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  1. On all the back-to-back or Collector Cruises, we have had to abide by the rules on turn-around day. Breakfast is early for everyone. After all the ship has to get ready for the next group of passengers.
  2. The Pinnacle Grill has never advertised it's breakfast hours on the When and Where. But on those ships that have the Club Orange, I have been asking that question whether the Pinnacle Grill is open for breakfast and don't get a direct answer. Hope someone who is on a ship that does have the Club Orange will answer the question.
  3. Great reports. Love your pictures. The flowers are gorgeous.
  4. Wow!! I live in a not so pretty area -- no exotic birds or tons of flowers. We had White Tower restaurants that had hamburgers -- they have long been gone.
  5. I love all the pictures!! Thank you everyone for sharing them.
  6. You can tell your wine steward in the Pinnacle Grill that you have the Signature Beverage and what wine you want. He can go and get it for you.
  7. Oh yes, I am enjoying your reports, pictures and videos. Brings back memories from when we did land vacations all over Europe.
  8. As long as it can fit through the scanner, you are good to go. The luggage scanners are like the ones at the airport where you put your carry-ons, purses, etc., through -- same size.
  9. Catching up with your wonderful reports and pictures. Brings back many memories when we were there many, many years ago.
  10. I agree -- that is a pretty hefty increase.
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