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  1. Is there an area to drop off luggage for Sky Suites?
  2. My dh likes sorbet for desert and I notice that it's on the children's menu for Lumina (not on the adult).
  3. We've parked at port of Miami many, many times. It's expensive, but it's safe. I don't feel a need for a shuttle, the parking garage is right across the street from the cruise terminal. You drop your bags off first with the porters, park, then walk to the ship.
  4. I remember that. He was a Reverand. I think he just got a time out. I do get annoyed at people who are walking with their noses buried in their phone and expect everyone to move out of the way for them.
  5. We've been on Reflection a few times and since we eat early never had a problem. However, when we've left, there was always a line. Once dh went to the men's room around 7pm and came back saying "people are almost coming to blows out there. I feel sorry for the girls at the desk, everyone is yelling at them."
  6. We did a few Norwegian cruises in the past and enjoyed them very much. At the time we got great deals on suites, they included a specialty dining package so our meals in the main dining room were few. I admit that the worst meal I've ever had on a cruise ship was in the main dining room on a Norwegian ship. However, I really enjoy their specialty restaurants. Recently, though, their suite prices are through the roof. And they don't ever go down. If they're not selling they do that bidding thing that Celebrity has started also. In Norwegian's case (don't know if it's true of X), only select people are allowed to bid. Their Haven restaurant is supposed to be great. Better than Luminae. However, it's the same menu every night. Some of their suites are very large which leads to a lot of kids in the Haven. I've read too many reviews where people can't enjoy the pool area in Haven because of this. If I could find a great deal on a Haven suite, at the right time of year, I'd like to try them again.
  7. Mauidiver, We'll be doing your itinerary in a few weeks. If you get a chance, please let me know if the first "elegant" evening is tonight or tomorrow night. Looking forward to reading more. Enjoy!
  8. Miami doesn't add an additional day. I believe Port Canaveral does.
  9. I'm on Edge and I don't have it.
  10. I guess I'll give the Captain's Club a call tomorrow. I don't remember the notification ever being on my express pass, or under Order History either for that matter and I never had a problem. I still have 10 weeks to go. But now it'll be on my mind so I'll call them tomorrow.
  11. It's not on my express pass either. I did read on CC that if you print your express pass out early it won't show. It'll appear closer to sailing
  12. OP, just what was so complicated about the shower??? This is coming from someone who is sometimes confounded by new showers.😟
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