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  1. Barb; Same process as Royal in respect to the Main Dining room. Tell the Head waiter, and they will bring you the next day's menu for you to choose from. My wife is celiac, and they have done a very good job so far (no major episodes.. yet). As most of the buffet servers will have limited English, try to stay away from saying "Gluten Free" and "Celiac" but tell them you have a food allergy, and they will get a chef to speak to you and show you what you can and cannot eat. Buffet usually has a small GF area with breads and deserts. You can get one of the buffet Chef's to make you something that is GF as well. Breakfast in either the MDR or in the Horizon Court was usually OK. Pizza is available, but it takes time for them to make it for you (to avoid cross contamination) International Cafe will always have a GF item for your for a snack.
  2. @denmarks Here is an updated name for Emerald Princess Lawrence Andrada landrada@princesscruises.com The address for Rosanne Pennucci comes back with the message "This is no longer a valid mailbox"
  3. If you are trying to use a credit and a promotion, book direct. You will typically not be able to take advantage of your bonuses. I have a WJ companion ticket and extra WJ dollars, and had to book direct with WJ. Alas it meant booking and paying well in advance to get the seats and flights we wanted (but we got upgraded seats at a great price) Based on your location, I suspect you trying to get from YBR somewhere, and you might have to use YWG as your starting airport.
  4. You do not need to purchase distilled water for your CPAP. Princess will supply a Gallon jug for FREE (for a 7 night cruise, and 2 gallons for a longer cruise) On your cruise personalizer there is a space to request both the water and an extension cord. Go to your Cruise on the Princess website, and on the right hand side Under Guest Check-in there is a link to Accessibility and Dietary Requirements. Distilled water for your CPAP is on the far right. Here is the detail directly from the Princess website. Distilled water is only provided, for use with your c-pap machine, onboard free of charge in gallon units, provided you submit a request in advance of sailing. Once onboard, simply contact your stateroom steward to request the water to be delivered to your stateroom as needed. If you are participating in an Alaska Cruisetour, the distilled water will also be available to you during your stay at the lodges. To request distilled water for your voyage, please contact our Dietary Coordinator using the dietary request form. Note that for US domestic sailings, advance requests must be received no later than 35 days prior to sailing date. For international sailings, advance requests must be received no later than 65 days prior to sailing. For late requests, we cannot guarantee availability onboard.
  5. When the price was on sale at $99 or $119, it was an outstanding deal. Looking at the $249 price for our upcoming 15 day cruise, does not make it attractive enough to purchase. I cannot understand why it is the same price if your cruise is 5 days or 15 days. On our last long Princess cruise we got the $99 package for a 14 nights. We came home with around 50 photos, and there are exactly 8 photos that we have used (1 embarking, 4 ports , 1 cruise stats photo and 1 formal dining pic). While on-board we spent our evenings seeking out the photographers for additional poses (which, almost 3 years later, are still in the same plastic bag as we brought them home in) and we have never looked at them again. It was worth getting them at ~$15 each, but would never be worth the approx $25 each now. At most I will get and use the Embarking, cruise stats and formal night pictures, which if purchase separately will cost $75.
  6. You will have 3 formal nights. They are usually on a sea day's so, most likely on Day 3 (Mar 2), Day 7 (Mar 9) and then day 14 (Mar 13). We are in the opposite direction in late Jan.
  7. We have re-fared our upcoming Panama canal cruise twice. (we are from Canada) We had to lose some of our extras (like a drink package) but the overall savings for us was significant (over $2000), and we have still have free Grats, plus a lot of OBC. I think we are at the wining end of the stick as there was not a snowball chance in heck that the DW and I could drink $2,000 of booze on our cruise (if we hit $300, I would be surprised)
  8. Thanks for the responses. . But now that I started thinking of a California coastal.. I am seriously looking at finding one before Xmas.
  9. Had a weird mixed message with Princess Customer Service/Website today. On my Captain's Circle account, it lists me (and my wife) as at Platinum level with 5 completed cruises (28 days). But... today when I called Princess Customer Service to pay off my Panama Canal cruise, I was thanked for being a loyal "Ruby" member, and to enjoy my cruise with all my "Ruby" benefits. When I questioned, the agent, she again repeated "Yes enjoy your Ruby benefits on your upcoming Cruise". Plus when I got my paid invoice, it states that we are Ruby level. So, am I confused if we "are or are not" going to be Platinum on our 6th cruise or we will still Ruby level when we take our next cruise in Jan. Should we be considering a quickie cruise (grab a 1-3 day west coast re-positioning) to ensure that we have completed our 6th cruise before the longer upcoming Panama Canal cruise. Or.. are we just in that awkward in-between step, and will be platinum once we get on the ship? (gawd.. 1st world problems..) I was really looking forward to that free 250 minutes of internet, and being one third of the way to Elite.
  10. Yes port charges will be refunded if the cruise is cancelled. From what I understand what is non-refundable is only the base cruise fare. I had to cancel a trip at last minute, and we got a refund of the port charges on our credit card
  11. Yep, a locked TV would pose a different problem... Guess it is different depending on the set-up of the ship. We were on the Star at the time the photo's were taken.
  12. As the TV is a JVC (and not a "no name" generic TV), all modern Universal remotes will have a codes for JVC. I did a quick google and it came up with a number of codes (it is based on the remote). Luckily; most of the newer TV universal remotes will cycle through the available codes and it is a very easy process.
  13. Check post # 19-21 on this thread. It shows the back of the TV on the Star Princess, the TV, and the remotes. You will need a universal remote to change the input on the TV's
  14. OK.. that first picture was awesome! My first thought was... Madam Leota running a card game.
  15. Your best bet is to book a cabin for the double, add your niece, and then if she does not want to join you, just have her as a no-show at the port. It is much easier to cancel someone than to add a person. I took my mom on a short west coast cruise, and booking for 2 was actually slightly cheaper overall than booking her as as a single, her sister was the second person in her cabin and she was just a no-show, and port taxes were refunded. Single passengers pay a double supplement for cruising. All cabins are sold as if 2 persons are travelling, alas a cost of cruising single. There should be a "3 for Free " sale in September, but they tend to increase the base price and then give you extras (OBC, Grats, etc). No sure about the cancel for any reason insurance, nor expiring FCD,s, as my FCD's never last more than several months.
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