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  1. Hi, I didn't pay 300.00 extra and had a good seat on all of my flights...….I can't remember when my flight actually got booked but I remember the first time I was in Business Class (2017) OMG...…...it is just fabulous!
  2. WOW...your first cruise ever?.....hope you LOVE IT as much as the rest of us!
  3. Terry, have a great cruise JP, you are one cool looking dude I am going to retire early next year (I turn 62 in March)….things are not going well and I feel like the stress is going to make me crazy..after all those years of being in such a good office, this transfer is NOT doing it for me.
  4. Same cruise as I am doing.....I see you are sailing in 2020? I sail in 3 months
  5. Interesting reading...….I am taking my first Uniworld cruise in October and looking forward to it very much....will see how much extra $ I end up spending. I am planning on having a wonderful cruise. Sorry this experience was not as enjoyable was your first cruise with them. I can post about my cruise when I get back though.
  6. Good morning, always fun when it is in the double digit range! So am I I didn't book 15 months ago but still, October can't get here soon enough!!!!
  7. Hi Jolly, hope you are well....just to make you aware, there are several other River Cruise lines that offer cabins with -0- single supplement. I have a cruise booked with UNIWORLD in October and am very happy with the price. Much lower than either one of my SS cruises. It is only 8 nights but that works well for me. Just wanted to let you know.....Viking does not appeal to me. I have taken one on AMA Waterways (wonderful too) and that cabin had no supplement either. I am very much looking forward to trying Uniworld!
  8. Randy, great news!....saving money all the way around! When in January are you sailing?...is this to the Caribbean?
  9. Hi Rich:) I sailed Zenith twice and both times were right before she left the fleet...…….I think it was 2006.
  10. I am 61 and have traveled solo forever.....I recommend Barcelona Day Tours. I took one with them in 2017 and it was wonderful.....the group size was small (I think maybe 10 of us) and the van was really nice. Our guide was named Marta and she was terrific! And I love Barcelona
  11. Hi, her name is Lisa and if you dial the 800 number..her ext is 3038. Tell her I sent you
  12. WOW…..wishing you a VERY Happy Anniversary!!!! The Golden 1...……..how awesome! Sounds like you have some wonderful plans for the weekend!
  13. Hi, I agree with the other folks, if "exciting nightlife" is what you are looking for, then a river cruise may not be your cup of tea. River cruising is very relaxing in the evenings. There might be some local entertainment brought on board (singers, for example) but overall, a river cruise is all about touring during the day and most times, after dinner and a drink or 2 I was ready for bed. It is very opposite of what ocean cruises have for entertainment but then again they are totally opposite cruising experiences. River cruises, again, are all about seeing the places you are sailing to...….Getting ready to take my 2nd river cruise in October and I can't wait
  14. Good morning, she does not work in the air dept....but she has been a personal friend for many years., she has been working for them for a few years now (as an agent).
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