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  1. Point taken but you are comparing apples and oranges.
  2. Yeah I'm sure I'll be back on a cruise at some point. I just wish Royal was a bit more flexible. These are unprecedented times and certain policies can and should be relaxed.
  3. I guess time will tell. Lets hope this passes soon. Stay safe.
  4. At this point yes. FCCs might be useless if RCI goes bankrupt.
  5. Hoping Amex will be a bit more understanding than Royal was.
  6. Thanks for understanding Ocean Boy. I wasn't trying to be controversial. I was simply asking if anyone had a similar situation. My C & A status is insignificant.
  7. Once again, I was not looking for a refund. I asked for an extension due to extreme uncertainty. $6,000 is a lot of money to lay out at the present time.
  8. Yeah I started this thread out of frustration. Not sure why they won't refund. Amex did the right thing and already credited my account. They can fight it out with Royal.
  9. I guess so. Didn't think a worldwide pandemic was going to happen. Shame on me 😗.
  10. Exactly Ocean Boy. I don't have a 2.2 billion line of credit like Royal does.
  11. Almost $2,000 in down payments.
  12. Understanding that there is a worldwide pandemic and there is so much uncertainty in regards to cruising, I am shocked at the lack of empathy from the reps at Royal. As a huge supporter of all Royal brands (Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, and Azamara) I cannot believe the way I was treated. Long story short, I had the 7/3 Alaska cruise on Ovation booked with my family (3 balcony cabins) for a milestone occasion. We were still willing to go as long as they sail. When calling Royal yesterday we simply asked if we could extend our final payment (due Friday) other than laying out an additional $6,000 during these incredibly difficult times. The rep said no and no refunds. We cancelled and will call Amex to dispute the funds that royal has so far. Looks like our cruising days might be over. Sad times for sure. Anyone else have similar experiences?
  13. Wow thanks for the info. Do you have a webpage set up with pix and vids of your past cruises?
  14. Jenny, great photos and review. What did you think of Coco Cay?
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