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  1. Just got one from BCBS that if I use a code (COVID-19) the tele-doctor visit will be free.
  2. Yes, the email I got early this morning specifically addressed the protection plan as one of the things refunded... It basically said everything you paid for including the insurance will be completely refunded to the way you paid for it.
  3. I thought the port (cruiseport) was closed for longer than that? What a hard place to be, hope it all works out for the best! The mayor of Charleston is meeting with the port and other entities to decide what to do about cruise ships... scary times, good luck!
  4. Sadly I doubt he will be able to go. I would contact Carnival and find out for sure before coming to the port. I feel for you! We are wondering if the March 21st sailing will even happen.
  5. Guests in the same cabin can get the same refund as the person not able to cruise.
  6. Go to a doctor in the box... seriously they have appointments all the time. Or see if your insurance has a "tele-doctor".... they are usually available.
  7. I just heard that the Gov. of Maryland has closed the cruise terminal: https://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2020/03/12/coronavirus-closings-cruise-ship-terminal-closed-at-port-of-baltimore-gov-hogan-says/
  8. Would like to know that as well, leaving 3/21 and trying to decide if I want to rebook...
  9. Fantasy is the oldest ship Carnival has (at least that is a Carnival ship and not one of the other lines) and it was the first "Fantasy class" ship. Cruised on her a few years back when she went out of Charleston. Smaller ship compared to the mega ships nowadays but still big.... not sure how much it has been kept up thru the years. I think the Valor, which you said is closer, would be my choice.
  10. I will know about the Adult cabanas towards the end of March. Will come back and tell all!
  11. Was the cabana in the "adult" area? We have one late March
  12. So Diamond/Platinum would get first choice on the cabins??? Oh wait that would be a "class".... so free for all upon embarkation. I think I might pay for a ticket just to watch it... most likely half of the passengers would be banned for life after the first hour!
  13. There was an NCL ship that left California on a cruise thru the Panama Canal on the way to Miami before drydock. It was the Su and here is a thread about how horrid the experience was. It was a long cruise as well. We went on the ship after dry dock and it was wonderful but I would have hated to be on her before... Here is a link to the thread:
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