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  1. Currently on QM2 and the only disappointment is the dress code. Do not know if more are using buffet at night but ship is full but many empty tables in MDR on 1st sitting both on Formal and Smart Casual and many not adhering to dress code after 6pm even in bars that you are supposed to adhere to dress code. The most formal of bars the Commodore Club after 6pm on some nights there are some not wearing a jacket and wearing jeans and polo shirts and being served and not challenged by staff.
  2. Kiki Dee was on Britannia maiden cruise but she was in Limelight Club and you had to pay to see her.
  3. The actual medivac took 1hr in very challenging conditions but I don't know how far of original course we went and how long it took to get back on original track but nothing has been said about delays so presume QM2 will just go a bit faster to make up lost time.
  4. We did but we were. not the only ones P&O Aurora left just before us and Ventura just after 5pm. Not sure what time QE departed.
  5. Correct nothing to do with weather or sea conditions but an emergency medivac by helicopter by Irish coastguard as Captain said 40 knot winds and challenging seas they did an excellent job.
  6. All I can remember is we did the excursion In Search of the Northern Lights" on Oriana in 2014 and we did it from Alta and was about 4-5 hrs long and even then we paid well over £100pp.
  7. Dont know current prices as its 2014 since we did Northern Lights cruise but the excursion prices are expensive even more so because it is Norway where everything is eye-wateringly expensive but a fantastic cruise especially if you do experience the Northern Lights.
  8. Or buy a few years back like we did and paid £20 a share and even after recent loss in price of shares we are still well ahead even at current £30 a share and also considering the amount of obc and dividends we have received.
  9. We are on QM2 on Sunday and hopefully we might miss the weather due over BoB and be well on our way to New York.
  10. We were on Caronia in the April before she left Cunard and went on to become Saga Ruby. We hit a terrible storm and huge waves across the BoB heading back to Southampton and the Captain closed the ship down and ordered everyone to go to their cabins for their own safety. Afterwards we were told by the Captain that it was the worst he had ever sailed in and had sent one of the junior officers on deck to measure the gale force with a machine and it was higher than the top reading of 12 and he had a photograph taken of the officer holding the machine and he would send a copy to every cabin as a memento. Of course Caronia was only a small ship and we went back to our cabins and lay under our bedding as the room was smashed to pieces TV and video off the wall and smashed and everything loose was damaged on the floor.
  11. We are due to go down to Southampton to stay in hotel prior to a cruise on QM2 so have delayed our departure from home just hope there is no extra time.
  12. You get extra OBC using the Blue Light Card but you have to book direct with P&O, Military benefits can only be applied to a booking if you are registered with Defence discount service and have a Defence Privilege Card. If you look on P&Os website under FAQ under Miscellaneous it gives a list of personnel applicable and does not include any emergency service or NHS worker. They are 2 different schemes.
  13. I will be behind you as a Platinum member 😀
  14. They might get offers through Blue Light Card but Carnival offer a Military benefit on all their ships including P&O but this does not include Fire, Police and NHS workers you are talking about a different credit. You also for the Blue Light Card have to book direct with P&O and not through a TA.
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