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  1. shipgeeks

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    And that's the truth: Time will tell. We, too, are hopeful. Perhaps you are in the same quandry as us, in that flying to the port, and a night in a hotel, are more off-putting than the cruise itself. Do you ever drive to Baltimore to cruise? We have done so for years; however, since taking our MSC cruise last January, we now feel like no other line will really satisfy us. It would be fantastic to have Armonia ported in Baltimore -- as long as she would still go to Ocean Cay!
  2. Gateway Clipper, what a good idea! My favorite summertime cruise substitute. I just checked their website. They are scheduled to begin tomorrow. It's not clear what the spacing requirements, etc. will be, but I am putting this on my wish list.
  3. shipgeeks

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    Longer is always better, IMO. And we were fine with a Bella balcony on Seaside; no interest in Yacht Club.
  4. Interesting development! We have discovered that DH is NOT bald on top! He usually get his hair cut quite short. For several years it seemed that he had virtually no hair on the top of his head. Now that it has all grown out a couple of inches, we can see that he does, in fact, have hair. Not a 6-strand comb-over, but a genuine amount of hair which, when combed, looks just fine. Who would have thought?
  5. Fox, Put them on ebay! I bet some of us who are missing MSC would buy things! rka, a shop like that is exactly what I want. (All those evenings I browsed in the shops aboard and didn't buy...….)
  6. Sadly, I had my last bite of chocolate ship the other day. I need an MSC Store, to buy chocolate, diffusers, fragrance! Anything to help remind me of those good times besides my journal.
  7. OP, many of us have indeed strayed from the question of Cruise to Nowhere by including transatlantic cruises, etc. However, since you use the word "destination", I will answer that at least to us, the ship, and the ocean, are the destination. They are the whole point of cruising, for us, just as a beach, or city, or golf course are the destination for someone else.
  8. I've been telling myself that I won't buy any cruise things til I know I have a cruise coming up. But, yesterday, browsing, I found and bought two dresses: a multi-color cocktail dress, and a pink and green print sundress. Ladies Day and Senior discounts, so how could I not? Sigh....
  9. OP, I agree that seeing the starry sky is indeed magical! We had an experience like yours, on a dark open space, and saw a number of shooting stars, as well as the starry firmament. And one time, DH woke me in the middle of the night to see the thousands of stars visible from our cabin window, in the middle of the Atlantic. Departures are always wonderful, but the one most special to me was our first transatlantic, knowing that we would not see land again for nearly a week. We were scheduled to arrive at the Straits of Gibraltar in daylight. Hundreds of us lined the rails on the top deck for several hours in anticipation. As we drew closer, we could see Europe on the left, and Africa on the right. Looking down into the water, we saw a giant sawfish, hundreds of sunfish, dolphins -- from 14 decks up. Walking the top deck, with the vast sea and sky all around us, in good weather or bad, always brings to mind the word Bliss. And sometimes our fellow humans bring a touch of magic. The mix of nationalities, whether crew or passengers, seems more special on a cruise. I have a picture in my mind of a threesome we saw talking together: an Indian man in a turban, a chic Japanese young lady, and an American man in a Veteran ballcap and loud Hawaiian shirt. At the same time we had met people from Tunisia, Brasil, South Africa, Germany, Italy, India, Mauritius, and more.
  10. Being on a moving (preferably charging rather than "floating") ship is just one of the most magical things I have done in my many years. It just never gets old. Seeing the vastness of the ocean and the sky is Bliss. A transatlantic cruise, 6 or more days without land, is beautiful, regardless of the weather. In my young adult years, I took a freighter across the Pacific; about 4 weeks without a port. I loved it. When I finally found out that cruise ships are more than just bingo and drinking, I started cruising. 29 years later, I still love it. But, like anything else, it is a personal preference. I wouldn't want a golf, gambling, or fishing vacation, but some people love them.
  11. We still see her repositioning to Tampa on November 1, but then there is a gap until she begins sailing from Miami on Dec. 14. I think there is still some fine-tuning to be done!
  12. Jumpsuits can be very nice! (I'm picturing long ones.) I especially like them with loose, flowy legs. Like a dress, a jumpsuit makes it easy to get dressed, no debating which top goes with which bottom. Add shoes, jewelry if you wish, and you're all set.
  13. Feet/shoes are very personal! (One size does not fit all, lol.) My feet would not be able to walk the short distance from bedroom to bathroom in the yoga sandals above; I need a closed heel, and I find the toe thong painful. Growing up when pumps were the only style of shoe suitable for work/church, I was often uncomfortable because they had to be snug enough to not slip off my feet when walking. Now that I'm a senior, I love wearing heels with a strap, closed heel, open sides, closed front or peep toes, and thin flexible soles. I have no trouble spending the entire evening in them, on a cruise; walking around, dinner, dancing, show, more walking around. (Oddly enough, at this moment there is a NewChic ad with similar shoes, although somewhat less dressy!)
  14. For what it's worth, we use a large US online agency. The charges on the credit card bill always show the cruiseline, not the agency, and charged on the date we made the authorization. For final payment, we receive a call or email a week or so before it is due, reminding us that it will happen on the appropriate date. I see that this agency does book P&O; however, we have not done any P&O bookings.
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