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  1. Yes, for now, Adventure still has the nice locker rooms with complimentary steam and sauna. Navigator has had these removed, and Explorer is apparently next, as well as Freedom of the Seas, from the layout of the new, post-"amplification" deck plans.
  2. On Royal, the thermal suites are mixed-sex and bathing suits must be worn. Layouts vary by ship, and I haven't specifically seen the one on Radiance. There may be some privacy in the showers in the thermal suite, but not always enough for nudity. There should be separate men's and women's locker rooms in the spa with showers where nudity is ok, and I believe that Radiance also has a sauna/steam room in the changing rooms for the fitness center, and these facilities are single-sex and towels/nudity would be permitted.
  3. Since you won't have a coffeemaker, if you would like to have coffee in your stateroom in the morning, you can order breakfast and have it delivered. There are hang-tag menus that you fill out the night before, and I believe that a limited breakfast is still complimentary (whereas other room service incurs a fee). You could also go to the Promenade cafe at any time to get coffee to go. There are urns of regular and decaf, with sugar, cream, etc., provided at no charge, as well as some snack and dessert items. Specialty coffee drinks are available for an extra charge.
  4. For now you can still enjoy some quiet time in the free saunas/steam rooms in the respective men's and women's fitness center locker rooms. At certain times of the day, these can be fairly busy, but at other times not so much. Early mornings and late afternoons are usually good times. Sadly, these have already been eliminated from Navigator and Voyager, and it looks as if it's only a matter of time before Royal destroys the nice fitness centers on all its Voyager- and Freedom-class ships.
  5. We have also used Native Choice to see the ruins at Chacchoben and would recommend them. Our group of about 20 went in two vans, each with a driver and guide, and the guide spoke and answered questions on the drive out so we felt we had some background before the tour given at the ruins. We were also able to avoid the crowds and feel as if we had the place to ourselves. We did the Cozumel tour to the mainland ruins booked through the ship, and it was exhausting. I wouldn't do that again! We had relatively little time at the ruins, with just a quick guided tour and 20 minutes or so to look around on our own. The travel time to and from the site, including the vomit rocket ferry, was longer than the time spent at the ruins, and we were late returning to the ship (but not the last to return).
  6. If you check the deck plans now showing online, although different from Navigator, the forward fitness center is gone and replaced with a small space aft on deck 12. Locker rooms/sauna/steam gone--they've ruined another one.
  7. The one we know the details of is Navigator of the Seas. In addition to being moved and greatly shrunk in size, the fitness center now has no locker rooms at all, just restrooms and a locker area. There are no free saunas/steam rooms on Navigator, though apparently there is a small sauna or steam room in the spa for paying spa guests only. They did not put in a thermal suite. Welcome to the "crap-lified" Navigator.
  8. Navigator of the Seas no longer has locker rooms for the fitness center. Apparently there is a small locker area to put personal items, but no actual changing room, just toilets.
  9. Years ago when we tried out Oasis and Allure, we went to the spa on embarkation day and purchased the couples pass for the thermal suite. It was $199 plus the ever-present 15% (is it 18% now?) gratuity for the two of us. Compared to the generous locker rooms and large free saunas/steam rooms on some of RCI's other ships, the thermal suites on Oasis/Allure are a disappointment, and not just because of the cost. The facilities are relatively small and awkwardly designed, and if there are more than a few people in the thermal suite, it gets loud (there's nothing to dampen the sound) and can get cramped. It is mixed sexes, so bathing suits must be worn (which is pretty gross in a steam room or sauna), and couples tend to be chatty. The specialty showers can be enjoyable (mist/rain/thunderstorm/waterfall effects), and the heated ceramic lounges are nice, as long as people don't decide to use them to hold their spa robes and other stuff while in the sauna. You have to be careful in the steam room because of the steam jets under the seating--your legs will get scalded if you're sitting where the steam comes out. And lastly, the men's locker room is small and gets crowded if there are three guys in there, practically, and it is well down the hall from the thermal suite. But all of that said, if I were stuck on an Oasis-class ship, I'd still get the thermal suite pass because we really love to include the sauna/steam room as part of our daily gym routine and post-workout relaxation. You just have to find the times when the thermal suite is not so crowded or noisy.
  10. It's not necessarily that people are upset about "going a week without" the sauna/steam room. For some folks, their cruise vacation is the only time they get to use such facilities, or, as in our case, it is a big part of the relaxation of going on a cruise. So to have a ship that now basically has no sauna/steam room for general use, and no thermal suite, it takes that ship out of the running for us when selecting a cruise. Lots of people book vacations, cruise or land-based, purposely at venues that have spas or steam/sauna facilities, so taking them away (in the case of Navigator) is, in my thinking, a mistake. And the worst part is, the Voyager-class (like the Freedom-class) ships had such beautiful fitness center facilities and fine locker rooms with the steam rooms and saunas. It is/was a crime to destroy those facilities.
  11. St. Kitts--van tour with Royston. It's kind of a crazy ride, but unforgettable. Check out other reviews/descriptions of his tour here on the St. Kitts board. If he's available, you would be the only ones, since his van can do 6 to 9 people, so I would discuss what you'd like to see or how much time you'd like to spend where. He is great and enthusiastic, but will spend a lot of time driving around to show you things if you're not clear about what you want to do/see. In any event, definitely hit the highlights like Brimstone fortress and the rain forest area.
  12. As already mentioned above, the organizer can choose wherever they would like to do the slot pull, but having a nonsmoking section in a large open room is like having a non-peeing section of a swimming pool. We have done slot pulls where the passenger organizer is directed by the casino host/manager which machine to use; others pick their own (which we prefer, and we generally seem to have better luck when we don't involve the casino manager).
  13. Depending on the size of the tour bus/van, they can park in a flat area just below the fort, but there is still a long walkway that is stepped to go up to get to the fort, and additional climbing of stairs and walkways once you get up there, since the fort is on several levels. The views are definitely worth it, though. Once you are up there, there are several vantages from all sides, but the ones looking out to sea are amazing. Below the fortress, there are a few outbuildings that are also nice to explore and have their own views, but you would not have to do these.
  14. I've never had any luck getting a specialty coffee in the MDR diamond breakfast section. When asked, the waitstaff have invariably said they were sorry, but the coffee machine was out of order for the MDR. I don't know if it was a big hassle for them to do a latte or cappuccino for the diamond section or something, but there must have been a coffee machine working somewhere, because other guests in the regular dining section were getting them ...
  15. There are a couple of cocktails I enjoy that include triple sec, and on occasion a nicely tipped DL bartender has on request gotten a small pour in a glass from the regular bar to make such a drink for me. My go-to apart from a gin martini is a Negroni (Campari, gin, and sweet vermouth). It's an excellent aperitif. I also like Manhattans, but unfortunately there is no bourbon, only Tennessee whiskey, so I will usually opt for a Rob Roy, which is the same formula as a Manhattan but made with scotch instead of bourbon. I've seen a few reports that sparkling wine has not been included in the DL bar recently. That is difficult to believe, if it's true, and annoying, because it takes away a whole class of "spritzer"-type drinks that could be concocted with the DL list.
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