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  1. Oh sheesh I meant to say sauerkraut not cole slaw although that's not bad either.
  2. Oh, I so agree with you. Let's face it the shows in NYC and London are going to be the top stars but not on a cruise ship.
  3. How does one fly easily from Charleston and Mobile? I'm asking from Reno where they don't fly nonstop to all that many places.
  4. I think you described it perfectly. And I swear that no one can FACTUALLY dispute you.
  5. For a week or a month or six months?
  6. We have lunch at favorite locals places on shore and board midafternoon.
  7. No ketchup! Deli mustard, pickle relish, cole slaw.
  8. At this point in time, I wouldn't go there either. We've been wearing masks and social distancing for over a year. No big deal. I think if social distancing is done around pools, the mask requirement might be changed to going to the lounge chair and leaving it. Like in restaurants here.
  9. Oh I understand. But throughout history certain industries have gone away or been greatly reduced: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2018/12/18/americas-dying-industries-businesses-losing-most-workers/38693221/ It seems like the natural order of things.
  10. So what? Those who want to cruise still can. But in a different way. Change is inevitable and change, IMO, is good.
  11. Yes please. There's shallowness or a sense of entitled privilege that gives me the icks.
  12. I'm almost positive that when I worked for CDC - back in the 60s mind you - that I was finger printed. Who cares?
  13. "Of note, the CDC also said cruise lines should limit shore excursions in foreign ports of call to countries listed as Level 1: COVID-19 Low in CDC’s COVID-19 Travel Recommendations by Destination, which would take a number of Caribbean destinations out of itineraries." I was just looking this morning at the worst countries (level 4?) and it seemed like the whole planet, i.e., France, Italy, you name it. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/map-and-travel-notices.html#travel-1
  14. I've made them with 'just' the sugar but this was ridiculously good...and generally I'm not much of a dessert person.
  15. Are there any of those conveyances or situations where thousands of people are together from a week to six months???
  16. Also other countries are generally quicker to approve a drug for a different use than it was originally approved for. So while a doctor may prescribe it, AFAIK one's insurance won't pay for it.
  17. Absolutely. The FDA has always been slower because they're more stringent.
  18. NO IT HAS NOT. Maybe but maybe not. I think it's irresponsible for your to post things like this. You set yourself up as quite the authority and then you spread questionable opinion as fact. Please stop it.
  19. Creme brulee with a topping of a crushed pistachio cracker on top that was flamed.
  20. clo

    OLife Air

    Good. Have you gone to the specific airline site?
  21. clo

    OLife Air

    Open jaw isn't necessarily more expensive. You'll want to check the specific flights.
  22. So are you one of the moderators??? In case you haven't noticed over the last year TPTB have given a huge amount of latitude on topics and wandering OT. Otherwise they may as well shut down the site until a lot more has been resolved.
  23. We're booked on one of those for 9/22. If SPB is canceled then we will also.
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