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  1. Hi DW, great photos!😀 thanks for sharing them!
  2. Hi girls, I must say I am loving my George Foreman grill!.........I have used it at least 4 times and tonight I grilled fish----less than 5 minutes and it was perfect😀........one of my better purchases for sure!
  3. Hi Kat, I have reached out and an updated news account came out........she is not seeing anyone in the public "live"........the event will be live streamed on my favorite news station so maybe I will watch it that way. It says there are no planned public appearances scheduled.
  4. Hi girls, well, I have a few things this week. Tuesday morning is my follow up with the GI Specialist who treated me in the hospital. Wednesday I am having lunch with a good friend that I used to work with. And tomorrow.......Well, Kamala Harris is coming here and I have been trying to find out about it but none of the local news stations have updated information about it. I would love to go see her. And the MOST important thing I am doing this week? We have early in person VOTING starting tomorrow!
  5. Hi Terry, this coming week? I have a follow up Dr appt with the GI Specialist who treated me in the hospital......that is Tuesday. Tomorrow? Well, to be honest, Kamala is coming here and I am trying to find out any information and if I could go see her but it seems none of the local news stations have any updated information about times and who is invited, etc......... And my most important thing to do this week? VOTING EARLY! Florida has early in person voting starting tomorrow!
  6. I love the Water Taxi and have done it multiple times over the years🙂. It is one of the things I look forward to whenever I cruise out of Port Everglades, pre-cruise.
  7. I thought it was spring forward, FALL BACKWARDS.........the clocks go back..........
  8. Randy, your post is spot on........things could have been so vastly different but as the time goes on, everything gets worse....it is as if we have 2 different countries. In my opinion, anyway.......1/4 of the people (well, almost 1/2) think nothing is wrong.....while the other part knows how wrong things are------it is really a sad, sad situation. 17 more days.........
  9. Hi Debbie, ahhhh...ok........I probably would not be eligible due to multiple underlying health issues. Hope everything works out well!
  10. Nov 1st?...........the only day I really care about this year is TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd!!!!!
  11. Sending you my heartfelt condolences and thank you for the post.
  12. And for me, Jan 1st was the first day of retirement......what is that saying? It is the first day of the rest of your life...... What life?.........3 hospital visits...........😟 ahhhh.........the not so good memories.
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