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  1. Just changed our flights for April TA, now BA business class LHR -SAN. Was able to select seats once I put I. Frequent Flyer #.
  2. On our October TA on the Emerald, the Pub lunch was held at the rear of the Horizon Court. Far better location.
  3. Received my new confirmation this afternoon. Same cabin, price and add ons. As princess stated in their email, everything was protected. Big decision now is do we want to sail on the Diamond. No Alfredos, International Cafe or Vines. Plus the sun deck has the Japanese Bath house taking up space.
  4. Go into your booking in the Princess website. Click on travel, select change flights and search from there. This will not cancel or change your existing flights. If you find something more convenient or lower price it will display your existing fare and the new fare. You can either confirm the new flights or keep the existing. We fly Business Class for international flights and have usually had the ability to select seats at booking. The only issues arise when it is a code share. Once you have the airlines confirmation number you can go to their website and select seats.
  5. Keep checking and change flights as necessary for price drops. Our flight from Paris/LHR/SAN dropped to under $600 for Business May of this year. Last week the flight was $700 higher then Virgin Atlantic coming thru Seattle. Usually pay around $1k for the flight. It is nice to fly into San Diego direct.
  6. If you are looking for the British Airways flight, it comes and goes. Lately the price has been ridiculously expensive for Business class in May 2021.
  7. Definitely was not an issue with prior FCC. Speaking from experience.
  8. I disputed my credit card charge of $17k with Citibank as Carnival charged my card for final payment the day they cancelled the cruise. Citibank credited my account while they investigated. Took Carnival over 10 weeks to respond. Now attempting to get my deposit back.
  9. The Coral should be okay for January 2021 but the Sapphire could be iffy. When was the Sapphire last dry docked?
  10. With regard to the Antarctica cruises, was their any mention of the status of Princess ships with regard to the Polar Code regulations.
  11. Princess is constantly changing the rules. No more “holding accounts”, an unnecessary step according to my PVP. She is watching for them to be refunded and will apply them to a booking I chose.
  12. No I did not receive any confirmation, noticed the credits on my account, refund plus 50%. Couple of days later they were gone with a notation they were applied to xxxxx booking. I book direct with Princess. My PVP indicated she could move them to any booking of my choosing. This apparently is an automated process. Princess is handling this far better than Carnival where I have in excess of 20k to be refunded. Carnival took the funds the day after the cancellation was announced. Filed a dispute with my CC Company, who issued a temporary credit pending resolution by July 12.
  13. Apparently Princess is applying the FCC randomly to booked cruises. We have 4 booked and have had FCC applied to the 1st and 4th. Speaking with our PVP she indicated the air, taxes and fees will also be applied to bookings. They have done away with the Holding Acct. One positive is we now have 2 cruises almost paid for, $200 balance owing so we can take advantage of any fare changes.
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