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  1. Never have had to attend a second time but on our last cruise we got a note in our cabin saying we hadn't attended. ( blame game perhaps)
  2. Unfortunately this is a no go area for anyone less agile. Oh well perhaps at the next refit, Princess will cater better for their average age demographic and less so for the young and athletic.
  3. Southampton is very easy. On thing, you might like to check with passenger services is that, dependant on your nationality you might be required to be checked by the port officials. By the way there is no need to go to lifeboat drill again for the second leg of your b to b😉
  4. On the Grand class ships if we can't get a handycap Penthouse suit, we get the fixed shower head changed to a flex one. We also take with us a suction type head holder and a couple of suction type hand rails to attach to the glass enclosure .Works fine.
  5. Epic thumbs down ! NCL with their "Free" drinks package has become a booze cruise line, very rowdy and as others have said funny cabins We will not sail NCL again. We have not sailed the Regal, prefering the Princess Grand class of ships.
  6. Procedure varies. We have had, somtimes, to disembark for immigration checks and sometimes the immigration officers come on board to check. I suppose it depends on the numbers of passengers on b2b. Anyway you will get a notification late on into your cruise as to what to do.😎
  7. We no longer fly, but when we did, on long haul, we used to take a hotel room on airport so as to crash out. Sometimes Princess have a tour before drop off at the airport later in the day.
  8. Are your eyes bigger than your belly, as the saying goes ! Then there is dinner to go one or two notches up on your belt. Oh well that's cruising.😁
  9. Irish sea Oh dear, mill pond to waves as high as Everest. Yes take your dremamine with you. They have always acted quite quickly for us.
  10. Why not get the phone number of each hotel and phone them direct.
  11. We have always been able to change the day. Best to go to your prefered restrurant asap after you board and talk to them. The dine line phone booking is always overwhelmed so don't bother to try that way.
  12. We mostly go direct to the restrurant and book. They have always been flexible on the day wanted.
  13. Who can put a price on love's sweet dream ?. Blessings abound.
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