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  1. nini

    Easy Air

    I went into our booking on the Princess website and clicked on "Manage My Booking". Then clicked on the right "Guest Check in" and then clicked on "Flight schedule". Then scroll down to the green tab that says, "Add or Modify". We do not pay until about Aug. 1 You can also call Princess and they can help.
  2. As I understand it, a low value is used so the person gets the medical benefits at the cost of receiving any reimbursement for the cost(s) of the trip.
  3. In regards to Celebrity, I think you will be pleased with Princess. We have sailed Celebrity twice, the last time was a bit over a year ago. We did not care for the Celebrity Reflection which generally has rave reviews. We MUCH prefer the large and open Atriums on Princess. We found the Celebrity ship to be dark, feeling closed in, very mediocre food and service with snooty bartenders. (But our cabin steward was great!). I also think you will like the demographics.
  4. We have also discovered that there is a lot of math and calculations involved. We use a TA that is very generous in OBC. Each time a new promotion comes out, I get out my own version of an "Excel" sheet and get the calculator going For example, it is NOT better for us to change to the Best Ever Sale for our British Isles cruise in 2020. We currently have a huge amount of OBC, that we would not come out ahead. I think it was the Cyber Sale (not sure) in which we also get included gratuities and also WiFi because we are Platinum. We are not huge drinkers, so after the math, we have not switched. Also know that EZ Air so far for us, has been great to use.
  5. We always select Anytime Dining because it is so flexible for varying port days and allows us the freedom to see shows whenever we choose. If a shore excursion I a long day, then we do not feel in a mad rush to make it to dinner at a specified time. This is also supposed to be a relaxing vacation, right? We feel too "boxed in" with Traditional. And of course, the food is the same as Traditional Dining. We never had any luck making reservations at Anytime Dining, however, I think the longest we waited with a pager was maybe about 15 minutes. We also agree to the option of sitting with other passengers, unless we are traveling with friends. We find it very interesting meeting and chatting with other passengers and met many others from Australia on our Panama Canal Full Transit cruise.
  6. For us, we book refundable deposits only. And lately, the deposits have been $100.00 per person. The promotions change often and so do the required deposits.
  7. In our opinion, we find the automatic gratuity and amount to be very much worthwhile and convenient. We never remove it from our final bill. However, when a staff person really impresses us, at the end of the cruise we like to hand them an envelope with cash to thank them for their fine service and efforts. Typically, this will include our cabin steward, dining room teams, bartenders, International Café staff (have to have that espresso), and wine staff (usually at Vines). Or we will often tip extra as we purchase some coffee and wine. You will find many resources on the Princess forum and other forums (especially for Alaska) for many other concerns; like shore excursions, transfers, pre-cruise lodging, etc. Alaska is fantastic! We have cruised there 4 times and would love to try some other itineraries.
  8. nini

    Easy Air

    Thanks Thrak! I am excited to hear about this cruise. We have booked New Zealand for March 2021.
  9. nini

    Easy Air

    The seats we were able to select were Premium Economy on Virgin Atlantic. It would be useful for all if we had many contributions/ comments as Steelers36 and Astro Flyer that designate the specific Airline, Class, and when they seats can be selected and there are fees involved. I only know about BA and Virgin Atlantic for Economy and Premium Economy respectively.
  10. After much research on the Italy forum, we discovered that it can be tough on the trains with luggage. Plus, it was advised to be vey careful with your luggage because you most often could not have it close to you.
  11. I guess I was "seeing things"... and multiple times at that. Maybe it depends on who the "gatekeepers" are that night. Running shoes and possibly your black sandals are not flip flops. I was just answering the OP's concern from first hand experience.
  12. nini

    Easy Air

    I booked our flights on EZ Air a few weeks ago and we were able to select our seats. It was on Virgin Atlantic, so I am not sure if there is an option with other airlines. You can try it, because you are not "stuck" with it. I changed our flight once to get a lower fare.
  13. On formal nights, I have only seen men and women turned away when they were wearing flip flops.
  14. Go to the main page of CC and in the upper right hand corner you will see 4 "tabs" you can click on. Click on "Boards" and then scroll down to "Ports of Call" and then click on "Europe" and then click on "Italy". It is kind of like "drilling down" to a more specific item nd narrowing it down. This will give you lots of info and experiences from all cruisers of most lines but t will be specific to you question or concern.
  15. If you go to the Ports of Call Main Board, then to Europe, then to Italy; you will also find a WEALTH of information. This is where I learned everything I wanted and needed to know about our Italy/ Greece cruise in October 2018. It was our first time to Europe and it is a very active forum; answering all of your questions on transfers, tours, and hotels! We booked private transportation from FCO to our hotel, 3 private tours in Rome where we stayed for 3 nights. We booked private transfer to the port and back to FCO in which we shared with others so it was not too bad. If you can stay in Rome longer, then do so, especially if you have never been. It is a huge easy walking city.
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