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  1. Just watched your video... I've been using packing cubes for over a decade. I even use them for short weekend trips! They make cross packing super easy... I split up all of our shirts/bottoms/underwear/shoes into 2 piles for each of us, then we each use our own packing cubes so each of our 2 checked bags has half my stuff and half DH's stuff. We put our toiletries in separate suitcases so if one bag gets lost, at least we can share the toiletries from the other bag (...until we can find a drug store to buy replacements! haha). We are lucky that we have never lost a bag, but I'll always cross pack just in case! šŸ™‚
  2. Whew! I'm finally all caught up and OMG! Your photos from that excursion in Flam are AMAZING!! Norway hasn't really been on my radar, but I've just added it to my bucket list. As always, thank you for taking the time to write up such a wonderful review. I can't wait to read the rest!
  3. Welcome home Crystal! I've been eagerly awaiting your review so I'm here for the long haul!! šŸš¢ šŸ˜
  4. Thanks Kim! Your compliments just made MY day! I've used my TG5 on 3 cruises and that was the best over/under photo that I've taken... I actually have an 8x10 print of that photo framed on the wall in my living room. The key is to be in calm water when you can stand with your feet on the ground, and I've only encountered that perfect water in French Polynesia where there shallow lagoons with tons of fish and very clear water. I love my TG5 and I'm very happy with the photos it takes. I never owned the TG4 but from what I can remember of the research I did between the 2 cameras, the only difference was the TG5 has a fog-free lens and maybe the speed of the videos? If you want a second camera, or one for you and one for Sakari, then the TG5 is a great choice. If you want it as an upgrade for your TG4, I'd say wait until the next generation comes out because the TG4 and TG5 are very similar. I got my TG5 two years ago in summer 2017 when it was first released, so hopefully the TG6 isn't too far away from being released.
  5. No Way!! Jose was our assistant waiter on the Eclipse in March 2108!! That was a 14 night cruise, and we were seated in his section nearly every night... he was wonderful! So glad to see he is doing well and still working for Celebrity šŸ™‚ I'm a little behind in reading your review because I was out of town for a week, but I'm getting caught up now. As always, you're doing a fabulous job and I'm loving your review!
  6. Awww Kim, Iā€™m so sorry to hear you have been in such pain from the infection. I have been thinking about you and wanted to check in to see how you are doing. Sending you this fun over/under photo from French Polynesia, taken with the TG-5 fisheye lens (bought on your recommendation, of course!), in hopes to bring you a smile!
  7. Oh my gosh, Kim! I just came back to check up on you. I'm so sorry you are having such a rough recovery šŸ˜¢ Just a thought about you feeling cold all the time... it could be due to not moving around a lot. Since I assume you are spending a lot of time sitting and laying down due to pain and inability to use your scooter, your blood isn't circulating through your body to warm you up. The joint replacement patients I see for Home Health complain about being cold fairly often but when I go through their exercises and practice walking, it usually gets better. Have you tried doing exercises with your arms and with your good leg? Maybe if you can get the blood flowing to the unaffected limbs, it will help to warm you up? I've been thinking about you and hope things start healing up soon!!
  8. When in doubt... ask a millennial šŸ¤£ Glad you got it to work!
  9. I found the drawings app by going to "my drive", clicking on "new" on the top left side, then clicking on "more" at the bottom of the list. "Google Drawings" is the second option in that tab. Hope that helps!!
  10. Thank you Linda! Rick Steves is a great resource for traveling in Europe. I hope you have a wonderful trip!
  11. Thank you! That is my favorite of all my reviews... it was impossible to take a bad photo with such beautiful scenery! šŸŒ“
  12. Beautiful photos, as always! It's so fun to relive my time in London through your eyes.... err, I mean through your lens šŸ“ø Keep it coming!
  13. That's how I handled the "signature situation" and it seems to be working well. I still think it's very annoying that we are so restricted in our signatures as there are many of us who like to keep the links to our old reviews accessible and conveniently located, but such is life!
  14. Norris!! I've been looking forward to this review,!! You're already off to such a great start with beautiful photos (as always!). I just finished posting my Paris/London trip report so now I have lots of free time to focus on reading your review. Can't wait to read the rest!!
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