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  1. If our limited experience of Meridian would be of any interest to you (see post #32), I would love to hear from you. We were also booked on Eugenio C when she became a Premier ship, but unfortunately, our cruise was cancelled when Premier folded. They were beautiful ships! I just had a look at our Meridian photos. Now to go through my journal, the packet on onboard materials, and then to look up Nicolo Costanzi! Please keep us informed about your book.
  2. I'm finding Sean's popularity refreshing after all the times that pro athletes got lots of votes despite cringe-worthy dancing. At least he has good posture, which as a dancer myself I notice and appreciate. Overall, however, I haven't found a single competitor this season whose dancing I am enjoying. Thank goodness Erin's outfits, and some of the costumes, are worth watching.
  3. On decks 2 and 3, the first few (8 on each side, I believe) oceanview cabins have portholes instead of larger square windows. My deck plans indicate that insides are a bit smaller than oceanviews. In either case, we've greatly enjoyed cabins all the way forward and all the way aft a number of times.
  4. One of the things we really enjoy about cruising is meeting crew from so many different countries, and occasionally being able to have some conversations about their homes and families. I'm wondering, though, if such questions might be considered rude (intrusive) in some cultures. I don't want to overstep my bounds!
  5. Manhattan would be fabulous. Brooklyn or NJ would not be very appealing, IMO.
  6. Maybe I should rephrase my question. We have no children of our own. We would like to cruise without great numbers of kids, (or great numbers of passengers), but we have a conflict with September cruising. I'm just wondering what the demographics might be like in August on a smaller ship like Armonia.
  7. Fields and Selects! Celebrity also stocks London Tea brand.
  8. I know that some will disagree, but since you mentioned budget, I will recommend booking an Inside (or Oceanview) cabin, not a balcony. In Alaska, the prices differences are huge. When we sailed there, we had a balcony, and we only used it once, for an hour or so. We spent every day, all day, out on the upper decks. The scenery in all directions was so worth watching, as well as wildlife in unpredictable directions. The view from a balcony is very limited. It pays to study the ports and excursions. In some ports, you don't need an excursion at all, or you can use a local bus service for just a few dollars.
  9. Here's one American's thought. We sailed on Fred.Olsen Braemar in 2008 when she did a number of cruises out of Miami. I believe we were among 29 Americans on board. We enjoyed being on a smaller, older ship, and we definitely enjoyed the different ambience, food, and entertainment of a British ship. That cruise was to the Caribbean, but we would actually prefer sailing to the US coastal cities mentioned, so if this eventuates, we will be looking to book, as long as prices are fairly comparable. A couple of our fellow American passengers were a bit miffed at the lack of iced tea, and didn't have an interest in participating in the "crackers" provided at the Christmas dinner. I'd hope that advertising, (or posts on CC), will educate potential passengers on some of the differences. Now, my question: Do people tend to dress up more on Marella than on RCI/Carnival/NCL/X?
  10. We're wondering if Armonia is likely to be crowded/full of kids if we sail in August. On the one hand, prices are low, so appealing to families, but on the other hand, not so many big "thrill" features that might appeal to kids and teens. ??
  11. What date is your cruise? Are you aboard now?
  12. Unfortunately, we learned that even traditional dining can have its hazards. We had a ten-top on our last cruise, with the same eight people there each night. Then one night two separate men showed up, sat down. One wife arrived some time later. The following night, four more people -- apparently friends of theirs -- arrived (late). When we were asked to move our chairs closer together so 12 people could fit in, we gave up. We spoke with the AHW, and learned that she had been told our group had invited all the newbies. It has left quite a sour taste to an otherwise wonderful cruise.
  13. And the water from dispensers in the buffets, and your bathroom tap, is fine.
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