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  1. Does anyone know if this applies to non American veterans? My sister is retired military. We’re not scheduled to sail from San Diego any time soon but thought I’d ask anyway.
  2. There wasn't a glass shower in 4166 on the Zuiderdam in 2019... The balcony is very nice but when it is not fully covered. When it rains, you have water dripping on you when standing at the railing. I don't think I'll book a cabin on Deck 4 again because of that, even if it has the longer balcony.
  3. I found out mine was gone from another poster here on CC! Fortunately, she got a new PCC and was able to advise me. I contacted him and now I have a new PCC. But it wasn't because anyone contacted me...
  4. Here are the Ts & Cs from the HAL website: Terms & Conditions Mariner Early Booking Bonus is based on Promo(s) DG*. Featured fares are per person based on double occupancy, cruise, or Cruisetours only. Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses are additional. Mariner Early Booking Bonus is subject to availability, available for new bookings only, and is not transferable or refundable. Mariner Early Booking Bonus may not be combinable with other discounts. Mariner Early Booking Bonus is applicable on select 2023 and future departures and excludes Grand Voyages and any voyage 5 days or less. Onboard spending money through this Offer is available within the first 90 days of product launch date in the following amounts: US$50 per person (US$100 per stateroom) for guests booked on a 6- to 9-day cruise; US$100 per person (US$200 per stateroom) for guests booked on Alaska Cruisetours; US$100 per person (US$200 per stateroom) for guests booked on a 10- to 20-day cruise; US$200 per person (US$400 per stateroom) for guests booked on a 21+ day cruise. Limit: One (1) onboard spending money credit per guest. Onboard spending money can be applied while on the cruise portion of Alaska Cruisetours only. Onboard spending money is in USD and is non-refundable, non-transferable, and has no cash value. Onboard spending money expires at the end of the Eligible Cruise and may not be used in the casino or on gratuities or any other specified fees or items. The Offer and/or its terms may be modified or withdrawn without prior notice. Other restrictions and exclusions may apply. For information about our stateroom categories and suite descriptions, to view deck plans and for full terms and conditions applicable to your cruise, please refer to hollandamerica.com or the appropriate Holland America Line brochure. Solos only get half of the stateroom amount. Hardly seems fair when they're paying 200% of the fare...
  5. I would certainly hope so but I kind of doubt it. Hopefully, a solo who has booked a 2023 Alaska cruise will answer your question, one way or another.
  6. Based on the revised confirmation I received, it is per stateroom as Zelker found out.
  7. Right but the question was more is the OBC per person or per cabin. One document says per person. But Zelker says HAL says it is per stateroom.
  8. I know where I got the idea of $400 per person - it's on the link that LaffnVegas provided. It says up to $400 per person. Then later in this thread there was the breakdown by length of cruise but that doesn't indicate by cabin or by person (I assume it was mentioned in Seth's talk). I can't see it on the HAL website because I get the dreaded 404 error! Oh, well, it will be what it will be.
  9. Thanks for the correction. I'll still take an extra $400! But if it starts with Alaska 2023 then I probably won't get it for Canada/NE 2022! Oh, well, I still asked for it. The worst they could do is say no. At least, I should get it for Alaska 2023 that I booked about a month ago...
  10. Did someone say that it was retroactive? I booked a 24 day Canada/NE cruise early this year on the day it was announced. I'm just wondering... Could always use an extra $800 in OBC on our booking!
  11. Wonderful video! Thank you for sharing it!
  12. I hope so, for your sake. Just don't be too surprised if you see snow; it can happen at any time. It snowed in Jasper on Sep 1st, the day after we left! Regardless, you'll still have a great trip.
  13. Yes, for us too. I hope you have a wonderful time (and better weather). Which route are you doing? We did Jasper to Vancouver via Quesnel & Whistler. Unfortunately the rain and low cloud meant that we didn't see any mountains the day of departure! But the scenery (and the weather) got more and more spectacular as we got closer to the coast.
  14. For another suggestion, why not try the Rocky Mountaineer? We did it a few weeks ago and it was wonderful!
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