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  1. Good morning🙂. I actually booked one long cruise for 15 nights.....there are 2 legs but I got a fantastic price on the long one. The first leg is 7 nights....the 7th night is in Barbados......and then the last 8 nights go back north to Ft. Lauderdale. So you can pick and choose😀.....I chose 15.
  2. Hi I thought so too. I actually thought she would just stay in Europe and have her Inaugural on April 1 from Lisbon😃sailing to Barcelona as scheduled
  3. Some of the cruise lines do offer testing on embarkation day.
  4. They haven't updated everything yet. But the Dawn is there starting on April 1st, 2022 out of Lisbon.
  5. I ended up booking something else so won't be needing the room. Maybe another time🙂
  6. Cynthia, what dates are you sailing? I will be in the Caribbean at the same time😀
  7. Thank you🙂. I took the opposite view and when the spring of this year came around I said when cruising re-starts I am going. As for accepting the changes? It is really the one thing life that always happens.....change. Of course, not as much as when there is a world pandemic happening, I grant you that. And I know I don't have any control over those things........I can control if I sail or not but not all the other "stuff"......and I love being on the water (more than being home LOL). You know I went on The Moon in July and honestly, it is like the outside world was "Outside".......even with protocols in place on the ship? It brought me so much joy😀......and joy on the Muse and I am sure it will bring me joy on this cruise too.
  8. Hi,🙂 I understood.......that is why I mentioned it in my reply............and you are right, originally Greece was going to be "Ship excursions only" but then the restrictions were lifted. So maybe they will be lifted for our sailing......we still have 2 weeks to go. I wasn't trying to be smart.......I just think the cruise lines are basically in the dark sometimes as well....maybe I am in the minority but I will give them the benefit of the doubt......these new normal times seem to make it difficult on everyone.
  9. Hi,🙂 that is what I did as well. I had so many issues trying to find a CVS or Walgreens that offer an Antigen Rapid Test......and when I did find one, the timing didn't work either. When I found this Urgent Care Facility and was able to make an appt without any issues? Feels so much better👍. And yes, they accept insurance too.
  10. Hi Debbie, wishing you a BIG BON VOYAGE😀....and of course happy to know you had a negative test😀 I think you sail tomorrow..........smooth sailing and fair seas!😀
  11. Good afternoon, not really. You are upset about the changes and I can understand......but that does not mean I agree. I am just taking it as it comes.......fortunately for me I had a large OBC and will be using much of it for excursions. But even if I didn't, this is the "new normal" and realizing changes will be part of that "new"....I am really just happy to be back on board the ship😀
  12. Good morning, you said you don't get it when it comes to the bagel........in that case I can explain...... You either "get it or you don't". I have been raised on them since I was old enough to eat LOL......part of my upbringing😀. LOVE them and am sad that they have so many carbs in them I rarely eat them anymore😟.........as for the cream cheese----LOVE it too.......bagels, lox (smoked salmon) and cream cheese have always been part of my life.
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