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  1. I agree about the Miami traffic! We fly into FL, stay there overnight, and take a shuttle to POM. Last time, our shuttle driver called us on cruise day, asked if we could be ready 20 minutes earlier than booked (Yes!), as there was a traffic problem. It was so nice to let him find an alternate route, deal with all the bypasses, and get us right to the luggage drop while we relaxed. Easy checkin from there, and a good start to a wonderful cruise. At the end of the cruise, we just called him as we headed to Customs, and he was there a few minutes later. But even with that all figured out, we, too, prefer to sail from FL. However, whatever it takes to be on MSC, we will do.
  2. I just realized, if I wear a face mask when I go into a store, nobody will know if I have lipstick and blush on, lol. I will be experimenting with square/oblong scarves. I tried an infinity scarf; I just couldn't get the face loop to stay in place. Maybe Wild West bank robber bandana-style will work.
  3. My MSC cruises, past and future. January on Seaside was great: warm and gracious officers and crew; beautiful ship inside and out; Ocean Cay; sticky buns, pizza, merengues, curries; meeting and talking with people from Italy, Germany, South Africa, Mauritius, Brasil. Our weeks on Armonia, intended to be this month, are not to be. And now I'm missing all the posts that used to appear here: "Are there any foods that Americans can eat?"; "Do the men wear Speedos?"; "Does anyone dress up?"; "Is there a Margaritaville on Ocean Cay?" (okay, I made that one up). I miss even the ones I disagreed with ("the crew are so unfriendly"), and the ones I don't care about (beverage packages, ports). Can we resurrect some of those posts, even if we don't have an MSC cruise in the immediate future? What did you most enjoy discussing a few short months ago?
  4. With time to think Deep Thoughts, it is occurring to me that maybe DH and I are better prepared to weather this quarantine, at least supply-wise. When we were kids, our parents always had a fallout shelter, stocked with survival foods and goods. As a young adult, the stores where I lived were only open 9-5 on weekdays and 9-noon on Saturdays, so I had to have a stock of food and other products. If I ran out of cheese or toilet paper, too bad. I guess I always assumed that everyone kept a "stock" of basics, but apparently not. Cars, 24-hour supermarkets, eating out on a regular basis, and delivery services have changed things.
  5. Can you post this on the MSC, Costa, and other boards? Very well worth viewing.
  6. Thank you, I later realized I should play the second one. Will do that as soon as the current music is done!
  7. Please keep these wonderful pictures coming! I am starving for some MSC!
  8. Judyrem, Some background on the song, for those who don't speak Italian? Thank you!
  9. Gotta, I love your idea of using good dishes, etc. One plate or glass is as easy to clean up as another, and you are right, it's refreshing to see a different and nice table. I just turned the calendars over, and realized that April now has no cruise, no Easter dinner, no Gallery Crawl, no dance recital. But I will at least set a nice table for DH and self at Easter. Maybe I don't have to order new towels and shower curtains, to vary my everyday view, after all.
  10. Thank goodness CC did not crash from overload while this was happening.
  11. And the ad that just came in at the bottom of my page is for Reese's OVERLOAD Waffle Cone!
  12. Wouldn't it be interesting to know how many of us are following this on CC right now?
  13. IMO, the only advantage to staying onboard during a port day is the lack of crowds onboard. It's still not the same, nor as nice, as being at sea, on a moving ship.
  14. TCM is screening old movies most of today (Monday, 3-30) with a theme of stories set on ocean liners and cruise ships. We just decided we don't really need groceries.
  15. Once you have some thoughts about what might work best for you, I would suggest checking out your local thrift stores. We've bought some in excellent condition for around $10.
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