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  1. I went to the grocery store this morning and there were plenty of folks wearing masks with some not wearing them as well. For you gals who live near a PUBLIX...that is where I shop. They have put up those shields in front of the cashiers and also put lines down on the floor so you are standing 6 feet apart at the check out lines.
  2. Hi Roma, so glad to know you are home now!. We have all been thinking of you! Sounds like it was definitely a long journey and wishing you all the best!!!!
  3. Good morning....just wanted to throw this out there. A company in California called "Sanctuary" makes clothing and they are making masks....google them. They make a pack of 5 for 28.00 and part of the profits go to local charities. I decided to order a pack. They haven't arrived yet but just thought maybe it would give some of us a pause for the cause
  4. Good morning, there is a company in California called "Sanctuary"...….locally owned business who make clothing and they are making masks......google it. They sell a pack of 5 for 28.00 and part of the money goes to local charities----I decided to order a pack. Haven't received them yet but a very good cause.
  5. I don't know......I have a cruise booked for Sept but haven't counted lately...…I wonder if things will be sailing at that time.
  6. quote: "The good thing is that we are all in this together" Echo.....….echo...…...echo.....a truer statement was never made. And we need to remember it.
  7. Hi girls, hope all of you are doing ok! One of my longtime friends made a bunch of masks so she mailed me one. I need to go to the grocery store tomorrow morning so will be using it! We are really good friends but quite opposite in terms of hobbies....I don't sew...….I can sew a button, she can make the entire outfit LOL. We are also under the stay at home order.....I have been trying to walk for about 30 minutes every day (around my complex). But this week I should have been on my TA crossing...…….it would have been day 4...…...oh well.
  8. I need to go to the grocery store tomorrow morning....when it was "normal" I would go on the weekend but I think now it is probably at least 2 or 3 times more crowded at that time. I can go around 8:30-9:00 and be ok. One of my girlfriend's made a bunch of masks and mailed me one so I don't have to worry about getting one of my scarves to work. This is a longtime friend who loves to sew....(opposite of me....I can sew a button, she can make the entire outfit). Anyway, she owns 5--yes, 5 sewing machines! Anyway, I have been eating a lot of strawberries and blueberries...…..need to get a couple of containers of them!
  9. I was supposed to be sailing across the pond on The Wind...…..it would have been day 4...…...
  10. Hi, thanks......right back at you!...although for me, it would be Passover
  11. Hi folks, Stumble----I got my full refund from AMA.....took a bit of time but as of this morning, the credits are showing up!
  12. Good morning...….I had been posting about the status of my refund....I had received a partial...then there was a delay on the rest of it. As of this morning, the delayed portion has now come through.
  13. I have short hair too and I was supposed to have a hair cut on 3/24 but decided to cancel (my gal said the shop was still open at that time). So now it is April 9th...It has gotten longer but not enough that I want to cut anything. Will see how I feel in another week or so.
  14. And remember, having to pick a song for 20 seconds too....Happy Birthday twice works!
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