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  1. What are your ports? How far north will you be going?
  2. DH is the best creature comfort I can imagine. I do pack a lot of clothes and shoes. They all go into storage, and doors closed. Other than that, I like as few "things" as possible. Home = clutter. So my ideal cruise cabin would have no tv, towel animals, flowers, bottled beverages, plates of strawberries, spa flyers.
  3. I think most ship dance floors are now quite "grippy", so slick (suede) soles are helpful for dancing. Elsewhere in the ship, floors are clean and smooth, so I would have no fear of damaging good shoes by walking around all evening. The only place I would hesitate to wear them is outside, on pool deck or promenade deck on a foggy or damp evening.
  4. Thank you for the link to the Duval Loop bus! Looks like that will be a good thing for us to start our day with.
  5. It's worth reading about all the excursions offered by RC, just to get an idea of the types of attractions available at each port.
  6. Missy, You can also read about each of your ports on the Ports section of CC, further down the listing that you are on here. Look for Caribbean, and then you will find each port listed separately. Lots of good information. I agree with the others, Grandeur will be an excellent cruise. You can also get information about the Baltimore port here, under East Coast Departures, if you want that. Happy sailing!
  7. If you are in an interior cabin, your television might have a channel that shows the forward view from the ship. Sometimes we leave it on this channel overnight, sound muted, so we get a sense of morning light, and what the weather is. Personally, I prefer an oceanview over a balcony, but an interior is just fine, especially if you are sailing mainly for the ports.
  8. Something just reminded me that we had planned to go to the Cemetery several years ago, but did not. Our interest has been re-kindled. Can any of you tell me anything about it?
  9. If we are sailing from Fort Lauderdale, we book a hotel on 17th Street. After checking in, we walk up to the drawbridge to see whatever ships are in port. If we're there around 5pm, we can usually see one or more depart. That's the fun activity. The practical activity is to buy sunblock, mouthwash, and whatever else we didn't want to pack for the flight, and then have a casual lunch or supper. Snacks in the room, probably early to bed after getting up at 3am. Oh boy, it's finally happening!
  10. Now I see it! It took reading glasses, magnifier, and your mention of crimped area. Thank you; now I know I am good for my next two cruises.
  11. SAS shows their pickup hotels on their website.
  12. Is there any way to know the "use by" date on sunscreen?
  13. Do you know her name now? You have whetted my appetite to know more!
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