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  1. I looked on the "New to Azamara" thread and I tried the search feature but could not find the answer. So, besides wearing white in the evening, what is the premise of WHITE NIGHT? Is there a party? Something out on deck? I am not usually into Theme nights but I have a pair of white jeans and top....sort of muted gold tones/white in it and would wear that....would love an explanation on what the ship offers for this "White Night"? Thank you
  2. Lois R

    Need Help -- 1st Solo Cruise

    quote: "All in all, however, I think success as a solo cruiser is made when you take responsibility for your own happiness." What a great line and thought...….you are spot on!
  3. Lois R

    Need Help -- 1st Solo Cruise

    I agree with you about sailing luxury lines...I wasn't sure if the OP was looking for that style of cruise.....but of course (in my opinion ) if that is within the price point? I would go luxury too. I haven't sailed with Crystal...need to look at them too...……..
  4. Lois R

    Need Help -- 1st Solo Cruise

    Hi, I have not sailed either line you are asking about but I have been cruising solo for many years. If given the 2 choices you are asking about I would choose Princess. Disney is Disney, I know they do things well but remember, they really do what they do.....it is geared toward families and I agree with Roz, the amount kids onboard is probably going be in the 1,000's...…... Kids are nice but they are not my choice to be around when I cruise. I sailed with Celebrity many, many times solo and would say to try them. My last couple of cruises were on Silversea(they are higher end) and I love them but I would say to try Celebrity.
  5. Lois R

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    Good morning...….JP, good to hear from you and great photo! Since bottles have been shown lately.....here is wishing everyone a fun weekend. I know much of the country is under cold/snowy weather so hoping the picture below gives you a smile.
  6. yes, it is a small world after all LOL
  7. Lois R

    Whispering Around The World 2019

    Mysty, loving your pictures. I have never been to Tahiti before...…….
  8. Hi, yes, I live right near The Town Center. Palm Coast is nice......my sister used to leave just south of it near Ormond. Hope you have a wonderful cruise
  9. Lois R

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    Spins, so sorry about the identity theft
  10. Hi, I took my first SS cruise in 2017 and then my 2nd one this past summer....LOVED BOTH....I have cruised Mass Market for many years so this is definitely a BIG STEP UP.....not just the food and service, but the overall ambiance and lack of people LOL...…...so very different than the big ships. I haven't booked with them again (I will LOL) but am trying Azamara in April. I just really love the smaller size of the ship. As for dress? I sail solo so no worries about how my other 1/2 dresses LOL.....formal nights? I am not really a dress wearer and have dressy pants with pretty tops, some nice jewelry and shoes/sandals and have felt very comfortable. Plenty of women do wear dresses, both cocktail and long. Hope you have a wonderful time!
  11. Lois R

    Whispering Around The World 2019

    Hi Mysty, wonderful photos
  12. Lois R

    Our solution to lack of footrest on EDGE veranda

    Hi Linda, I read Host Anne's review and she also said the music was LOUD ALL OVER THE SHIP......guess I am just getting old but that is so NOT in my wheelhouse.....and is definitely NOT appealing. I remember a cruise we sailed Century a few years ago and I had to ask the CD to turn it down on that smallish ship.. I can't imagine how LOUD it is on this big ship
  13. Lois R

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    Hi Spins, good to see you...….I know you probably feel the same way as I do about the "stuff" going on up in DC...….. Is it 2020 yet?
  14. Hi Anne, thanks for the usual, detailed, very well written review. Let me ask you something, what if a person does not want to use a mobile device? Are you saying they actually make you keep your phone with you no matter where you go on the ship? I do not take my phone out of my cabin. WEIRD!!!!