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  1. I wish I could be so positive. Canceled over $1500 of Cruise Planner purchases on May 16th. Still waiting....
  2. Canceled over $1500 in Cruise Planner purchases on May 16th before requesting a Lift and Shift for two cabins. Still waiting on refunds.
  3. Thank you all, that was exactly the type of information I was looking for. I appreciate all the responses. 😄
  4. Hello! For those of you doing the Lift and Shift, are you cancelling your Cruise Planner purchases prior to moving your reservation? Or, asking the agent to refund at the time of change? After a family discussion we have decided to shift our cruise in November to next year. This is the first for the kids and our granddaughter, plus my health issues, so we want to make sure it's a good experience for everyone. Anyway, I was thinking it might be best to cancel the pre-cruise purchases then move the bookings. Anyone had any issues one way or the other? Thank you for any feedback. 😊
  5. That would definitely resolve the issue, just not sure how cost prohibitive that might be. But, technology like this is getting cheaper all the time.
  6. Then maybe provide some other type of card, piece of paper, whatever, that can be scanned at the muster station. However, then the problem will be those individuals that give all their cards to one person to go down and check-in so they don't have to leave the bar, pool, buffet, etc. On Symphony in December our station was at Cafe Promenade and it was packed. I'm all of 5'1" and couldn't see a thing. Everybody was pretty much talking and couldn't hear a thing either. I would like to just have one in the room, but that is just my preference....
  7. That area is a bit south of us but I know exactly where you are talking about. I call it Four Corners as well because Paulding, Cobb, Bartow, and Cherokee all come together. We live in Paulding, but the Bartow County line is not too far out the back of our property. The road we drive out of the subdivision to get to Cobb Pkwy, we start in Paulding, hit a stretch of Bartow, and then finally Cobb. It's a beautiful area but building up. We moved up here from the Orlando area. Address was actually Davenport, but we were east of I-4 and what used to be Baseball City. DH worked for the Mouse and I drove to Lakeland every day. Prior to the job in Lakeland, worked at an office not to far from the airport off of Semoran. Highway 27 and that area started to build up before we left. I don't even recognize now.
  8. Probably better than the 'We Bare All' billboards up and down I-75 around Micanopy.
  9. We live OTP. NW of Smyrna, NW of the Big Chicken, and even NW of the Kennesaw Battlefield....
  10. Assuming Kindergirl is making the drive from Sarasota to TPA right now. Fingers crossed!!
  11. L and R are Left and R and I think the numbers are compass headings. I didn't retain a lot apparently from my pilot dad 😄
  12. First time ever posting on the HAL board. Heck, I haven't even been here until last week, I usually sail Princess, Royal, or Carnival. But, had read the story of Amsterdam going to Australia and the passengers were going to be 'kicked off' the ship half way around the world. Well, that's the media for you for one thing. But, I know that HAL caters to the more experienced age group and it was concerning, all those poor people, it didn't sound quite right. Luckily, I knew exactly where to go 😄 I was looking for a general thread on the topic when the title of this one caught my eye. Because you know, that was kinda my question. Although I sympathize with the ordeal that @Kindergirl must be going through, as well as others that are posting their stories, I have completely enjoyed this thread. No, not the misfortune and absolute hell those on the GWV must be going through to get home. But, the kindness, compassion, sense of community from all the posters and two absolute angels ( @Copper10-8 and @cccole ) that are willing to help strangers. @Kindergirl I am so glad your parents are on their way home and will have such a wonderful welcoming committee at LAX. You can bet this will be the first thing I will want to read in the morning. Safe travels and good night to all. Take care! 😊
  13. It's ok to be worried, just no need to panic. Since you have been out of town, more than likely you did not have an opportunity to stock up on any item prior to sailing. If your DIL has been doing this for you while out of town, well, bless her heart, for one thing. But, either she or another family member can just leave those items outside the door for you to grab once she has left the area. You may need to take advantage of places like Instacart and Amazon to get additional food items in the house. They are also implementing policies to just leave items at the door, no need to sign. Unfortunately, a big issue is toilet paper since everyone felt the need to stockpile enough for a year it seems. For the pup, Chewy is an excellent source for pet food and delivery is usually very quick. Just relax, take a breath, and try not to get too overwhelmed. Very easy to do with all the media reporting. You got this! 😊
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