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  1. I am not a picture taker...…..I was years ago but lately (say the last 3/4 cruises) I just never took any and so I don't want to promise something I cannot deliver. I am hoping my arrival goes smoothly and maybe I will have time to eat and see the show without any major issues
  2. Thanks for the tip. I appreciate it. So either way, I am going to be in a more rushed state than not...……..oh well. Maybe not "rushed to the max" but I will have to get to the hotel, shower, change and leave in a much quicker state of mind than I was thinking to begin with.
  3. Hi Lenny, will do...…..and I would love to do that too. Oh, If I had planned this whole thing a bit better, I would have flown up 2 days early, rather than just one. But it is what it is...…..I am sure I will end up having a good visit and a good cruise too.
  4. Hi Lenny, funny...…….Lois R up there too.....I bet we don't have the same last name though.
  5. Good morning and Happy Friday to all of you. Jeff, that pizza looks FANTASTIC
  6. Good morning, thank you for the suggestion but eating that late won't do it for me....I am sure there are plenty of folks who eat in those very late hours but I am not one of them. I will figure something out and as mentioned, If I need to eat at the hotel to give myself some "relaxing time" it will be worth it to me. The show starts at 7. I don't know how long it lasts but I have a feeling after traveling all day all I will want to do after it is go back to the hotel.
  7. That is part of the problem...…...my flight gets in at 2:15...….it will probably take at least an hour to get my luggage, a cab and get to the hotel...…..so say 3:30---3:45..…(it is now almost 4:00). Get to the hotel, take a shower, change clothes....go to dinner.....I didn't think this was going to be so tight (time frame wise). I may just stay at the hotel and won't have to rush to go anywhere...…...the Concierge at the hotel can call me a cab to see the show. The hotel has multiple places to eat on site. Even to get to the Tavern for an early dinner will be sort of a rush.
  8. Hi Bonnie, I have a question as well. I put in a bid for my upcoming cruise (I sail on April 10th). Is someone from Azamara going to email me back as to whether they accepted my bid or not?
  9. Hi Lenny, let me ask another question.....(will I ever stop asking LOL)…….I was looking at a map and it seems like it would be quick walk from my hotel to the Tavern. Do you think I could just go without a reservation and have time to eat and then catch a cab to the show?
  10. Hi Lenny, thanks for the tips This forum is the best! I will google them and see what looks good. I just didn't think about the timing until recently and to get to the hotel and then have to rush out for dinner? Just not something I want to do......
  11. Thanks for your input. I am going to cancel my dinner reservation and just eat something at the hotel or close by. Rushing has no appeal to me at all. After all my questions and everyone being so helpful.......oh well. I want to be able to relax a bit before seeing the show. Thank you again.
  12. Hi again folks...……..I just realized my flight arrives at 2:15...…...I am guessing it will take at least an hour to get my bag and get a taxi to the hotel. I am staying down by the 9/11 Museum. I have a 4:45 dinner reservation...…….for those of you who know the area, is this whole time thing going to be a "Big Rush"? Would I be better off just eating dinner much closer to the hotel and then get a cab to the show? I am staying at The BEEKMAN and have dinner reservations at Gallagher's. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated. I fly to NY 3 weeks from TODAY
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