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  1. Thrak- ours is also two sided and we were not as diligent as you were in flipping it. I will need to do some research.
  2. We just did this and yes, they make it more involved now. However, we were able to reserve what we wanted with Princess and then get it transferred. We were not able to get through to our TA at the time. I am very glad that we have this option. Princess knew that we would be doing this and the agent was very friendly and helpful.
  3. Thrak- that is pretty cool! I had no idea this was a thing! Our daughters complain about our guest bed which we have no issue with.
  4. And we had our cracking concrete driveway ripped up and a new one installed which also added length. Next: ordering and spreading barkdust. And I am now planting a second round of beets and lettuce. P.S. We have an industrial "deer fence" around our backyard. Otherwise, nothing would be growing here.
  5. We were born and raised in S. Cal and left to the Pacific Northwest in 1979. We have never regretted that decision. We also have a small travel trailer and were able to get away last month for a couple of weeks. We really enjoyed the area around Lake Pend Oreille and then the area around Glacier and Flathead Lake. Now, the next project is painting some of the interior in the trailer and making new curtains. Then it will not be all brownish. Happy Travels!
  6. Note to self: RETAINERS ARE FOREVER! I also had braces in my late 50's (and as a teen). When the orthodontist removed them (in my 50's), I had to return the next day for my new retainers. Well, the lower teeth had already begun moving and the retainer was very painful and did not really fit properly. Soooooooo... the orthodontist and I decided that he needed to put the lower teeth back in braces for a short time which was fine with me. After that round, he placed a "permanent" wire retainer on the back of my lower front teeth. It is still there and I am down to wearing the full plastic retainers just twice a week at night. It is worth it. And now the weather on the Washington State Coast: 70 degrees with puffy clouds
  7. Thank you so much! We do have an Alaska Visa and miles account with them as they are our preferred domestic airline. We plan (the operative word) on flying to Fort Lauderdale next April and doing a Transpacific which ends up in Copenhagen and then we do a RT cruise. All that Princess EZAir lists are BA and SAS for the flights that could work. We may be able to get them to link up so that a RT could be done and therefor a cheaper price to include the one way to Fort Lauderdale. Thanks for your help!
  8. Wow... I am so glad that I have given some details. The other options are: IAD, EWR, and SFO. Those are all with SAS and the connecting flight home on either United or Alaska.
  9. Correct- we live on the coast in Washington State. So, there will be one stop. And, correct again; we really do not like Heathrow. We have been to Europe only once and connected in Heathrow. We are NOT fans. Currently, there is a $400.00 p/p price difference for "Premium Economy". SAS stops in O'Hare for 1 hour 50 Minutes. Is this enough time at O'Hare? Thanks to all of you.
  10. Is Princess pulling out of the Asian market? Could this be the reason?
  11. Thank you for your detailed answer. We earn Alaska miles which we can use with "OneWorld". We were able to earn miles when we used BA and American. The BA fares also cost less.
  12. Thanks for your response!
  13. So glad and good to know! Thanks
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