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  1. shipgeeks

    One way cruise

    We did Fort Lauderdale to Montreal last spring; the reverse might be done in the fall.
  2. shipgeeks

    One way cruise

    If you have a cruise travel agency website that allows you to customize your search, you can look up "Repositioning" cruises. They are rare, but occasionally a ship will move from, for example, NY to San Juan, or vice versa, to start a cruising season in the new port.
  3. Are you planning to board in shorts? Are you taking long pants for dinners? When we sail from Baltimore on Saturday we will be in long pants, sweaters, winter jackets. We would not want to limit ourselves to indoors only.
  4. shipgeeks

    Cunard advice please

    You will probably get better responses by posting on the Cunard board.
  5. shipgeeks

    Manhattan, NY port

    OP, I'll be interested to learn what you finally work out, and how it was. We have driven to the Brooklyn port; not a fun trip. We have taken an overnight bus to Manhattan a couple of times, with a hotel stay mid-town the night before the cruise. We now only sail out of Baltimore (drive there), or Fort Lauderdale (fly there), as it is so much easier than getting to any NY port. However, we'd love to be able to do NY sailings again, but only if getting there is comfortable.
  6. shipgeeks

    Train tour: A bus ride always part of it?

    As I recall (accuracy not guaranteed!), there was coke, rum & coke, maybe pina coladas, rum punch. I don't think there was beer, but there might have been other beverages.
  7. shipgeeks

    Missha BB cream

    Thanks! I ended up getting a Rimmel BB, and it is very matte. That will be good, as I can use a shinier sunblock with it.
  8. shipgeeks

    1st time cruising

    Have you considered sailing out of New Jersey or Baltimore, rather than flying to Florida? If you are cruising during the summer -- school holidays -- weather should not be a problem. Baltimore has both Carnival and RC ships, with varying itineraries.
  9. shipgeeks

    Baltimore park & cruise hotels

    Everything is very compact when driving in to the port. You will be directed to luggage dropoff lane; just unload whatever you want sent through. Then follow the directions to parking. Pull up to the payment cashier, pay, and be directed to parking space. From there it is just a short walk to the terminal.
  10. shipgeeks

    What to do within walking distance to ship

    Thank you, Drake; snorkel gear will be packed. We are looking forward to our day there.
  11. shipgeeks

    St Kitts

    No, I think that one is a bus or safari bus tour. The railway one is called the "Caribbean Scenic Railway Tour", or similar. It is an old narrow-gauge railway that was built to take sugar cane. MY DH says it might be a bit rough for the little ones; it does some swaying and swinging along the way. I would suggest just reading all the descriptions on your cruise site, and maybe looking up each of the islands on your itinerary, as well, to see what some of the options are.
  12. shipgeeks

    Any noise issues with connecting rooms?

    When we have connecting cabins, we hang a couple of garments on the door; that seems to work well as a muffler, "just in case".
  13. shipgeeks

    St Kitts

    The only tour we have done in St. Kitts is the railway; it was a fun tour. I noticed recently that the price through the cruiseline is about half what the St. Kitts website shows for booking it through a hotel there. So much for the wisdom that cruiseline tours are overpriced! (However, you are right that booking your whole group is going to involve some $$$, regardless.)
  14. shipgeeks

    Aruba day trip

    Your post is in the St. Kitts board. You might want to re-post in Aruba.
  15. shipgeeks

    How early for a flight out of FCO "Rome?"

    If you book your flight through the cruiseline (usually a good idea, pricewise, especially if one way), the earliest available is around 11:30. We have had mid-day flights there. We booked cruiseline transfers, so had priority disembarkation. As mentioned above, the many lines you have to go through at the airport take a lot of time. I would not like to be stressing about not making my flight.