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  1. Yes, that has been our experience also.
  2. Statement credit is based on a single charge to the card to Princess. You have to exceed 4000 charge to receive the 2 percent credit. There are lower percentage credits available at lower charge amounts.
  3. Tried using a 2019 expiration date recently. Denied. Embarrassing. Use proper coupons.
  4. Yes, a better deal than the bogo, and Princess guarantees their top line sales. Win win for many.
  5. I'm thinking those are all mini suites or full suites, not premium balcony?
  6. My guess is that the "replacement" is in the form of a discounted PBP thru programs such as the BSE package. Passengers get a reduced package price and Princess locks in top line sales.
  7. Steve was great lasstime we were on Grand. He attended the cc meet and greet and shut down a couple of notorious complainers with honest answers and explanations. We are happy to hear he will be on for a few months.
  8. Alaska was there with pricing, but now gone also.
  9. Excited to read all about it! Thanks for doing this Keith.
  10. Looks great so far. Thanks for doing the live!
  11. Respectfully disagree. Mimosa breakfast far superior in our experience. Much more private and food preparation exceptional. .
  12. When did they start a 14day? I have been on a 12 day, but don't remember seeing a 14??
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