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  1. Refund did not play a part in our cruise being dropped from Personalizer --- we still do not have a refund (FCCs, port fees and taxes and gift card) for our May cruise.
  2. Update: I got my refund and it took 106 days.
  3. Mine did the same thing --- then it readjusted itself and I lost the credits for the cancelled cruise.
  4. I have been checking my Coral 5/19/2021 booking every few weeks to monitor pricing and I come up with the same notice about pricing not available. I usually wait for a bit and then come back --- frustrating for sure.
  5. Today we hit day 106 and got refunded $179.79 (money for excursion, water and soda packages) -- cancelled those in March before Princess cancelled our cruise. Still waiting for our Option 1 FCC and a $50 gift card refund for our May cruise that was cancelled by Princess in April. Wonder how long I will have to wait for refunds on my August cruise. Good luck to you.
  6. The story keeps changing daily. We were cancelled by Princess in April. Our cruise was May 20, 2020 --- no refund yet. We have been told that cruises are being refunded in the order of voyage --- date order. Know that is not true as refund dates have been all over the place --- many after our sailing date. There are numerous cruisers who are way ahead of us who have not received anything --- wish you luck.
  7. Since it was a promo by Princess your pre-paid gratuities will not be refunded.
  8. If you don't mind me asking, where was your ship embarking from and what was your sailing date in July?
  9. We were scheduled to be on an August 16, 2020 cruise to Alaska and it was cancelled by Princess. Our cruise still appears in our Personalizer; it will fall off after the date passes just like our May 20th cruise did.
  10. Well, I finally was able to get a "Live Chat" agent. Got one answer but still a lot of unknowns. Time will tell, thanks again for pointing me in another direction
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