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  1. I am sorry you are having the same issues I had with the internet connection on the ship. I went to the Internet café during my second cruise to talk to the person in charge of VOOM. I explained my issues and told him I felt it was because I was on deck 2. He suggested that when I sign in to VOOM that I open the cabin door and stand by the hall until the tablet/laptop/phone "grabs" the connection. This did help me. Also, I had to do this multiple times when I lost the connection. He told me his cabin was on deck 1 and this worked for him. We had a friendly conversation. I told him that every time I hear John Blair talk about the internet and he describes it as the fastest internet at sea-- I laugh. What a joke. . . he just smiled. 😀
  2. We di this ship tour couple of years ago. We had gone to Dunn River Falls our first tiem there. But, we wanted to see some of Falmouth. The tour was very safe. It was led by 2 women. One was in the lead and the other brought up the rear. The one thing I remember was them asking us to watch out for cars. And they were not kidding. Cars did not watch out for pedestrians. There is a shopping area [several tents] just outside the gate. They shopping there was much better in price than in the port. It was literally across the street from the port entrance.
  3. Wow! That is a sparse crowd. We had almost every seat full for our cruise. I hope the weather smooths out for you.
  4. I would ask your dinner waiter. They all work the MDR or in the windjammer for breakfast, too. . . Or ask the head waiter as they walk around. If they do not know they will find out for you. I always loved the little savory bites they used to serve in the MDR. [mini hard bread rolls with poppy seeds] I casually mentioned this to the assistant waiter as he passed out bread. EVERY night from then [20 days] I got savory bites for dinner. I could not believe it.
  5. It was the next to last day, a sea day. It is not a new thing. I have had the chocolate breakfast before. I can't tell you if it is unique to Grandeur. We have been on Grandeur 7 times. I don't remember if the other times were on Grandeur or other ships.
  6. Thanks, we enjoyed our cruise. We got back to 55 foggy degrees here in Baltimore. Back to the real world. H2Oskibum--have a good cruise.
  7. Thanks for doing this live report. When I get home and wish I was onboard ---I can live vicariously through your cruise. 😁
  8. I am glad it is working out for you. The paper straws were a hot topic among cruisers the first few days of the cruise. We have all made our peace with them one way or another. I agree that this is a first world problem. Life is pretty good if this is what you worry about.
  9. There is a 6 day Western Caribbean cruise right after the one we booked. DH says he does not love that itinerary. [I will have to work on him] I would have considered the cruise before the one we booked to make it a B2B. The same itinerary in reverse. But, it leaves Bayonne, NJ and goes to Quebec City. Then our cruise goes from Quebec City to Ft. Lauderdale. That combination would violate the PVSA. [I think I have the initials right] That is a law that says ships can't take passengers from one US port to a DIFFERENT US port unless you visit a distant foreign port. To do this ships need to be registered in the US and must abide by all US laws. [Labor laws, hours worked, minimum wage, etc]. To my knowledge only the Pride of America fits in this category. [of the major cruise lines] It sails in Hawaii. Nothing in North America qualifies as a distant port. Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire are the closest porst that qualify. I know a B2B is 2 separate cruises. But, they only look at where you started and where you end. In this case Bayonne to Ft. Lauderdale would be a no go.
  10. FYI--those you on the Grandeur cruise that leaves tomorrow. I hope you have packed at least a couple of long sleeve shirts. The sea days going and coming will be cool and windy, even if it is sunny. Also, Bermuda is on the same latitude as North Carolina. So it can still be chilly in April. Not trying to be negative--just giving a heads up. Have a great cruise. Bermuda and Charleston are such great places to visit.
  11. Dh and I can not believe that our 21 days are almost over. We have love, love loved our cruise. We can't believe what great weather we had. We had a couple of rainy spells--but, never a whole day. I think we are ready to get back and check on our family and friends. We booked another cruise for this fall yesterday. It is known as the Snowbird Migration cruise. It leaves Quebec City on Oct 7, 2019 and goes to Ft. Lauderdale. Many passengers from Canada use it as a means of getting to their winter homes. We have been looking at that one for awhile. We should have booked it sooner. It is almost sold out and we are back to an oceanview cabin. [all that is left] It is a 13 day cruise. I told DH that was just too short. 😁
  12. Today is our last sea day. It is a beautiful sunny day, but windy and too cold for me to be outside. There are some beside the pool and a couple of brave souls that have gotten in. . . but not many. There are lots of indoor activities. There was a sale on t-shirts and other things this morning at 10 am. They were 2 for $20. You would have thought they were giving them away with the number some cruisers bought. I, on the other hand, bought some rum cake for my mother and a couple of bottles of liquor for myself. Neither were on sale. Beats a t-shirt any day. There was a special ceremony for veterans at noon. At 1pm there was a Grandeur fair in the centrum. [Games and prizes] We went to lunch at this time so I can't give you any details. There was a special going away cake in the windjammer. There will be a parade of all of the flags represented by the crew this evening. The casino and shops will close at 8pm tonight when we get a certain distance from the Chesapeake Bay. There is a late night comedy show to keep everyone busy.
  13. They had the special anniversary cakes in the MDR again tonight. So I guess they will be having them on each cruise. Here is the picture from before. Very festive!
  14. Yes, it is only in the Main Dining Room and only on one morning. My experience has been it is on one of the last sea days. They still serve the regular eggs, bacon, etc. However, the right hand side of the menu is all about chocolate. 😁
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