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  1. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I've been off the boards for about 1-1/2 years because of a move that took us across the country so we haven't, until just recently, been able to take time out to cruise. Keeping Carnival Corp. stock, for us, was for no other reason that for the cruise OBCs so no real reason to follow closely.
  2. I used to book all of my cruises directly with the cruise lines. I found a price I liked and accepted any OBC and bennies in the offer. I always preferred doing it "My Way" because I enjoy being in control of all my bookings. Then a friend told me about an agent that he uses on line. I did my usual research, picked the cabin I wanted and then did a simple email to the agent and within 15 minutes she booked it at a lower rate than the cruise line offered and added more OBC to my booking. But what really sold me on her service was the time I had to cancel a cruise worth several thousands of dollars and it was past final payment. She went to bat for me and I was able to get 100% of our money back minus the insurance paid for the trip. She did 100% of the work for us. I can't say another private TA would be able to do the same or would even put out the effort and I'm pretty sure a Carnival PVP agent wouldn't. I admit I did have only one bad experience with a TA who messed up on a booking but it was his last time to mess up with me. I am glad that I gave a second TA a chance and not remained stubborn thinking I could always do better for myself. Hubby will be retiring soon and we plan on spending a lot of retirement time on cruising so the agent who went out of her way to help us out with that cancellation will always get our business.
  3. How long is the "open window" to apply for the on board credit before your cruise? We've cruised with most Carnival Corporation cruise lines and have owned CC stock for 7+ years but can never really know when is the earliest we can submit the owner's stock info. A person could buy the stock, apply for credit with CC and then sell the stock before their cruise if the open window was too far out. BTW, I do believe one of the reasons for the lowered stock price was because of the law suit against Carnival Corp. for the garbage dumping claim against Princess a couple years back. They lost the suit earlier this year. I haven't paid close attention to it so my timing might be off a bit.
  4. I swear by my "Coffee naps." (Google it) Drink a cup of coffee in the afternoon and immediately take a nap. There is a chemistry that creates a 20 minute "power nap." You wake up and feel re-charged and ready to go for several hours after. I learned about it when I used to have to drive two 10-hour days between homes. When I began to feel drowsy I would pull over and drink a cup of coffee, make my seat back horizontal and sure enough, wake up totally refreshed 20 minutes later. Anything longer than that would make you sluggish for several hours.
  5. what about two people in the cabin with C-paps? Any special accommodations for two outlets needed?
  6. Not new to cruising, only new to Carnival. I'm in the process of booking a September cruise and not sure if I should go with the Carnival insurance or another one. Any suggestions and please let me know why you chose it.
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