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  1. Hi, all. Sorry I didn't post on Thursday. I had some appointments with my DH and totally forgot. I stayed the same, so that is a bummer. I am so close to final goal weight. Belle, thanks for the summer poem. I have a cruise booked for July, so I would be happy if I could get below goal weight so that I could cheat a little on my cruise. Congrats to all the losers. You are doing great. Jan, what an awesome total you have. You are doing so well. Andrea, nothing feels as good as finding out your clothes are too big. Congratulations to you. Rose
  2. Belle, thanks for the poem. Congrats Jan, pacruise and Jenny on your losses. Diana, better to stay the same than to gain. I am down .8 lb. I have .6 to go to final goal weight. I hope that I am there at our next weigh in. Rose
  3. Welcome back, Belle. I'm glad that you had a good time on your cruise. That is awesome about winning a free cruise. Jan and Diana, congrats on your losses. I don't know what I lost. I can't remember what I was two weeks ago. I am now 1.8 lbs away from final goal weight, so I know I lost something. DH's procedure went well and he is fully recovered. We were very pleased at how fast he recovered from it. Rose
  4. Diana, you posted as I was typing. Five pounds in three weeks isn't bad at all. I am sure that it's mostly water weight and will come off quickly. Rose
  5. Belle, thanks for the poem. Jan, congrats on the loss. I know what you mean, though. I keep gaining and losing the same five pounds. I am down .2 this week. Still 4.2 to go to finally goal weight. Rose
  6. Thank you all for your well wishes. Belle, my husband does not have heart problems, fortunately. The surgery is to view and possibly repair two aneurysms that they found when he had the stroke. Belle, I hope that your leg is better soon and it doesn't have an impact on your cruise. Have a great time. The procedure is next week, May 30th, so I will let you all know how he is doing.
  7. Thank you, pacruise. Anything dealing with the brain is so scary. We are a little nervous but have complete faith in the neuro surgeon who is doing the procedure. It is next week, so I will let you all know how it goes. Rose
  8. Hi, all. Sorry I've been missing for a while. I have been very busy with my DH and all of his doctor's appointments. He is having a procedure done the end of May and that has kept us very busy. I had a really nice, relaxing cruise with my granddaughter. We enjoyed our time alone together. The good news is, I have not gained any weight in all this time. The bad news is, I have not lost any weight in all this time. I am 4.6lbs away from my final goal weight. I need to step it up. I am going on another cruise at the end of July and I want to be at final goal by then. Have a great weekend, everyone. Rose
  9. Jo, I am taking my 12 year old granddaughter on Royal Caribbean's Adventure of the Seas. We are going to Grand Cayman, Cozumel and Costa Maya. I wasn't sure that I would be able to go since my husband's illness, but he has been cleared to go back to work next week. Doctors have said he is doing remarkably well. So, we are back to planning mode. What cruise are you doing?
  10. Belle, your cruise sounds awesome. I tried to talk my DH into a Hawaiian cruise, but no go. He has a lot of family living in Hawaii (his dad was born there), so he prefers a land vacation. We are thinking about going back in 2021. Have a wonderful time on your cruise. Jan, sorry about your gain, but I'm glad you're feeling better. Diana, staying the same is good. I also stayed the same. cache, welcome to our group and good luck with your weight loss journey. I need to lose some more before my April 21 cruise, so I'm right there with you. Rose
  11. Thank you biker and reallyitsmema.
  12. Can North Star be booked the same way? On the Royal IQ app once onboard?
  13. Thanks everyone for your well wishes for my husband. He is doing well right now and I am trying very hard to keep him that way. Jan, I also wear a size 12, with some of my jeans being a 10. I have decided to not try to go smaller because I can't sustain that. I hope that everyone has a great weekend. Rose
  14. Belle, a girl's night out sounds great. Glad you enjoyed it. Jan, great loss, but so sorry that you had to suffer through the flu. pacruise, good loss. I hope that you enjoyed your massage. Diana, staying the same is always a good thing. I am also down 3.4. I also lost for a bad reason. My husband was hospitalized again last week. He had a little setback, but is doing fine now. Rose
  15. Belle, thanks for the poem. It's so true, eating right and exercising is so hard sometimes. annie, good for you skipping dessert every night. Enjoy your time with the grandkids. Jan, sorry no loss this week. I hope that you have a loss next week. Rob, congrats on your loss. That is awesome. Diana, congrats on your loss, too. I'm always happy when I see the scale go down. I lost 1 lb this week, too. Rose
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