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  1. I expect the drivers will accept US dollars. If you are a member of AAA, you can order pesos to be delivered to your house at a good rate of exchange. That’s what we did and it was just so much easier to deal in pesos for transportation, dining, shopping, etc. than with dollars (for which you’ll be charged a premium).
  2. Is Dr. E still the CD on the Pride? If so, do NOT miss any of the shows that he does in the Atrium. (I recall he did a Motown and an '80's show). He is hilarious! The comedy shows depend on the talent. We've been on the Pride twice and the comedy shows were pitiful. 88 Keys is a good production show.
  3. That map is helpful. We took a pulmonia from El Shrimp Bucket to the Hotel Playa Mazatlan which is a distance of 7km and we paid 160 pesos. The distance from the Marina Mazatlan to the Plaza Machado (Mazatlan Centro) is a distance of 12 km. So, I would expect to pay around 300 pesos. Then I would estimate the cost of a pulmonia from Mazatlan Centro to the cruiseport to be 100-150 pesos.
  4. I don’t know what you mean by “the marina” either. But unless you are traveling with people with mobility issues, you can easily get from the cruise terminal to central Mazatlan by foot. There is a blue line painted down the road that you can follow and the distance is less than a mile. Here’s some useful info about this topic: http://www.mazatlantouristaide.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=23&Itemid=6
  5. Do you have a friend or relative who would be willing to check in for you? That’s what we do (and we have an awesome daughter that always checks us in exactly 24 hours in advance so that we get a primo boarding slot.)
  6. Yes, we did use Baikas Bike Rentals. We just walked from the cruise ship -- it's about a mile walk. You can check Google Maps for directions before you go or ask one of the Ex-Pat Volunteers (blue shirts) that you'll see when you get off the ship. Basically, you head to the Malecon (sidewalk along the beach) and follow it to Baikas. You could also take a pulmonia (golf-cart type vehicle) from the ship to Baikas. We did this after our Segway tour and the cost was, I think, about 150 pesos (under $8). That was really more than the trip was worth, but we were tired after a day on foot and Segway in Mazatlan.
  7. Here’s a link to a brochure with info on the various day passes: https://vallartatribune.com/daypass/ We chose to get daypasses at the Westin Resort in October. The pool is fabulous and the beach was nice and quiet—what we wanted. Our food voucher covered the cost of a burger and soda at the beachside restaurant. EVERYONE was so nice!
  8. It depends on your interests. I’ve been to both places and I prefer Luebeck. I like that Luebeck is a small town that can easily be walked. I like the architectural details on the buildings in Luebeck. I like the historical significance of Luebeck (it’s an UNESCO World Heritage Site and was the capital of the Hanseatic League.)
  9. I have seen plenty of people carrying pillows when they check-in, so you won’t be the only one. Besides, there’s little more that’s as important as a good night’s sleep. I say, “Take your pillow.”
  10. There are a lot of factors to consider: 1. What are the ages of the children? (Passports for children under age 16 are valid only for 5 years.) 2. Do you anticipate doing other international travel within the next 5 years (assuming the children are under the age of 16.) 3. What is your threshold for anxiety? Do you worry about every little thing or are you a somewhat relaxed traveler? If it were me, I would be loathe to spend the extra money to expedite passports for children for a cruise that does not require them. The odds of your “missing the boat” with children are slim-and-none (as you won’t be drinking yourselves under the tables in a bar). For extra piece of mind, you could book ship’s excursions or just stay close to port. (And my advice comes based on being the spouse of a U.S. consular officer in a port city who rarely, if ever, had to deal with Americans who missed the boat.)
  11. Itsanita, I’m surprised nobody has mentioned how HARD it is to read the font that you use in your posts. I lived in Berlin for several years and would be happy to add my 2 cents worth about your touring plans, but I can’t read your posts!
  12. We cruised this itinerary in early October and did an excursion (privately booked—not through the ship.) only in Mazatlan. Our snorkeling excursion in Cabo was cancelled due to the weather. Instead of walking around Cabo, we spent the day enjoying activities on the ship. I had done a lot of research about Cabo before we cruised and this port just didn’t interest me. But if there are things you want to see/do in Cabo, you should be able to do it on your own. However, I recommend you do your research so you aren’t just wandering aimlessly in Cabo. Make your time there count. In Mazatlan, we booked a guided Segway tour which was well worth our time and money. But, if you don’t want to do an excursion in Mazatlan, it’s easy to tour on your own. There is a “blue line” that leads from the port to the city center and it’s not a long walk. Then head over to the Malecon and/or the Zona Dorado. There are also expat Volunteers as you get off the ship (in blue shirts) who can answer your questions. Again, I recommend you do your homework before you explore on your own to get the most out of this great city. Finally, in PV, we took a cab to the Westin Resort where we purchased a day pass which allowed us to spend the day on the beach and at the pool and also included a food and drink credit which covered our lunch. Many of the hotels offer these days passes subject to hotel occupancy. (There’s a thread on this forum that includes a link to all these packages.)
  13. You should not have a problem finding parking at LB for a midweek cruise on the Imagination. When we cruised that ship, we arrived later than your expected 11:30 am arrival time and were able to find a spot. I think we drove to the highest level, but there was plenty of parking.
  14. GradUT


    I agree with NJHorseman that it makes sense to go ahead and get a new passport now. Reasons: 1) it's good for 10 years now that he's 17 years old, 2) you intend to pay for his next passport anyway and 3) now is a relatively quiet time for passport processing, so you should get it fairly quickly. Having experience with the repatriation of U.S. citizens from foreign countries -- the age of the person trying to return to the U.S. is not really the issue. The issue would be the reason for the return. If it's a serious medical emergency, the paperwork to get you home will be done quickly. If it's a lesser emergency, the wait will likely be longer.
  15. We were in Mazatlan earlier this month and paid 150 pesos for a pulmonia from the area near El Shrimp Bucket on the Malecon to the Playa Mazatlan in the Zona Dorado (Golden Zone). We then paid 160 pesos for a pulmonia to go back to the same area. If you pay more than 200 peso/$10, you'd probably be over-paying.
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