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  1. Hi Les, the numbers are correct. ☹️...it was the most cases in one day EVER........more than any other state going back to the start of this thing.......
  2. Hey Sharon, did you see the news about the Naval Ship in San Diego? WOW.......a 3 alarm fire!😲
  3. WOW....that must have been quite a 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hi, anyone see the news about that Navy ship in San Diego? Looks like a major fire!!!!!!!! https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/12/us/ship-explosion-san-diego-naval-base/index.html
  5. 1970? You were there during some hippie days😀. I was only 12 in 1970 but my middle sister was part of that era too....she was 19 at the time. The first time I visited was the late 90s and I stayed in a B&B right on Ashbury........
  6. Hi friends, all the food sounds good😀. It is VERY hot here---July in Florida...........mid to upper 90s right now. I have been making an effort to walk every day and go in the mornings before it gets too bad outside. And I found out some sort of fun news the other day (for a change). I have a Capital 1 VISA and as many cards, they have rewards every time you make a purchase. Well, I was checking my account and they have added a "new reward". It goes through Sept 30th....any food purchases (restaurants/eat in or take out) can be paid for with any reward points that you have on your account. I have some points but they are just sitting there.........most people use them for flights I know but not flying anywhere anytime soon. So, I was able to pay for 4 different times I ate out over the last few weeks with my points! 😀. You can also use the points for any streaming services you may have for that same time period. It is like I got 4 free meals!!! I might as well use them up......I ate at First Watch yesterday for lunch so once that sale posts to my account, I will use more points to pay of it. Nice to get something free! Well, Disney opened this weekend and I saw some families who were supposed to go and they decided they were not comfortable going in------they had driven down from Virginia. They gave an interview and were sort of surprised how many Floridians are NOT wearing masks😲.......and people wonder why we had 15,000 cases over night...............Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  7. So you think RC will change the SS experience? I respectfully disagree. I think they know the SS demographic and what is offered. It is in their best interest (in my opinion) to continue to offer the SS experience that is what return guests have become accustomed to..........I have also enjoyed all my SS sailings and hope to sail with them again in 2021😀
  8. Hi Sharon, Oh, I have plenty of water.....the water from both the bathroom and kitchen sink come out very, very good/strong. I didn't think to ask about it.....I will be fine and if I feel the need, I will call the plumber and see what they say. I don't want to be charged for a follow up visit/call. I have water that comes out from the shower---it is not like a small drip or anything. Just wondering if the pressure could be more...........
  9. Thanks for the info. I will let it be for now..........I know I can unscrew the shower head myself...not sure about the restrictor. I will just leave it as is right now.
  10. Hi, no......I mean I didn't ask him to take out anything. The water comes out pretty well---not powerful like a cruise ship though...LOL We didn't t discuss any restrictions. Is it something he would have asked me?
  11. Good morning, Terry, many of the long time rivalry games will not be played this year. That Notre Dame/USC game? I think I heard it will be the first time since the WWII era that they don't play...............
  12. Good morning, Cynthia, no water saver for me LOL.......the water comes out strong and fast. Sometimes I wonder why the kitchen comes out better than my shower!!!! That is where I have always had an issue. Not a terrible one but the shower could come out stronger. As for that driver? That sounds wrong👎...........I thought all the delivery places would have their drivers wearing masks! Doesn't sound very smart! Have a good Saturday everyone.🙂
  13. Hi Missy, I think sports wants to play........the guys in the NBA are now "in their bubble" in Orlando.........but who knows if will really happen. As for baseball? The entire thing was a mess even getting them to this new 60 game season. Quite a few players are opting out and not playing. I think as this month goes by we will find out if they will really play. Baseball is supposed to start on July 23rd😲 that is 13 days away.
  14. Hi Sally, I know.....it is really something else. Florida, Arizona, Texas and California are all going terribly wrong. I saw this morning Dade County is now having over a 30% positive rate...............30%!!!!!!!!!😲
  15. Hi Kat, sending you my best wishes! I can't remember who suggested the crustless pizza from Marco's a couple of weeks back but I tried one today. DELICIOUS😀. It is called a Pizza Bowl.......all the ingredients minus the crust................I would eat this even if I wasn't watching my carb intake but it sure made it even better LOL....I got the all meat + mushrooms. Thanks to whoever it was who posted about it!
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