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  1. Policy should be if you pay for the Haven you get into the Haven, if you don't pay for the Haven you don't
  2. This is the Breakaway, the Getaway is similar....
  3. Funny, my wife and I were booked on the Escape 10/6 until two weeks ago. We just changed it to the June 9th sailing since we didn't want to take a chance at missing Bermuda again due to a storm like in September of last year. As it turns out by going June 9th our cabin priced out $300.00 less. We were there the same time in 2011 and the weather was spectacular. About price dropping, I would not count on it. Bermuda cruises seem to always book up pretty fast and sell out, its a very popular destination and the price reflects it
  4. I carry camera equipment and scripts in my carry on and or small back pack. They don't leave my side, its roller no big deal. We board, go to a restaurant for lunch, bags get put under table and by the time we are done cabins are ready
  5. My wife and I did one cruise out of Miami were we each had a carry on and a small backpack. That worked our OK. When we leave out of NYC (drive to port) We each have a carry on, a backpack along with at least one sometimes two checked suitcases. When we have two one has all our snorkeling gear, snorkeling backpacks and lightweight beach chairs....yes we take our carry over the should beach chairs to Bermuda. That way we can walk to the more isolated beaches and have something comfortable to sit on. I also bring with me on a cruise a laptop and 2-3-4 cameras and all the associated crap that goes along with them. Maybe as we get older and if we are still cruising we won't bring all the other crap with us, but until then when we leave out to NYC we bring dam near everything 🤣
  6. Ok, So you are bringing two pieces of luggage. What I'm saying is Megabus states one..... "Customers are advised that megabus will accept up to ONE (1) piece of luggage per passenger on the bus per reservation" That is why we have never even bothered to try it
  7. I'm surprised about Megabus. Last time I checked you were allowed one carry on sized suitcase per pax and that was it.
  8. Could be, however it was they will never do it again
  9. My neighbors tried that once. They only had one van running back with 9 people. Of course 7 people were off the ship and in the van at 8:30am while the two others did not get off the ship until 10:30. Needless to say all 7 were pretty pissed off having to wait two hours.
  10. My wife and I will be sailing out of NYC in June for our 5th time. Never had a problem getting a parking space. We have always found a space pretty close to the elevators. We arrive between 9-10am. I've noticed a few times while we are pulling away plenty of spaces still available
  11. Come is a day or two early and see the city!
  12. My wife and received the $50 credit also on our last cruise. Completely worthless to us. For sh!ts and giggles I went to GS to see if we could convert it to OBC......No. You need to find another TA
  13. Parking at the pier is ridiculous easy. The best part is your car is right next to the ship. We usually do easy walk off and are off the ship, thru customs and driving home by 8-8:15am
  14. My wife and I buy it mainly because we have older parents in poor health. The rule of thumb is if someone dies before we leave we cancel, if someone dies while were are away (on a cruise or other trip) keep them on ice, they are not going anywhere
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