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  1. I am more of a newbie than OP. Am I right in thinking one needs a smartphone to use Uber? Can't do with a regular phone? Could our hotel book Uber for us?
  2. Are you sailing with a traveling companion? She/he should have a try (including practice runs). I always do my husband's bowtie; much easier than him doing it himself. Sometimes I have to re-do several times, but so worth it.
  3. And the prices on ChoiceAir make it worth investigating, too. Our one-way flights back from a TA to Rome would have cost us over $4,000 through the airline; we got them for under $700 through ChoiceAir. And you can use it to fly in advance of your cruise.
  4. We've noticed very little price difference between ship excursions and the same ones on the tour websites. For example, in Alaska, a train tour was $100 through the ship, and $99 through the company. Similar on some of the Carib excursions.
  5. Now I'm curious; is there a suggested dress theme -- perhaps Moon White -- for the party?
  6. Lifeboat deck does not go all the way around. Also, there is a change of levels (up or down steps to continue), and the lifeboats block much of the view of the sea while walking. IMO, this is the major downside to Equinox. There is a shorter walking track at the top. However, just about everything about Equinox is tops. Our upcoming cruise will be our third time aboard her, by choice.
  7. We are really enjoying your reviews. DH says to tell you your photos are excellent -- better than the official MSC pictures!
  8. Me too! Any time I find a fabulous one on the bargain rack I know I can always use it.
  9. Add one to Baltimore! Grandeur always sails full; I imagine there is a market for an additional smaller ship there.
  10. Does the topper have its own bag that you are locked into using? When we pack clothes in compression bags, we use the kind that you fill, zip up, then sit on to expel the air through the opposite channel. Would that work? There are some pretty big ones.
  11. On our recent RC cruises the tea brand was London Tea Company. We thought it was very good; we have even tried to purchase it here.
  12. Our TA's website says 154 for OV cabins on deck 3; somewhat larger for the Spacious Oceanview.
  13. The main thing we learned on our AK cruise was that a balcony was not important. We only used ours one time in the 10-night cruise; we spent all our waking hours on the open top decks, seeing the fabulous views in all directions. It was warmer up there in the sun, too, and the $$$ you can save can be used for excursions.
  14. Will be following! Which Holiday Inn Express did you use?
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