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  1. Thank you. Sitting on the bed is not going to happen, so if I were to sail on a Pinnacle ship, I am interested in the positioning of the TV.
  2. I'm not seeing it, Roz. I see a picture of the window, taken from the outside, and another picture of the window looking out. The first right hand pic is of the bed. But thanks for trying.
  3. I checked out the pics of 11058 (thanks for the link) and did not see a TV. Where is it located? I like that it's not across from the foot of the bed, but hope it's in a spot where someone can watch it. Thanks.
  4. If this is a trend, then you can bet the cruise budget that the governor will tighten up on restrictions again. She's serious about keeping covid under control. I want to be able to get out of here eventually, too (and not in a body bag).
  5. Clearly, you don't recognize 'offensive' when you see it, or even when told by two posters that they found what was said offensive.
  6. If? IF??? A real apology would not use the word "if". It would say "...THAT I upset or caused offense." See the difference? It's not always what someone says, it's how they say it that matters. What you said WAS offensive. No 'if' about it.
  7. Just read "The Daily for (day and date)", which is posted every day. The list of where the ships are, including the freighter transporting the luggage from the Amsterdam's World Cruise is there.
  8. The musicians in the Explorers Lounge end very early in the evening. At least by 10:00 PM. And their music, and the audience, are not loud.
  9. They close around 11:00 PM. There is constant traffic by them right up until about that time, as the show lets out just before. The traffic is not normally too loud, but there are times it is. Also, it is just across the way from The Mix, which can also get loud.
  10. In addition to what Kazu suggested, I would also look on Veranda Deck port side, over the Hudson Room, and aft of that. You would be over a meeting room, the library and computer rooms, and the Microsoft Studio, and all are quiet, especially at night. Over the dining room should be quiet, too, unless possibly you go to bed very early.
  11. Considering the covid-19 situation, and that there seems to be no significant progress to subdue it world-wide, I don't know that I even can realistically expect to cruise again. My two booked cruises, for October '20 and August '21 have both been canceled by HAL, and I wasn't sure the August '21 cruise was going to be viable for me anyway. I fully expect it is going to take at least until the fall of '21 before I would consider cruising, and then there would have to be a decent itinerary to get me aboard.
  12. You can contact Oceania and ask that they not send you those brochures. I did, and found them quite responsive. The brochures stopped coming shortly after I made the request. After my cruise on them I decided that line was a 'one and done' experience.
  13. Thanks for the alert. Will do. I was booked on the Rotterdam for the unusual New England/ Canada cruise that went to Newfoundland, and over to Greenland before turning around. I saw on a link that the ordinary New England/Canada cruise was considered the alternative. It is not. Since the letter I received noted that my booking was 'canceled' and not 'moved' or 'transferred' (or similar), it never crossed my mind to check.
  14. Cherie, from what I know of Fred. Olsen Cruise Line (not all that much), any redecorating would likely be tasteful and acceptable to me. After all, it's not my home, so I just have to live with it for a short while. It's the atmosphere and culture on board that would matter more, and I think that would be a good fit for me---again, from what I know.
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