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  1. Even if there is only 1 sink in the bathroom, I would not miss the extra sink in the dressing area. I rarely ever used it.
  2. If it is a tender port, your daily program will tell you where to meet and pick up tender tickets. You have to stay in that area until your number is called. This can take a while to get tender people off the ship as the ship will take their tours off first.
  3. Wonder if this is going to be another inconsistency from ship to ship that HAL does quite often??
  4. Roger Jett (Crew News) was recently on the Westerdam and has a copy of the Children's menu -- it is the same on all ships. http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/ /1
  5. Can't believe that you are at your last port of call -- Victoria. Lovely city.
  6. Yikes -- mosquitos -- never experienced them when we stayed at the Westmark in Anchorage which was also in June. Thanks for updating everything. Glad you mentioned on your survey about no discount for Sel de Mer and the late lunch. Thanks for doing this for everyone.
  7. Thank you for checking and giving us your impressions of HAL. Sorry your cruise is not living up to your expectations.
  8. People hear all kinds of things anymore. Radar dome getting replaced wouldn't cause her to be late.
  9. Just catching up. AH -- that food so looks so good. Monday is getting closer.
  10. Just got caught up on everything. No totes?? Another cut back??
  11. This is a show I would want to see.
  12. I hadn't noticed those price increases. Thank you for the information.
  13. Cruises over the holidays are expensive. You will find some vendors and stores closed on New Years day.
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