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  1. I just wear earings and a watch. I don't wear rings (even my wedding band) because I sanitize often and don't want that gunk in my jewelry. Plus I remember reading that rings can harbor Covid......that's probably not true, but I just keep them off anyway.
  2. I've found good deals the week after Thanksgiving.
  3. Oops, I think that should be Pinnacles (I'm not one, can you tell?)😁
  4. Pinacles on Royal can cause problems expecting priority over everyone, including (and sometimes especially) suite passengers. ..... Some, not all.
  5. Toofarfromthesea, How nice of you to respond. What would we like? Actually, I'm not really sure. Adult only sounds good to me. A choice of dining also does. So does something to do outside of the resort. I know there are some that have privileges with other resorts, where you can visit their pools and restaurants. However......now that I think of it, Cancun (and that part of Mexico) doesn't have any casinos, do they? We do enjoy that sometimes in the evening after dinner. Thanks again❤️
  6. Hi, BB, We've never been to an AI, so I wouldn't even know where to start. I'd appreciate your recommendations.
  7. + reading glasses, daily program, meds for dh and me.
  8. Very interesting. Now I'm curious about Celebrity and Royal. Thanks for the info.👍
  9. Dancing with the Stars lost DH. As soon as Tyra walked out in that outfit he was "I'm not watching this anymore." I channel surfed and watched maybe half of it. Probably won't watch it again unless nothing else is on.
  10. OK, you do have my attention! I have not cruise with Carnival for years. We now try to do suites, but I've always heard that Carnival offers no suite perks. Am I, perhaps, mistaken with Mardi Gras? What suite perks are offered on Mardi Gras? What level suite do you have to book to get some nice perks? There's no private restaurant or pool offered, is there? Like I said, we have not cruise Carnival for years, so can you tell me what is the difference between the Cheers package and Bubbles?
  11. I'm the OP and we finally went to our local casino.....Immokalee. It's a smallish Indian casino in SW Florida. Felt very safe. We both won a little, which means we'll be back.😁
  12. mafig


    Did you cancel or did they? That seems to make a difference with the other lines. We were on Celebrity, they cancelled and we received a refund. However, I jumped the gun and went to my credit card because someone posted you only had 100 days to cancel from when you booked (credit card). That turned out not to be true, but I found out after I went to our CC (BOA). Don't know what would have happened if I waited it out, but we got our money from Celebrity about a week after filing our dispute.
  13. My program shows it on tonight, Tuesday.😃
  14. Didn't like Tyra at all. Also with all that hair and then that necklace, it looked to me like she had no neck. I think it seemed to go so fast because there are so many of them.....notice dances were short too. They'll probably have fillers as the "stars" get weeded down. Maybe one more week and only because dh wants to watch it one more week. Now you are all sworn to secrecy about that....... his words to me are "don't tell anyone I watch this!"
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