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  1. This was from out very last cruise....last year. A few people decided to play it close. I think half the ship was cheering / jeering them
  2. Coming to cruise ships soon! As a kid in the late 60's it was a treat going into the city and getting to eat at Horn & Hardart. If you didn't grow up around Philadelphia or NYC you probably don't know what it is
  3. If you need to have both knees done get them done at the same time. I know a few people who went this way. First week is hell, either getting both or one done. Getting both done at the same time recovery time is just a little longer
  4. EXCATLY! Take a test before you leave the house in the morning, to go to work or go to school. They are simple and cheap! The US has failed miserably on testing, every other country has a National plan. Ask yourself why the US with about 4% of the worlds population has 25% of the worlds cases......And its not because we are testing more LOL
  5. The US has failed is testing, spotty at best, No National Plan. You can test 100 million people but if it takes 5-14 days to get the results its just a waste of time and money. They need Rapid Test....which my wife who works for the USDA and CDC has been screaming about for months. Their is finally some movement on it. They have rapid test that will tell you in 2-3 minutes and are very very cheap. Like taking your blood sugar. Their is Zero incentives for the companies doing the testing at the present time to have them guarantee a fast turn around time https://www.washingtonpost.com/coronavirus/coronavirus-state-testing-compact/2020/08/04/8b73bed8-d66f-11ea-9c3b-dfc394c03988_story.html https://www.wfae.org/post/after-severe-delays-several-states-band-together-buy-coronavirus-tests#stream/0
  6. My wife and I have signed up for three trials, haven't been called yet for any
  7. Plan B is get your ass outside and get back to normal. I have to a laugh at the people who think their is going to be a miracle vaccine. 50% is being very optimistic.......I hope I'm wrong. Just look at the flu vaccines, typical they work for about 20%-30%. A few years ago it hit 50% with children under 18. Wear a mask, wash your hands......like we should have to tell people that and social distance when you can.
  8. Those are! and we also went with Spencer Ambrose. I think it was the longest excursion we had every done. We docked at 7am and were in the van driving away at 7:30. Returned at 4:30pm, he had about 2 minutes to buy some stuff and then back on the ship
  9. A mixed of Bonaire, St Kits and St Lucia.....see if you can spot the Octopus
  10. Can't imagine being a crew member stuck on a ship in Norfolk LOL
  11. The Nikon P900 is an awesome camera for $600. Its 83X Optical Zoom is excellent. I bought mine in 2016 to use on our Alaska cruise. I did not want to haul a bunch of lenses around. I also took it to the Galapagos Islands https://amzn.to/3k3zTGB
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