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  1. sea day today cs? how is the sea for you today I hope nice and smooth. warm and sunny?
  2. thanks can you tell me if you likes tabali winery and is it far from the port? did you do it with the ship? we are thinking of the winery next year
  3. whats happening cs......how is the cruise going? how is the weather, the ship, the food, the entertainment? early days but interested cheers
  4. looking forward to any posts is your weather good for sailaway?
  5. I think you can only get discounts if your cruise sails before end Sept 2019
  6. celebrity web site strikes again....I went in to book for Sept 2019 and it says.... IMPORTANT UPDATE Due to your cruise departing in 1 days, you can no longer purchase / reserve products online. Please feel free to browse, view your schedule and add products to your wishlist. You will be able to make additional reservations when your arrive on the ship. Order History is no longer available.
  7. cruisestitch....how is your weather this time of the year?
  8. unlimited drinks it was always 3 per person.....can I take an empty wine bottle to the bar and fill up lol
  9. we sailed in September a couple of years ago and had great weather and booked again for this year
  10. thanks for your review have not been on Edge....wont be on Edge
  11. Hi Sorry I cant answer but will be interested in reading the replies as we are on the schedule in 2019 if you are referring to Chile to San Diego?
  12. perks.....ha ha.....easy solution don't sail on it.
  13. I had about $800 to pay when I got in touch with my TA....... I Received a new invoice showing everything that was paid and the added perks.
  14. thanks is that the same for both celebrity and any agency obc?
  15. happy days for an extra $217 I get bev, obc and grats......nice. Can someone tell me if you don't use your OBC it can be moved to a future cruise? Cheers
  16. think celebrity has to look at the age groups on the edge and decide whether this sort of head fumbling is appropriate and if indeed merited...........I mean we are in our 50's and like a bit of fun but I personally couldn't be arsed with what I am reading about and the pictures I am seeing from the edge. We will stick with what we are used to and what we really like and if this changes in the future then we try another cruise line. I don't know what Celebrity are trying to achieve with the Edge but time will tell.
  17. wonder if the games room will get a revamp similar to reflection
  18. Re They cannot do IVs on the M or S class ships since they do not have the same structure as the EDGE. but havent they got one of these open windows on a millenium ship
  19. thats pretty crap we always like to use this perk....more confirmations required
  20. I asked the question about equinox sv cabin balconies as we always sail in them and was told no change
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