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  1. Alas, Princess uses a different tech than the Royal Zoom product. I have not see the same flaw at Princess that allows one to send an iMessage or stream music like RCI. The nice part is if you are on a Medallion enabled ship, your wifi will be much less expensive than on RCI
  2. Yes you can bring both Soda and water onboard. You can either put a luggage tag on the case or carry them on with you. I have been buying the cases of water from the Ship, as Princess has the cheapest water prices of all the cruise lines I have been. I have pre-purchased two cases for my next cruise and it was under $7 for a case (on RCI I was charged $40 for a case of water)
  3. That is so nice to hear! We were just on the Harmony (RCI) and while they were able to feed me soft foods, I didn't know that they would supply Boost or Ensure. On our last Princess Cruise, I got blended dinners at almost every venue. The steak, potato and veggie blend was most yummy (tho a yucky grey colour). I used this email dietaryrequest@princesscruises.com they respond back very quickly. I sent it 4 weeks before my cruise with my booking number. Congrats to your hubby on being a throat cancer survivor! Ron
  4. I take my own Boost and protein power on board, as they have nothing close to it on the ships. I am recovering from throat cancer, and Boost is one of my 2-3 times a day items. At most you can get a milkshake, add some protein powder, depending on your needs. You will need a case or two to get you to Hawaii, and you will be able to get some there.
  5. The cord or water may not be in your cabin, when you arrive. A friendly reminder to your room steward, and it will quickly be rectified. On our trip 2 months ago (B2B) we received 2 gallons of water AND two cords late the first evening of departure. The steward told us he had the notification from corporate for the need. We did have to gently reminded our steward of the need for CPAP water, as he was slightly overwhelmed. He was on his first day of being suddenly promoted to guest cabins(from crew cabins) owing to our original steward being asked to leave that afternoon.
  6. Thanks for the advice. Looks like this is what we will be doing. We have a 15 night, so the Surf package seems to be the best option. I still hope to find out if the social package actually blocks websites, and is unusable for email (like Google)
  7. The interesting item is if your medallion is still on the the ship they should be able to pin point it down to its exact location. Now if if accidentally fell overboard, as you threw it as hard as you could out of frustration....😂 I worked for a company that uses RFID chips in its merchandise supply containers, and we could easily find a particular container down to about a single square foot area (this is in a million sq foot warehouse).
  8. Was on a cruise with the Rocking the oldies (60's) group (about 1/3rd of the ship) and other than a lot of the participants wearing the same t-shirts and one venue closed, you would never know they were on board. They had their own excursions and activities and it made our going on and off the ship a breeze as they were separated. The fun part was seeing exactly how old some of the performers had become. We shared our breakfast table with one of the lead singers of the Buckingham's, and would have never know who he was other than a fan came up and asked for an autograph. I would not be concerned about booking this ship during this time. There is really no chance of this charter even taking up 20% of this ship.
  9. I have a differing opinion of the Grand Class Mini-suites. We had a Mini suite on the Star last year in Alaska (and several regular balcony cabins on other Grand class ships). While it was nice having the extra room, couch and the two TV's. We really did not enjoy the open air balcony (meaning no sun coverage). My darling wife loves to sit out, have her coffee and watch the sea go by. This cruise she almost never ever stepped foot out on the balcony (maybe 5 minutes total). She says she felt way too exposed to all the other cruisers, and I agree that everyone could and did look down and onto our balcony. It is a trade off, but when on a Grand class ship, we will stick with a regular balcony on Baja or Aloha deck.
  10. Good to know on the upgrading part way thru the cruise. Alas we are not not light users, and typically will spend the first hour of the morning updating our emails, forums, and catching up on news. Looking forward to a Medallion cruise maybe in the 2021 season.
  11. Yep, we do realize that we will have the 250 minutes each, but that comes down to a 33 minute per day allowance (16.5 minutes each day) that we will zip thru those minutes, like drunken sailors, in the first week. I suspect that we will upgrade to the Surf package for the last 1/2 of the cruise. Still looking to see if they actually block sites when you are on the ship, or just throttle down your speed to make them unusable.
  12. Trying to figure out which internet package is the best for 2 devices our upcoming Panama Cruise on the Emerald (Social or Surf). The Princess website is so, so lacking in details. From what I understand the ship will have the PrincessCONNECT service available once it leaves dry dock . PrincessCONNECT Social Package - Says that you get access to popular social websites*. *Streaming may not be available PrincessCONNECT Surf Package - Says you get access to email, news, sports, etc*. *Again saying streaming may not be available. Does the Social package actually restrict your access to email and only give access to specific “popular social websites”. If so, Is there a list of these websites? Has anyone who purchased the Social package actually been blocked from accessing other websites (like gmail) or was the speed just throttled back? We do not need to have high speed internet, don’t watch online movies, don’t need to skype our dog, and our kids don't video conference. While we will get (for the very first time) our platinum tier internet minutes, it is not quite enough for the two of use on our next cruise of 15 nights. I have already pre-purchased the $99 Social Packages, but am concerned that we might have picked the wrong package for our needs. We just need access to our email, send instant messages via Whatsapp, look at/gloat about our cruise on Cruise Critic and browse other like websites. Thoughts and comments from those that have purchased and used the packages would be greatly appreciated. PS, to those that suggest to disconnect for 15 nights, just not gonna happen. I admire those that can do it.
  13. Thanks for sharing! It was a good video overall.
  14. Bought one last May on the Star. Excellent book and only $19. There will be loads on all the Alaska cruises.
  15. The site will only let you add a limited number of cruises onto your signature. You have 6 clocks showing, and I believe that the max is 2 countdown clocks now. You will have to delete the 2018 "Sailed' items to add more.
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