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  1. Really? I have to go back and look, but I see what you're saying, however, it looks like half of them are connecting through the wall and the other half through the vestibule. I think I saw a few youtube videos where I noticed the door on the wall, but I had no idea it was so many of them like that. Thanks, JFontaine.
  2. Looks like most of the S3s on Edge are connecting? Just noticed. We've had bad luck with those.This certainly narrows our choices.👎
  3. Thank you so much. I don't cruise just Celebrity. Whenever I do research on other lines I'm always surprised (frustrated, too), that I can't find such good info. on cabin selection. 👍
  4. WorcesterPear, I'd like to know what suite you are in also. Were the lounger(s) and table already on your balcony or did you have to request them? vtcruising, Does the suite guarantee offer all the suite amenities?
  5. Thanks for that additional information gizfish. I guess I'll look for something else. Can't do later on Epic in the Caribbean since she leaves Miami after the Easter cruise.
  6. Thank you so much! Just as an aside, I did try several different word combinations to enter into the Search feature and this thread never showed up! Glad I asked ! And thank you again for responding..
  7. What is the difference between S1,2,and 3 on Edge. Location only? What is everyone's opinion on them? They do get full suite benefits, don't they?
  8. I can see what you mean by reading Epic's reviews. Generally, they are not good, ☹️except for the Haven.
  9. I find this confusing. At first I thought it meant the full size bottles, anything other than the first bottle of wine, champagne, etc. was charged. I didn't even think of the little bottles in the mini bar. But upon reading it further, it states that "additional wine, spirits or snacks..." Snacks????
  10. April 4 is the week before Easter in 2020. We are considering a cruise on N. Epic, for either April 4 or 12 (which is Easter week). Which week would you "guess" would have less kids? BTW, we once went on a cruise during Easter week …. on Celebrity, though. We figured there would be lots of kids, but it turned out there were less than 30 on board! Can we count on being lucky twice?
  11. Thanks for your post. I'm glad it worked out for you. I always wonder about purchasing cruise line insurance. People say don't but most of the posts I've read have been positive. 👍
  12. Are the suites of similar size on Epic? The reason I'm asking is that I'm looking at the aft penthouse videos and they seem pretty small and the balcony, while lovely, seems on the small size also.
  13. I must have missed this. Are children now allowed in the Sky Lounge on Meraviglia?
  14. Thanks. I'll start my research.🙂
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