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  1. Hi Crissie (and Jim and Cathy of course) we wish we were there too, but will be sailing along with you in spirit. Have a great cruise!
  2. In the thread about "what first time Regent people need to know" (or whatever it's called) my contribution was based on my own experience with Regent and most particularly on the cruise we had just disembarked. That was that the Regent experience is not to be taken at top speed, but to be savoured and enjoyed, because everything will still be there even if you are the last in the queue or somewhat late to the party. @Camillus112 you are absolutely spot on - why rush and get agitated by standing in a queue for ages when you can take your time and stroll on board when you are ready. The advantages of being one of the first to board are few...I certainly don't count sitting around waiting for my suite to be ready and my luggage to arrive amongst them. Sure, you can have a nice lunch on board, but you'll have quite a few more of those to look forward to! Relax and enjoy the cruise you've looked forward to for so long.
  3. Indeed! I can well imagine you are tired of it all. It's stressful just trying to keep up with what's going on, never mind trying to make new arrangements and so on. I just looked at the ABTA website, which had specific information for the scenario you describe - a company going out of business. But in relation to Coronavirus, it was a bit more sketchy, I thought. Like you, I would be more focused on sorting something out in terms of an alternative cruise, I think. Here's hoping you can do that without too much bother - or you'll need another relaxing break to get over this one.
  4. I thought that our Ts & Cs offered more protection than the rest of the world, @Kitekat. We are booked on the cruise starting in Abu Dhabi and have been following the threads carefully, hoping that our cruise would be unaffected. We are not so worried about port changes but really hope it isn't cancelled altogether because I very much doubt that we could find another cruise this year which fitted in our schedule. After all, we booked this cruise two years ago and have more or less planned all the rest of our travel around it (and unsurprisingly, we have other commitments and a life to lead at home too!) I took a look through the brochure yesterday "just in case" and there really are very few options. Whilst I appreciate Regent's financial situation having read FDR's statement linked in another post, I think I would be investigating my rights when the company I have a contract with withdraws their service, especially bearing in mind the amount of money involved - i.e. quite a hefty sum and a lot more than I'd want to blow on a cruise I didn't really want to take. Fingers crossed, our cruise will leave Abu Dhabi as planned and all will be well. We are holding our breath.
  5. These figures are very misleading because the number of confirmed cases and reported deaths are merged...so for the UK, for example, there are 9 confirmed cases and 0 deaths - not 90 cases as it appears. Similarly, the Diamond Princess really doesn't have more than 2000 confirmed cases, I'm sure.
  6. That's "like" because you got out, not "like" because you were locked in!! 🤣
  7. @flossie009 you must have been reading my mind. We are joining Voyager in Abu Dhabi in mid-April and I have been following the progress with interest. Clearly, we don't have quite the same need for information as those whose planned cruise is within the next couple of weeks and since our itinerary doesn't include any ports in South East Asia, we're not overly concerned about that either. Still, I like to keep up to date with what's going on so have been reading threads here and there with snippets of information. Last evening, I thought how useful it would be if CC collated all the varied information sources in one folder, enabling us to gather all the latest accurately sourced news without the need to scroll through - how can I put it? - other conversations. Thank you - you've gone one better and collated just the relevant Regent information, which is clearly what interests me most. It must have taken you quite some time to do that and I just wanted to say "thank you". Looking forward to seeing you on board Voyager, when I can thank you in person!
  8. My apologies...I really have hijacked this thread now. So sorry 🙏
  9. @Wendy The Wanderer we used to take such things too - small bits and pieces which were possibly made in China and which had possibly travelled around the world before they even began their return journey 😉 When we were in Myanmar, we responded to a specific request for English language reading material for primary school children - and then when we got there, we found the schools we visited all had perfectly good resources already. (That's not to say that _all_ schools were well resourced of course but we found it difficult to find a good home for the things we'd taken) On this last visit to India, just a couple of weeks ago, I think we saw fewer beggars than ever before. Again, that's not to say they don't exist - we weren't in places where there were a large number of Western tourists - and though we visited communities where people were living very simple lives compared with our own, the preponderance of cellphones suggests that life moves on apace!
  10. Fabindia also has at least one branch in Singapore. (Just sayin' 😉 ) These days in India, many younger women wear a variation on western clothes, maybe a salwar or kurta with jeans, though some still wear sarees and ride pillion on a motorbike sidesaddle… I posted a picture to my blog when we were in Mysuru recently of a group of very colourfully dressed women - I was wearing black and white and my only concession to colour was to carry a red bag. I felt quite sad that we don't embrace the full spectrum any more! As far as taking gifts to India (and other countries with developing communities), it's really quite tricky. Personally, I prefer to donate to a local charity or microfinance - but of course, that's a personal choice.
  11. @Mr RumorAlbuquerque Sunport remains in our memories for having the greatest TSA team we've ever encountered. They were so cheerful, they didn't shout instructions at us and made the whole screening process as much fun as it could be. I have a habit of leaving compliments rather than complaints, so I called the supervisor to report our positive experience - cue another giggle (he didn't have a compliment form, only one for complaints!) To this day, when we travel and I have reason to compliment the screening teams, I often say that they still have some way to go to match ABQ (with a wink of course 😉 )
  12. @Caroldoll we are huge fans of the US National Parks and were fairly sure that this would be our only opportunity to see this particular corner of your vast country. In my experience, these places seldom - if ever - disappoint and given the time of year, it was a no-brainer for us.
  13. Some years ago we took the tour into the ?Acadia? National Park - the colours were breathtaking and we had a wonderful day (but had the schooner been on offer, I'd have been on board!!)
  14. Norma, when you are in India, keep an eye open for FabIndia stores where you will find wearable clothes (Salwar kameez, kurtas and all the related scarves and trousers) in Western sizes, but still very reasonably priced. Until now, that chain of stores has been my go-to place when I've been in India. However, I just returned from Karnataka and there I discovered More which is a chain of stores like Target, where the clothes were incredible. I realise that, as part of a group, you won't have the same freedom to go shopping, but Fabindia in particular does seem to be present in tourist-related places. The experience of shoe shopping in particular, in India, can be memorable. (my apologies for hijacking the thread - I promise to go back in my box now <g>)
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