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  1. DragonOfTheSeas

    Grandeur of the Seas

    No issue. 🙂 You always give lots of good information. I like reading your posts.
  2. DragonOfTheSeas

    Grandeur of the Seas

    We have sailed on Grandeur several times. . . and we have a B2B scheduled for this spring. So, we like the ship. We enjoy reading, sitting on our balcony watching the sea and walking on the track. However, I disagree that GOTS has plenty of "Stuff," and certainly not as much as Enchantment. I am sorry Enchantment left Baltimore. She has an additional nightclub [Boleros] and a much larger pool deck with a nice bar on the side behind glass so you can enjoy the view without the wind at night. It is a nice place to be at sunset. I feel the staff varies. We have sailed the GOTS when most crew were in the middle of their contracts and things went well. On a couple of other cruises everyone seemed new and the cruise service suffered. This seems to happen when RCL has a new ship and they take many of the more experienced [and better] crew to staff it. I am glad to hear the VOOM has improved. We will be on her for 21 days and will need to check in with family/older relatives.
  3. DragonOfTheSeas

    Grandeur of the Seas

    It is a very small ship. There is not much room to add anything.
  4. DragonOfTheSeas

    Labadee Picnic

    If you get to the buffet early there is plenty. After awhile they need to refill the serving trays and there is often a wait--or they run out. Also, I do not like the flies around the food. They last few times DH and I wait to eat until around 2ish and just return to the ship. Better food and we miss the rush to get back onboard.
  5. DragonOfTheSeas

    LIVE from ROME! November 1-5, 2018

    Yes, we were very pleased. We were able to see so much more with that tour. .. . and it was our final day. We were glad to not do as much walking. Have a great trip. 🙂
  6. DragonOfTheSeas

    Need Help Regarding Pre-Cruise Hotels, Transportation, Tours in Rome

    Sorry--I posted this on the other thread. I was not paying attention to what I was doing. 🙂 This site may help you. This is where we booked. http://www.museivaticani.va/content/museivaticani/en/visita-i-musei/scegli-la-visita/visitatori-singoli.html
  7. DragonOfTheSeas

    LIVE from ROME! November 1-5, 2018

    Irina: Have a great visit!. . . Agnes October 23, 2010 8,115 posts virginia Report post #82 Posted 1 minute ago This site may help you. This is where we booked. http://www.museivaticani.va/content/museivaticani/en/visita-i-musei/scegli-la-visita/visitatori-singoli.html
  8. DragonOfTheSeas

    LIVE from ROME! November 1-5, 2018

    Sorry duplicate post
  9. DragonOfTheSeas

    9 Night Caribbean Demographics

    I would pick the ABC island cruise. Those are excellent ports. Does your group like to snorkel? Bonaire is one of the best places to do this in the world. If you book this sign up for a snorkel catamaran tour with Woodwind. They only take 20 people at a time. They are so professional. I liked the fact they provided us with wet suit tops so we did not get burned on our backs and they have snorkel masks in various eyeglass prescriptions. They also send a professional photographer with you to take pics of the whole trip. If you want thumb drive--fine. If not, they only mention it once and not again.
  10. We were a little concerned before our first TA, too. But, we LOVED it. You get into a calm and relaxed mind set when you have a string of sea days. We have done 4 of them. We did the Harmony of the Seas TA. We liked having all those days to do all of the activities, etc on the ship. We had time to do everything. You are correct that there were lots of D. D+, Ps onboard. . . . and we did not love that. A couple venues were used when I wanted to use them. But, we still enjoyed the cruise a great deal. Barcelona is a good port to embark. Try it and see if you like it.
  11. DragonOfTheSeas

    Is Specialty Dining Goin' Beggin'???

    On our TA aboard the Jewel last month we decided to eat at Giovanni's on night 8. We are D+ and could have had a BOGO on the first 2 nights--but, we wanted to have a simple dining experience those nights. When we went to the restaurant in the afternoon to see if they had any times open. She said yes and we signed up and she quoted the typical price. Then I asked if they had a current special price. Imagine my surprise when she said yes it as 50% off. If I had not asked I would have paid full price. . . . and 50% off is a huge deal. The food and service were good. . . . So, always ask for a discount even if they have quoted a higher price.
  12. DragonOfTheSeas

    New Cruiser Needing Help on excursion company

    I had alive thread on my trip to Rome. On page 2 a woman asked about how to see the most possible on a shore day. I described what to do and a few others refined the advice. Are you willing to do this on your own? You could do this for around 200 euro for the 2 of you. Timed Colosseum tickets with an audio guide are 20 euro/person. This are good for the Palantine Hill and Forum, too.
  13. DragonOfTheSeas

    Specialty Restaurant

    We did specialty dining a couple of nights ago. We did not like what was on the MDR menu and wanted something different. We went by Giovanni's and asked about availability. We asked if there was any special going on for the price. The hostess called someone and asked if there was still a special. He said yes and we got it 50% off each meal. If I had not asked we would have paid full price. So the next time you book--ask! edit: there was no advertisement of any special.
  14. DragonOfTheSeas

    Jewel Nov 5th TA

    I have not found the internet to be very good. As Bob says it varies. In the early morning it seems OK. Later in the day when others are on it is very slooooow.
  15. DragonOfTheSeas

    LIVE from ROME! November 1-5, 2018

    Thanks for mentioning this. . . I agree anything that saves time is important to Erby.