haven't because I won't cruise again if it's that bad.
  5. I just got off Valor on 11/18. Agreed that Kevin was the least impressive of my CDs so far. You said you were rocking and rolling on the first day - we were too. So bad that I would never cruise again if it was always like that. I heard two different people say that "they forgot to set the stabilizers". Not sure if that's true but it was a very very rough day. Coming back wasn't like that. I didn't like the Valor Serenity compared to Victory which had a much better vibe. New Orleans was VERY COLD to this southern girl. It was definite change. We did Alaska as our first cruise but the last 4 have been out of Miami and to the warm Carribean.
  6. I cruised on November 14 on Valor. I ordered continental room service for morning delivery every day - an devery day it was wrong. We ordered room service every night but one and there was a charge. We eat 6 and then hit all the entertainment and get back to the room around 1 am and need a snack. I found a great option was to use the hub to have the $5 pizza delivered to me where ever I was on the ship!
  7. I've attached the Excel spreadsheet that does the math for you...I don't like doing math.🤣 Carnival Beverage Package Evaluator (2).xls
  8. I've seen plenty of places offering burgers with eggs. I really enjoyed Guy's burgers on my cruise last month - first time I'd had them. Was a nice option for something different. Given that I'm picky I liked having the fixings bar where I selected my own toppings.
  9. I just got off the Valor last Monday. I see someone else has posted the Funtimes. I did a review and posted it on this board. We ate at the steakhouse (Scarlett's) on the first night. Got our free bottle of wine from the limited choices. We booked 5:30 because that's what we were offered. We got there and they were having a meeting and we had to wait. The food was sensational. People weren't dressed to impress generally (yes I know it's the first night of the cruise but there is a thing called a carry on). No their attire didn't affect my food or service, which were both EXCELLENT! If you have any other questions about the Valor let me know. The country duo in the casino are GREAT! The piano bar player is the life of the party. Go see him. You won't be disappointed. Guy's burgers were delicious.
  10. My sister had our room decorated and a cake sent for our 25th anniverary in 2017. It was really nice. I must say I actually missed it on our cruise last week. The decorations gave it a festive feel. The cake was pretty. We had one bite and I can tell you it was delicious, but there is so much food on the cruise it's just a waste.
  11. We at at the steakhouse on the first night last week in New Orleans. Hubby and I were the only ones dressed to impress - no one else was anywhere near fancy. He wore a nice collared shirt and dress pants. I had on a blue jumpsuit with a rhinestone neckline.
  12. I was scared to take a nap at Mr Sanchos because DH's phone had a different time than mine and I wanted to be sure we got back to the ship at the right time!
  13. One of the pools at Mr Sanchos was closed for renovation althought they told me it would be open by our visit. I would have picked a different place if I had known because this pool got really crowded and the water was too dirty for me.
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