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  1. If you work with a travel agent/advisor, who is registered with Windstar, they can see every available cabin. It is not difficult and it does not take up much time.
  2. Thank you John, I know a lot of Windstar's loyal passengers will be excited to hear this. I am! And our love and respect for your crews and staff is well desired. A rising sea raises all ships. Enough of your newer crew members came to Windstar from other cruise lines, for very good reasons. If the other, larger lines, want to keep their experienced staff, hopefully they will take lessons from you. (Kudos for every single crew member on the Star Legend this July & August. Best cruise crew ever!)
  3. Holly molly Chris!! I want that gig. If you are only going for the Breeze, can I go for the Pride or Legend?
  4. Until Windstar runs out of places to go to that we have not seen yet, most of our international travel is directly tied to where you can take us. Having recently had dinner with your Destinations Manage Felipe Menzes onboard the Star Legend, we spoke of our mutual fondness for South America. He gave us a hint of things to come (a very small hint), about the chances of WIndstar heading further south in the Americas. Can you share any itinerary prospects for the near future? We will be back on the Star Legend (post Star Plus Initiative) for Panama & Costa Rica in early 2021. But we are also looking for any opportunities for South America on Windstar. Just hoping! On a more personal note: thank you for your leadership. When sailing with Windstar, since you took the helm, it has become increasingly clear that staff at all levels has a better understanding of how they are so well respected by you and upper management. We have heard it a lot and it is not just words. It is positive attitudes and actions everywhere onboard. Thank you.
  5. I agree with milepig. And I feel that a $200 per person upgrade price is a good value for any sailing. Overall, the Star Class yachts are remarkably quiet. I would seldom make a Windstar cabin choice based upon a question of noise. There is none. We have been right next to the service pantry used by the cabin & room service staff (which also has a staff elevator). Never heard anything.
  6. Here is a copy of the post dry dock deck plan (directly from the Windstar website). Windstar labels this as "WINDS SURF; RENOVATED VOYAGES START NOVEMBER 30, 2019". (File name here is just how I have it stored on my drive.) There will be 18 suites remaining on Deck 3, along with the 3 individual suites on the Bridge Deck.Wind Surf Deck Plan (updated 11-30-19).pdf
  7. Canadian Kate, we share your joy of included soft drinks. Since this is your first Windstar cruise, you may not know that the mini bar refrigerator in your cabin also comes stocked with unlimited soft drinks. We always let our cabin attendant know that we only consume diet coke, and would like a few extra cans in there. We also ask for some cut lime wedges. Within a couple of hours we find 2-4 extra diet cokes and a ramekin (well sealed in plastic wrap) full of cut limes. It is often restocked during the entire cruise. Side note: Most of the time the sodas at the bars on board are not kept cold (no fountain bar guns). We will often just grab a soda and a glass of ice in our cabin instead. A warm soda poured over ice, usually seems too flat to me. Enjoy your first cruise on Windstar. I suspect you will be back for a second and third.
  8. You and I are on the same page milepig. Windstar has had a 310 passenger sailing yacht for a very long time, so they know how 300 people conduct themselves. This is not news. We are looking forward to a more "modern" layout, with a lot more usable space on deck. With more on deck dining space, more open space in front of Veranda/Candles (without lifeboats blocking our view), and the new BBQ area by the Star Bar; I expect we will feel like we gained a lot...and wonder how it ever worked before. Spanish dining space on deck 6 looks like a great option. We were at 206 passengers in July on the Star Legend in Alaska. Even during sea days and while anchored on expedition days, we never felt crowed. There were actually a few occasion when I wondered where everyone was. The only crowed event was during the staff talent show, so I wonder what they will do to make the Lounge fit all takers for that event. (we never miss it!) We are doing Panama and Costa Rica on the Legend (post stretch) in January 2021. We will see then, if not before. We talk with onboard staff a lot. Everyone on staff seems to be please with all the new twists on the design and layout. And I always work to get honest answers and we feel we did on this issue too.
  9. My understanding from the rep on Star Legend was that you can book with the discount for any sailing, then move the deposit to another sailing if you change your mind. AND if you decide to just cancel, you will get 100% of your deposit refunded (up until time of final payment).
  10. If you buy a bottle of wine at dinner, you do not have to finish it at that meal. They wine staff will tag it for you and bring it back to you for dinner the next night, until it is gone.
  11. There were at least 8 teens on our Star Legend Alaska sailing (just ended on 8/9). They were all well behaved and linked up with each other by the second day. One staff member (Amphora and Yacht Club) who bonded well with them was in the crew talent show. The teens loved her singing and gave her a standing ovation (soon joined by us old farts). I am almost 70 and I love the kind of kids we find on Windstar.
  12. All the trade journals quote Ponant & PG brass stating that PG will remain an independent, stand alone brand.
  13. I believe Windstar started doing this last Fall. Reduced deposit, extra discount off current fare, onboard credit for new booking, 100% refundable deposit until final payment, and you can move the new booking to another cruise date; if you change your mind about your selection. The rep had people waiting to talk with him all the time, especially during the last 3 days of the sailing.
  14. Just got off the Star Legend on Friday. (review to come later, but we already miss the ship and crew). Asked this exact question: As I now understand it, once the Star Breeze work gets started in October there will be a webcam for a lot of the construction. Owen Taylor (the onboard sales rep for new bookings) said there will likely be a time-lapse of the overall work on each ship, available after the re-launch. I would love to see a daily time-lapse. But I am a Star class groupie.
  15. We never use the minibar for alcohol libations, as we prefer those in a more social or meal setting. But we are both consumer diet coke in large volumes. On Windstar our cabin attendant has always listened to our requests and made sure there was always enough in the minibar, with the things we would never consume just going away, if there is no room. And I always add a wedge of lime, when it is available. On our last Windstar cruise, I asked our attendant if I could have some "cut lime", figuring I would get a couple of slices and be happy. A ramekin full of lime wedges showed up shortly in our minibar (very freshly cut) and covered in a piece of plastic rap. For the duration of our cruise, there was a fresh supply, faster than I could polish off the last batch. Frankly not needing to sign for coffee, juice and soda beverages on Windstar, is delightful. It is not the money, it is the simple, relaxed environment.
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