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  1. Well, I have to tell you that unfortunately, I have seen varying prices for the same wine from the same company (i.e. Total Wine). I bought some Spellbound Petit Sirah today on my journey to Olympia. Cheers!
  2. Hi Thrak- I looked up Total Wine locations close to you. It would be the Sacramento area and in Reno. Guess what? Total Wine has the Spellbound Petit Sirah for $9.89 per bottle when purchasing 6 bottles or more of anything. Plus, they offer FREE shipping with orders $99.00 or more. My closest Total Wine is 75 miles away as is our closest Costco and Trader Joe's. I just do a big loop in Olympia about every 3 weeks or so. Guess what I will be purchasing tomorrow? Thanks for the suggestion on this wine. loge23- We have no Publix on the west coast. I have heard that they have some great deals!
  3. No wine club... just a FB Group who loves wine under $20.00 However, they have these "special" buys and the first one in which I participated, the results were NOT good; so no more. I think for me, a wine club is a bit limiting. HOWEVER, living in the Northwest, we have Total Wine in Washington and I have been frequenting there on my Triweekly grocery trips to Olympia. The staff is great, so they are sort of my own wine club with their knowledge and discounts. And if and when I discover a wine that I really love, then I find out if I can order a case through my grocery store for a VERY HEFTY discount; typically through Fred Meyer. P.S. And of course we have great wine countries in WA and OR.
  4. Thrak- You are so funny! My family gives me a hard time when I "spout off" different tasting notes when drinking a wine. They look at me like I am from Mars. DH says that he knows what he likes and that is that. RLK33853- That sounds like such a fun thing to do with family. Ombud- Thank you for that article on red wine. I have been trying many reds recently and am on the search for some favorites. However, I still enjoy a nice Chardonnay. (Thrak, yes I capitalized it out of respect... 😍)
  5. How SO VERY TRUE! I just learned an expensive lesson by ordering a new wine online from a FB Wine Group to which I belong. The description was so endearing and the results? One of the three bottles was "corked" and this was my first experience with "corked" wine. The next bottle was a horrible bottle of a Zinfandel. So: I have found a really nice Zinfandel that costs much less... What a lesson! P.S. to XBGy I really like the Oak Ridge Zinfandel!!! It was a 2017 from Total Wine. No worries! It has taken me quite some time to develop my palate. I began with sweet wines; typically the Beringer White Zinfandel and many Rieslings. Now, I do not want sweet, and instead look for that "perfect" smooth and "jammy" red wine. And also a smooth, oaky, and buttery Chardonnay. I think that the Princess Beverage Package will really allow us to try new wines and I really appreciate the comments!
  6. Hank- I have a feeling that your budget is bigger than mine and your taste is very refined. I bet it is yummy!
  7. Dear OP- Do you have a Medicare Advantage Plan or Supplement Pan? The Supplement covers international travel with a 50K lifetime maximum. Otherwise, it is a good idea to get the travel insurance with medical which is what we do. You have received very good advice and thoughts. I would wait and see if Princess cancels first and if not, cancel it myself.
  8. Costco is at about $20.00 Can you shop at one across the border and bring it home? I know we can bring wine across ( a limit though and when the border is open).
  9. caribill- I had not clicked on it or "picked" it. It was available and clear when we began the process. It was very puzzling and frustrating for Princess, my TA and myself. I know better than to do that, however, I appreciate you bringing this up because many are not aware of this.
  10. I think the Seghesio is $20.00 Thrak - I love Gewurztraminer. I think the Fetzer label is the one I enjoy.
  11. Cruise Raider- thank you for the Chardonnay ideas! About ten years ago I swore that I would NEVER drink a Chardonnay... guess what? I love them buttery, oaky and smooth. XBGuy- I, for one, enjoyed your thoughts and education regarding OVZ. IMHO, it was not pontificating at all. I belong to a FB page that is all about wine and the Zinfandel wine I spoke about purchasing through them was really touted as so wonderful and the description was lovely. I just purchased the Oak Ridge Ancient Vines Zinfandel at Total Wine. We will see. I did drink the Cline Ancient Vines Zinfandel and it was SO much better than my crummy online purchase. I can get the Seghesio at Costco and give it a try. triple7tahoe- I love that the bartender remembered you!
  12. Yes, you can order by the glass and was mentioned, a flight is a great idea to become more acquainted with your palate. XBGuy- Thank you for your comments! DH does not drink so it is just me. However, I am on board with you about the bottle. So, two of you have mentioned the Seghesio Old Vines Zinfandel. I have read much about it and love a good OVZ. I have been trying different ones and am on the search for a great OVZ that does not break the bank. I know the Seghesio is not cheap and not real expensive. My question is, how would you describe it? A recent purchase of mine led to a VERY tart and sharp finish. I felt really burned as it was $20.00 per bottle plus shipping.
  13. My original thought was to ask if anyone had a current Vines Wine Menu, however, that point is moot since the most recent would have been last March. Soooooooo, if you could have a few of your favorite wines available by the glass or bottle, what would those be? I would love to see a few favorites of fellow Princess cruisers. I'll begin: 1. Macchia Zinfandel Mischievous Lodi 2. Butterknife Chardonnay 3. Appassimento Salento Bonari 4. Ancient Roots Red Blend
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