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  1. It is not combinable with the first responder credit, would that impact you?
  2. Not really. Remember Typhoid Mary, you can carry the virus and transmit it without being sick yourself.
  3. We're not talking about infection rates, I'm referencing TRANSMISSION. If you cannot transmit the virus you wouldn't need a mask.
  4. A vaccine that prevents illness might still allow people to become infected and harbor the virus in their noses long enough to transmit it. New data from Moderna suggest that its vaccine may reduce transmission. Researchers found that people who had one shot were less likely than those in the placebo group to have symptom-free infections in their noses — and therefore less likely to be contagious. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/15/health/covid-moderna-vaccine.html
  5. If he said anything different they would have to throw away all the Pfizer vaccines. Dr. Anthony Fauci and other top government health officials received their first dose of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine on Tuesday. Why do you think they all chose Moderna?? https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/fauci-other-top-health-officials-receive-moderna-vaccine-camera-n1252073
  6. I have Kaiser too but that doesn't mean you have to go to them. Since the vaccine is no cost I will call every pharmacy and urgent care or vaccination center to find who is using Moderna. Insurance is not an issue regarding the vaccine so you can go wherever you want for it.
  7. I'm reading the Maderno vaccine prevents the virus from attaching to a host so you won't be a typhoid Mary but the pfizer does not so I won't take anything but Moderno.
  8. I see a major point overlooked here, If every passenger is vaccinated they are approx 95% protected even if they cross paths with someone who isn't. The crew would be safe from passengers if all pax were vaccinated and vica versa. The danger would essentially be to the crew if they went ashore where it is unknown if the people they encounter are not vaccinated or carriers. Pax wouldn't be at such a risk if they had their vaccination.
  9. I liked Azamara and am sorry to see it go. Celebrity and Princess are more alike then different but Azamara was very different.
  10. The suite perks are minimal if you are already at the Elite tier. As an elite tier in a club class mini suite the perks are nominal. There was time when suites got included/complimentary internet. I wish they'd bring that back now that they have the online ability.
  11. Royal Class ships balconies should be called french balconies. 2 wheelchairs , maybe not.
  12. Are you kidding? Where did you you get this misinformation?
  13. I wouldn't sail in anything below a mini suite category. It's not enjoyable to me to sail in less so why waste my time and money.
  14. Thanks for posting this encouraging information
  15. I hope so because I'm booked on this Cruisetour.
  16. I'm still waiting for my Dec 2020 cruise refund.
  17. It's not my prediction it was passed along to me from someone at corp. I also hope it's right, it will be over a year that Princess sat idle.
  18. By the time we sail all the recommendations will be updated. This week it was announced that cleaning and groceries was not necessary because it spreads via airbourne droplets. It went on to state it can be spread by touch but it was unlikely and no cases have been reported of this. Let's wait and see what CDC guidelines the ships will follow when they resume sailings. I'm told April 1 2021 is the date Princess anticipates restarting up their cruises.
  19. You should also check to see if it's safe to wear a medallion. I know people with pacemakers should not get the medallion but get a regular cruise card due to the magnets.
  20. When the pool grows everyone gets a bigger portion so just add it to your folio charges or give it directly to your room steward. There is not enough clarity from Princess on how to tip directly and where it goes so just do what you feel comfortable with. I personally don't like the system because I am not tipping those I want to tip and those I don't care to tip (like the entertainment staff).
  21. E. DISCRETIONARY HOTEL & DINING CHARGE POOL Other than as specified in these Terms or the Acceptance of Employment Terms and Conditions, the Company makes no promise, guarantee or commitment, and crew member agrees he/she does not expect or anticipate payment by the Company of any compensation beyond the Minimum Wage Guarantee. It has been the Company’s experience that passengers often wish to recognize and reward shipboard staff for working successfully and as a cohesive team to make the cruise experience enjoyable. Accordingly, during each voyage of eac
  22. It clearly states all monies go into the pool. No mention is made about exclusions. People are wishing their tips go to the crew member they give it to but that's not the case. Princess does not wish to clarify how their tips are distributed and to whom and it's calculated exactly.
  23. In a mini suite the balcony door will be blocked when the sofa is made into a bed. The bathroom in a mini suite has no bigger floor or counter space, the extra size is a tub which not useable for extra space. I personally wouldn't attempt four adults to any cabin except perhaps a full suite. If two cabins are unaffordable to you maybe a different style vacation would work better.
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