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  1. I'm a bit confused by the last sentence for Vaxxed Paxs. If you take the test the day of sailing the results better be available on boarding day. It makes it sound that the test may/should be taken the previous day. Am I reading too much in the sentence.
  2. You missed a sale during the last week of August and first week of September as double occupancy was being sold as a solo. Saved myself some $500 on my January Allure cruise.
  3. Molly, I can't recall if you attended the webinar and posted the contents on CC. If so, can you re-[post it as reference for future needs. Also, you indicated that the verbiage for October sailings is missing, are you aware of any announcements where RCL or it's Hierarchy went back on their original statements.
  4. The bigger questions, are the agents aware of the various announcements or they simply trained to say no to refunds,
  5. Someone correct me. Didn't Bayley come out sometime in August stating that if you cannot abide by the protocols, when announced, you can get a cash refund rather than an FCC. Does Canada have a Better Business Bureau or some Federal/State Consumer Protection that you can escalate.
  6. Also, scan your sea pass on the way out. Washy Washy.😄
  7. I have some issues with the present H&S protocols for my upcoming Easter '22 Anthem sailing. There are 4 cabins involved, plus some issues with FCCs. While on board Oasis recently, I got to speak to the Loyalty Ambassador to ascertain what are my options. She understood my problem, however could not provide same with any possible solutions as it was a bit difficult since the decisions makers are stateside. She , however, gave some contacts that may be of help, Royal Guest Experience Management (800) 256-6649, or royalguestrelations@rccl.com I haven't contacted them as the cruise is still some months away and contacted my TA and asked the same questions.
  8. By the way on my Sept. 5 Oasis sail, my documents were examined some 5-6 times before getting on ship. The feeling that I got, except for the check-in at the kiosk, was special emphasis to the Vaxx Card. Did that happen to you. Also, when you boarded the ship were you met by many staff members clapping and yelling "Welcome Back" while passing under an arch of balloons or was this simply because ours was the first sail.
  9. I thought you were referring to a part of your body.😜 Do you gave a pic of this milestone gift,
  10. Can a fellow CC member, advise the time frame to go from airport to Cruise Port. Taking RCL's Mariner OTS. Also, what is the estimated taxi fare or van sharing. Thanks,
  11. My problem was the Green Band Police. Happened 3 times in one day entering the Casino as my long sleeve shirt obscured the Vax band. Also, happened at the Adult show. Since the Oasis was 100% vaxxed, what was the need for such examinations. Explanation given at the Adult show was that there were 2 unvaxxed adults on board.
  12. Even outside? In Nassau, when we left the ship, no masks were required as it was an open area. Walked some 6-8 blocks near dock area and no masks.
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