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  1. I would personally cancel, cruise ships seem to be quarantined / miss ports due to fear and then you're stuck with kids. In terms of the actual virus not much concern, I'd feel that the plane ride is the highest risk, you have no idea where travellers next to your have come from and you're all breathing the same air. Live your life yes, but be cautious.
  2. exactly we're quarantining cruise ships but not airplanes which are the source of the pandemic spread.
  3. I really liked the aft balcony penthouse on the Jewel, sister ship to pearl. did that in Alaska and sat out (with jacket) all the time. I've done a forward facing suite on the sky a smaller older ship. the wind did make it challenging and you are exposed but it's a larger, huger if I may balcony. If your cruise has alot of sea days I'd go Aft, if you plan to hold parties on your balcony I'd go forward. Hope that's of some help.
  4. Question about the paddle boats, I see them in your photos but I can only book kayaks on ncl.com. Were the paddle boats just a walk up price ? Thanks.
  5. I read on cc that we needed to take bus outside of the port to get a taxi but that's seems to no longer true.
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