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  1. I booked our Alaska B2B May 19, 2021 cruise on March 17, 2020. I booked early because I wanted a particular cabin. The cost of the booking was a couple hundred dollars cheaper than the same 2020 cruise that I booked and will most likely be cancelled. I figured I would book now and watch pricing to see if it falls in the future.
  2. I had 4 independent tours booked for Alaska and all the vendors are either refunding my money or transferring the money to my 2021 booking with them.
  3. We haven't received the "official" word on our 5/20 Alaska cruise but we know it will be cancelled. We have already booked the same cruise for May 19, 2021.
  4. donaldsc----no need to reply, I found my answer.
  5. Don, did Alaska Airlines charge you a fee for talking with an agent and having them handle your cancellation?
  6. Interesting, thank you for the information. We are past Celebrity cruisers but not using them for this season. We are currently holding reservations with Princess for a May 20, 2020 B2B to Alaska and an August 16, 2020 round trip cruise to Alaska. We know the May cancellation is coming as it sails out of Vancouver. We are awaiting word that Princess will be cancelling our cruise to see what our options will be.
  7. Were you given any options with Celebrity --- get money back or was it just future cruise credit?
  8. I cancelled my water, soda and one of my excursions on March 13th and I am still waiting. I expect the refunds will come much later due to the backlog of refund processing.
  9. Glad to hear that someone is looking out for your interest. When I was booking a cruise through my TA for next year my TA interfaced with a Princess representative who pulled FOUR FC deposits instead of two. When the TA went over the details of the reservation with me I told him "no, the Princess representative was only supposed to pull two FC deposits (one for DH and one for me) rather than four." He got right back to the Princess representative and she apologized for pulling the two additional FC deposits in error. With all the processing going on right now, things are bound to slip through the cracks once in a while --- we just need to catch them when they do.
  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip planned; I'm sorry that it won't happen for you. I have always loved reading about the Antarctica journeys as they sound so exciting. I do hope that things turn around and you are able to go.
  11. Did you ask Princess why did they remove the 100% FCC?????
  12. Coral, so sorry to hear about your cruise and refund issue. Are you rebooking?
  13. Feeling a little down in the dumps as I know it is only a matter of time before Princess cancels our May 20, 2020, 14-day cruise to Alaska. Have already cancelled some of our independent excursions and pushed them to next May. We have one last shot left at Alaska and that is with our August 16, 2020 cruise sailing round trip from Seattle. Today, I decided to take a look at our booking to see if prices had dropped and I was shocked----our interior cabin had been upgraded to a nice balcony---Thank you Princess, you made my day! While I realize that the cruise might be a long shot, I am happy to live in the moment and enjoy the thought of sitting on my balcony watching the beauty of Alaska. After 27 trips to this pristine place, it is hard to imagine that we might not make it to Alaska this year. We have hope --- so no negative comments --- just let me enjoy the moment.
  14. If I might ask, what was your cruising date and what date did you get your funds? I cancelled my water and soda packages on 3/15 and have not seen anything yet. I have not cancelled my May 20th cruise yet, just packages. Thanks in advance.
  15. Our May 20, 2020 B2B Alaska cruise is pretty much cancelled --- awaiting the formality of Princess to announce it. We have already booked the same B2B cruise for May 19, 2021 and reserved one of our excursions. I love having something to look forward to especially during this crazy time.
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