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  1. I would try and find out prices once Cunard start cruising again because I think you might find a considerable increase in costs of drinks and possible drinks packages compared to what they were when they last sailed.
  2. We live in Stone but for me being a Stokie its scone as in Stone but wife who is from Stafford 15 miles down the road from Stoke she calls them scone as in gone.......nothing as funny as folk.
  3. Only needs 1 person to spread it on any size ship and think the confines and space ratio might make it easier to spread the virus on a small ship. Having cruised on Britannia, Arcadia and Aurora if I had the choice I think it would prefer to be on Britannia because of the size of the ship I could find it easier to social distance.
  4. It is for 19nts in August and when we booked at £1400 was a bargain but I agree at £2400pp it is now very expensive.
  5. But the big question is who in current climates could afford to buy Cunard certainly not other cruise lines who are struggling to survive.
  6. Most of those mentioned above were more than likely actually working on the cruise so not really answering what Triggertravel was asking at the beginning of this thread.
  7. But everything you suggest is available on P&O and those are just as loyal and wouldnt pay extra for virtually same experience on Cunard and those that cruise with Cunard wouldnt book with them, me for one, if they went down that road. Also not good business having two different cruise lines within the same company giving the virtual same experience.
  8. Easy to instigate the majority of these for UK cruisers is book with P&O.
  9. Incorrect they are prices for inside cabin grades.
  10. Both prices are per person for an inside cabin £1400 paid for highest grade and £2400 is for lowest grade inside cabin. Balcony prices of course would be higher.
  11. Logic is if there is no holidays abroad or very limited and September and October (half term if kids are back at school and is not cancelled) will be higher than normal people wanting to holiday in the UK, us for one as we dont normally holiday in UK. There is many reports currently of locals not being happy in Devon/Cornwall not being happy at the crowds and not social distancing depending on the weather can see higher than normal people holidaying so there wont be empty pubs, if they havent closed again as reported to allow children back to school, and higher than normal crowds. Fera can be our worst enemy but stuoidity can be a greater danger i.e. Bournemouth beach and others. There was reports yesterday of a woman reserving her space on a beach for the family at 6-30am now that is stupidity and beyond logic. No thanks I will stay at home and can guarantee safety and social distancing and avoid the idiots that are around.
  12. Princess have just announced Regal Princess will be heading for a season in the UK for 2021 based in Southampton with very competitive prices.
  13. Last thing I would do as majority if not all 2021 cruises area lot higher than originally released and have increased considerably recently. It would negate the extra 25% as useless and of no benefit and not as good a deal as P&O want you to think. My August cruise on Arcadia is currently over £2400 for Select fare when we booked on brochure release in September 2019 for a Select fare we paid just over £1400.
  14. We were planning a holiday in South Devon for Sept/October time but we have had second thoughts and dont want to put ourselves at risk. While it is good intention to support UK industry I dont think it is right in current circumstances and high chance of a second spike to holiday not just abroad but even in the UK as things can change daily and ruin the best made plans. People have these last few weeks acting all over the UK as if the pandemic is over and that is why cases of infections are on the way up again.
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