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  1. I presume after the sea trials are completed and she gets to Rotterdam they will dry dock her and check to see if there is any long lasting damage to the bow thrusters and if there is they will repair them.
  2. Received mine today after being told on Friday by Cunard I would receive my refund by credit card because that is how I paid the balance and today received a cheque by post . You could not make it up it is that farcical do anyone at P&O/Cunard know what they are doing.
  3. Having been told by Cunard via their Facebook page, as stated in my previous post #421 on Friday, that as I had paid for my cruise by credit card that I would have my refund returned to the same card and would take 5-10 days I have today received a cheque from Carnival UK for my refund in full. Today is day 63 and it is laughable but honestly not really funny in the incompetence of Carnival UK in knowing what they are doing and how with regards to refunds.
  4. I have read post #199 just find it strange that P&O & Cunard are not singing from the same song sheet. Cunard will not allow currently any cancelled deposit or FCC to be used after March 2022 and has to be booked by December 31st 2021. Whether this will change in the future will wait and see. That is why I requested a cash refund for my cancelled cruise in May because I had got to use it by the above rules and having already got 3 cruises already booked for 2021 and nothing suitable before March in 2022 it wasnt feasible to have a FCC.
  5. Cunard state that voyages must be taken by March 2022. Your FCC is redeemable against bookings made up to (and including) 31 December 2021, for voyages sailing until 31 March 2022.
  6. Have P&O said you will be able to move it past March 2022. Cunard say you can cancel and move your deposit to book another cruise before March 2022 but they are not allowing a FCC with extra money dividend on your deposit if the cruise cancelling is after July 31st. Even though you can cancel and move as many times as you want they dont say you can cancel it and move it after March 2022.
  7. Like I said previously we stay at Holiday Inn Express of M271 we dont arrive until 5pm-6pm so dont need a hotel with a lot of facilities just unload car cup of tea and rest for a short while then stroll across to pub nearby for a pint and a meal and early to bed. Buffet breakfast in morning then check out of hotel 11am and then short drive to the port for early embarkation. We only want a clean comfortable bed for the night and buffet breakfast so is ideal for us.
  8. Having spent over 30yrs as a firefighter and putting out many grass fires a lot are started by either children deliberate, careless discarded cigarettes and surprisingly discarded glass bottles causing magnifying effect and setting fire to grass like you used to do with a magnifying glass directing sun on the back of your hand when we were kids.
  9. Simon Palethorpe in Cunard has done exactly the same so I should imagine they are both following orders from the hierarchy from across the pond or at very least from David Dingle Chair of Carnival UK.
  10. Summer 2021 transatlantic fares have already been on sail since Sept/Oct 2019 which is when the prices were best on there release and invariably always go up in price.
  11. I am not holding my breath she did say 5-10 days to get it into my credit card account which seems an extortionate period of time compared to normal refunds to credit card.
  12. Cunard have informed by PM on their Facebook page today that my refund applied for on 30th March for my 6th May roundtrip TA on QM2 will be returned to my credit card account as that is how I paid the balance and will take 5-10 days so we will wait and see.
  13. See post #634 and #636 and details of which website is with the news #636
  14. Equally there are some who will never hear anything negative about Boris.
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