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  1. The adventure begins! I just returned from an appointment driving through a snow squall and I couldn’t wait to read your update. Sorry it is cold but your shawls are beautiful! No wonder you couldn’t choose! And a win at trivia...but I now have to google the 4th US state with new in its name as I can only come up with 3. I’m getting ready for a face palm moment. Oh and love all your storage in this cabin! edited to add: New Hampshire...how could I forget the one closest to where I grew up?! I told you it would be a face palm!
  2. it worked! Thanks for sharing just a glimpse. I followed you so maybe I will start reading Twitter again!
  3. we were on Scenic in August and this was not our experience. You were served when you arrived in the dining room and the dining time was a range. You could arrive anytime within those times and receive the same level of service. We loved Scenic and Booked them for our first river cruise because of a per diem cost breakdown River Cruise Advisor did comparing all river cruise companies sailing the Danube on a specified week, same or very similar itineraries. Scenic came out as the best value although they were one of the most expensive to book. Their all-inclusive policy made our vacation so enjoyable we have booked a second river cruise with them.
  4. Oh I bet you are on-board now and we are all excited for you. Enjoy another Grand voyage and we will enjoy your posts. Safe travels.
  5. I couldn’t find it so now I know why. Darn!
  6. Thanks very much for all this information! The maps is exactly what I needed to get my bearings and I will look into Crystal return Vienna sailings. For the record, the Scenic phone number in Canada has a chance to get directed to Boston. I usually wait until after 5:00 pm Boston time to call then I get a more helpful agent in the Vancouver office. I do not know what it is about the agents in Boston but they don’t seem to know their product and get a bit foul when you suggest that their information is different than what I have found on line in Canada.
  7. Thank you G.M.T. for your reply. It helps me understand which part of the rivers to begin to focus. Yes I have read the two threads but not being an expert on the rivers I found myself failing in comprehension of river gages and how they impacted the cruises as I didn’t know where they were and my screen time is limited to 20 minutes at a time which is very limiting when trying to research. I tried the search but I was getting anytime Christmas was mentioned on ocean cruises and my 20 minute window evaporated.
  8. In our experience on sailing Hal with 2 children, the crew will bend over backwards to cater to them, even if you do not expect or request any special treatment. There is a children’s menu in the main dining room that you can request but my two enjoyed reading the menu and trying the different items. One lunch that we had in the dining room the waiter went up to the lido and brought my son pizza as he just knew he really didn’t want anything on that menu. He did this without our knowledge. We did not receive any special pricing for our children in the Pinnacle Grill or Cantelano (sp?) but again, the staff loved having them in there. I can honestly say I have witnessed abysmal behaviour by some adults in specialty dining venues...and around the ship that I would not tolerate from my children. Some people have no tolerance for children but that is a character flaw of theirs and don’t let it bother you. Your children are permitted in the lido pool. I always brought small water toys (soaker balls the size of a softball but soft, an inflatable ring, for example) for them to play with. Once the whole pool joined in with the balls and created a game throwing them around and I was thanked for bring both the kids and their toys on the cruise. But one woman also tried to dunk their heads under the water every time she saw them until I reported her. We loved HAL for a family vacation, much superior to Disney cruise line in our (and our kids’) opinion. We vacation to be with our children, not ditch them which we witnessed happening on Princess. I don’t recall a conduct contract but we haven’t sailed since 2015 because of a medical condition I have but it seems like common sense. We did sign a contract in Club Hal, agreeing that our children must behave, that they are toilet trained, that their will be no photographs within Club Hal, and the sign in/out procedures. I am sure you will enjoy your cruise. We would pre purchase a non alcoholic drink card for each and they lived the independence of “paying” for their own drink. The card has their name on it, I think, so it made a good souvenir. That reminds me, we always had our picture taken on formal nights as that made a wonderful memory of our vacation.
  9. I apparently suck at searching these forums. I apologize if this has been answered many times over. I have always dreamed of visiting the Christmas Markets but due to a medical condition a bus trip is just not possible. We were on Scenic for 11 days this past August in France for our first ever river cruise and we fell in love with river cruising. Now that the 2021 itineraries for Christmas markets have been released it is not only just choosing between the Danube or the Rhine, I am wanting to know if river levels have posed any interruptions at this time of year on either river. thanks for any help. I know nothing is guaranteed but I am just looking for information as I thought the rivers were good in December but reading the water level posts it seems that is not the case. When I phoned Scenic the reservation agent I spoke to treated me like an idiot when I asked.
  10. We did the 11 day Seine on Scenic and had 2 days in Rouen and Honfleur which was fantastic. We had full days or early forming to mid to late afternoon in the majority of others. After many ocean cruises we just loved the river cruising experience. If you are comfortable with a small boutique hotel then you will be comfortable on a river boat. i can’t speak for your itinerary but can say you will get choices of excursions through your online cruise personalizer which will give you a clearer vision of your itinerary. enjoy the anticipation!
  11. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! I was thrilled too to be back on the water and I am missing it already. I’m trying to convince DH we need to go again before 2021!
  12. To reach Honfleur the riverboats actually leave the Seine and enter the English Channel for 5 minutes or so then enter the port so not sure why April is an issue. Le Havre is the industrial port that doesn’t close so maybe the Honfleur port doesn’t open that early? I was on the 11 day Gems of Normandy and the Seine in August on the Scenic Gem and docking in Honfleur was one of the main reasons we chose Scenic. Going to The Somme was another.
  13. Yikes! Glad to read nobody was hurt. Thanks for sharing.
  14. I just searched on Danube cruises of 14+ days. The following dates came up leaving from Amsterdam: September 30 - standard itinerary October 9 - varied itinerary October 14 - standard itinerary October 16 - varied itinerary - on the Scenic Jasper October 21 - standard itinerary November 6 - varied itinerary
  15. I know from my experience that not all cruises show up on their website unless you specifically search for it. I was looking at Christmas markets and only the 8 day trips showed up until I searched for longer voyages. scenic is an Australian company and we really enjoyed or Seine cruise with them in August. If worried call their customer service line for North America 1-866-689-8611
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