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  1. Hi, nope...not rubbing anything...…..I have a 9:30 appt with him tomorrow morning so will find out more then..... I certainly hope it is nothing serious.
  2. Do any of you know about scar tissue while healing? When I got out of the shower this morning and carefully dried off it seems I felt a sort of hard spot near the area that was cut. First time I had felt something and thought it was weird. I called the Dr this morning about it and will go see him tomorrow. Hoping that is all it is..
  3. I prefer to find a seat at the bar. (but that is just me).
  4. Good morning.....cute Mysty Well, I found out we get Christmas bonuses this week....it will be my last one--after the surgery and all that, I still need to have my eye on the prize (besides my health of course) 3 weeks left for me
  5. Hi, I have sailed Silversea twice with 2 more booked with them...loved both I have not sailed Oceania. I would say to post the question on those individual forums as you will get answers from those folks who have sailed with each line on a regular basis. The positive for me? I love the small size---the service has been fantastic, food exceptional, overall ambiance of it......love SS....the minuses? Can't think of any right now Sailing with them next month! Can't wait!
  6. Maybe one day we will finally meet and have that meal together
  7. Hi Terry, they a not my Badgers-----I just have never been an Ohio State fan and so whoever is playing them? That is who I am rooting for. Yes, I saw some of the game but fell asleep before it was over. By the 2nd 1/2 I could not stay awake. Normally I would have but in this case my body was telling me to lay down so the tiredness took over. I did see the SEC Championship game though......love LSU
  8. Hi friends, Mysty, "The Greatest Star" I went out yesterday to run a few errands.....I keep forgetting how my body is still recovering and was exhausted Today I will just relax. I keep wondering how long it is going to take for me to fully heal but I guess there really is no definite answer on that one.
  9. Sounds good for sure The healing process? THAT is going to be a lengthy process (from what I am experiencing). I will just have to slow things down.....Getting out of the shower, getting dressed, etc......that whole process is now at a slower pace. If I try to go at a normal pace, it makes the area hurt so why do something that will cause me to have more pain?
  10. Hi girls....oh, he did tell me he was going to cut an extra area....and it must have been that area that is part of the pathology report. Thank you for that information
  11. Good morning friends......Happy Saturday. Hi Denny, good to see you again Today is a wonderful day for football fans---looking forward to seeing LSU-GA...…..GO TIGERS
  12. Hi Sharon, you are so kind for asking. I am sore and today especially tired but that is probably because of working 3 days in a row after being off. No timeframe on this part of the healing process. I will be relaxing this weekend. My sister brought up a good point---the pathology report came back all clear so now I have to wonder if there was ever cancer there to begin with?....I will call the Dr next week to make sure I know all the correct information.
  13. Hi, everyone has their own way of packing. I travel solo and I bring one checked bag and 1 carry on. Everything fits for a 7 night cruise in both without any issues. My checked bag is 25in so not "giant"....the carry on is a 21 inch. Hope you have a fun cruise
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