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  1. They sell hot dogs for $1.50 at their warehouses....
  2. See this recent thread on the same subject: Sounds like it is easy to do but one has to call HAL. I expect if you have a PCC, you could call him/her to get the refund.
  3. When did you purchase your FCD's? I have some that were purchased before the benefits were reduced in Jan/20, and I was told that the OBC benefits that were in place at the time of purchase will stand. So I'm keeping them. My only concern is HAL's continued solvency.
  4. The world cruise was supposed to be about four months long. It started in early January and had just passed the halfway mark when the cancellation was announced.
  5. I've not heard about this before but my guess is that maybe they're cancelling by port rather than by booking. For example, maybe they're doing all shorex in Puerto Vallarta before gong on to Mazatlan, or San Juan before Saint Thomas. So if your other two excursions are a few days after the ones that were refunded, I would give them a few more days before calling. But that's a total guess on my part.
  6. I would be getting on the phone with the big box TA pronto! I have found that they don't forward emails from HAL but then I'm not affected by this pause so don't know if they would in this situation. Good luck!
  7. Last week, I cancelled my July cruise on which I had made a partial payment; final payment date was early April. I got all of my money back. As long as the final payment date has not passed for your friend's cruise, she should get all of her money back. Just read Charlene's response and totally agree. Fare must be refundable to get her money back. Couldn't tell you what would be the case if she booked under a non refundable fare.
  8. Please see post #8 in this thread. This was so easy to do on one's own that it would be a shame to pay for cruise line tours.
  9. Cruising. Seth Wayne was on our NS cruise a couple of weeks ago. I'm not on Facebook/Twitter etc so don't know what is being posted there. Eventually there is expected to be a link on the HAL website but it will be some time down the road, we were told.
  10. When we boarded on Feb 16/20, in FLL, the questionnaire had two questions. There may have been a third if one of the answers to the questions was a Yes. The two questions were Have you travelled to China, Macau (and a couple of other places that I can't recall) within the last 20 days? and Have you been exposed to someone with Coronavirus? I'm sure you'll be fine but agree with the advice to take OTC meds with you to minimize the symptoms.
  11. Binoculars are not available in standard Verandah cabins. I believe they are available in suites, though.
  12. I believe they did just post the notification of the breach that occurred last year as you note. I didn't see that notification this morning when I checked on the coronavirus update and another poster above confirmed that it was not there this morning.
  13. I was on the HAL website this morning and checked out the Coronavirus updates as well as some other things. Just now, I went back to the HAL website and noticed another notification about a "privacy event" (right below the Coronavirus updates): https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/news/public-notice-privacy-event.html I don't believe this notification was there this morning. Anyway, I wanted to bring it to everyone's attention so that they can monitor their credit scores as recommended by HAL.
  14. I ordered flowers onboard two weeks ago (NS) and had no issues. The arrangement lasted two weeks but did look a little sad at the end.
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