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  1. Thanks👍......me too. I retired right before everything closed down.....(not knowing that would happen of course). I retired on Dec 31st, 2019.....so it is almost 2 years. Last year I basically did nothing........I tried to get on a routine, up/shower/morning walk every day......... I would have been on a "Celebration retirement cruise for a month" but of course that never happened. Now we are almost at the end of 2021! When cruising re-started in July, I hopped on the travel train. (well, the cruise) LOL Sailed to Greece, Alaska, Lisbon and in December I am going to the Caribbean. Making up for lost time😀 and all but Alaska were balcony cabins. I remember almost 20 years ago when I started cruising on a regular basis I always booked an inside (to be honest, it was what I could afford). My life has changed and now I do balconies (most of the time). My Alaska cruise I booked a window.....it was fine.
  2. Hi guys😀 I have to say, Frangelico is probably my favorite. I got home last week from a cruise out of Lisbon and drank quite a bit of it in the evenings🙂. I also enjoy Bailey's and Amaretto.
  3. I got the Antigen test on board the ship before flying home last week. It was 100% acceptable. OMG....I have been home a week😲
  4. Hi Doc🙂 I had my test at an Urgent Care Facility and they could not email me my results for those same HIPPA reasons. They normally do it via text but they will also give you the hard copy. I waited about 30 minutes and got the copy while I was there. But they did say because of HIPPA regulations they could not email the results.
  5. Good morning, did you get your test? And how did it go?....Did you use the facility I had recommended?
  6. Cruiseej, your replies are always so spot on, detailed and cordial at the same time😀 I agree with your thoughts.........I didn't really think anyone was going to come back here and I also agree, it is fine to post about the topic on here.
  7. Hi Kat, if I want to unsubscribe from a thread, how is that done? I can't seem to figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated🙂
  8. Hi, I think you can still watch what you eat in the main dining room. Example, most lines offer a "standard menu" where they have various choices every night......a chicken, fish, red meat........ I recently returned from sailing out of Lisbon and my ship did not offer a buffet for dinner. I was able to always request grilled fish/chicken/or a lean steak with various veggies and I try to stay off the carbs....I always told them to leave off the potatoes and give me extra veggies. Actually we always had several seafood proteins and more than one type of fish to choose from. Always a salmon and Chilean Sea Bass......and at least one other fish option too. But as mentioned, if you prefer, most ships do offer a buffet.
  9. Hi, you know there are other places that do tests.......(besides CVS/Walgreens). I recently flew to Portugal and went to an Urgent Care Facility. It was 5 bucks......I know the others do it for free but it was the best 5 bucks I have ever spent. No line, no waiting, I made an appt and had the results in about 30 minutes. No stress🙂
  10. My passport expires in May 2023 and I already have multiple cruises booked before that time.......I need to sit down and figure out when in 2022 to get a new one😲. I have a b2b in April sailing out of Europe. And getting ready to book 2 more cruises for 2022 and I have a deposit for a cruise down under in Jan 2023.......... I am guessing it is ok to renew the passport a year before it expires?
  11. I agree about the last minute flights being more $$$$$, not less $$$.........
  12. Congrats from me too😀. I have lived in a condo for many, many years.......it is the best way for me. Hope your offer is accepted and all goes smoothly👍
  13. Hi, thanks for the reply🙂 but not sure what you are sorry about.....no need to apologize for anything. I will find something--not worried about that😀........actually, I spoke to AMA earlier today and I am doing exactly what you have referred to......I have a cabin on hold!👍
  14. Yes, thank you for sharing this with all of us🙂It is very much appreciated.
  15. I have been researching multiple lines today for the Douro.......Scenic, Uniworld,......Tauck is sold out. I know most folks don't talk price on here but the 10 night on AMA is about 5 grand less than Scenic and Uniworld.! That is ALOT of money to me. I know the other 2 lines are "higher end" but I sailed with AMA once and really loved it. Looks like my cruise thread has become a booze thread😀
  16. I will say, I like TJ MAXX's handbag/purse selection.........they have a lot of choices🙂
  17. I brought 1 bottle home with me.........first time I have even brought any type of beverage home with me from any cruise and I have been cruising for almost 20 years.
  18. I wonder if this part of the cruise may change in 7 or 8 months.........like next summer maybe the dinner requirements will be more relaxed.
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