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  1. ROFL 🤣 And he phoned viator in his free time between dealing with strong winds and after he cooked all the breakfasts!
  2. And in one night!! Haha just joking! Just remember 'Sharing is caring, but the wine is mine!' 🍷😍 Seriously though, you can share with anyone you want to share with! Enjoy!
  3. Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted. American Express is not widely accepted - larger hotel/hotel groups will accept American Express, but smaller hotels won't accept it. Very few stores accept American Express now. Some shops put a minimum amount to use plastic usually 10 euro.
  4. Are you certain about that? The reason I ask is that I have read numerous complaints about the red wine offerings which are available by the glass at the USD 9 price point (now 11 dollars!). If it were possible to pay the difference then I don't think there would be so many complaints.
  5. on Koningsdam he had a desk beside Guest Services and was there quite often. If it was unattended and I needed information from him, I just left a note with room number and he did actually call me (shock!).
  6. You made a good move! A Vista suite really isn't a suite at all. It's around the same size as a verandah cabin. The Neptune has much more space and benefits.
  7. That is an understatement! Even Airbnb is expensive in Vancouver! We are going to Vancouver in September for 12 days to visit our son and at one stage thought I would have to remortgage the house to pay for accommodation.
  8. As you are not at final payment date yet, and you are based in U.S. would it not make sense to hold off on buying SBP for the moment, in case an offer comes along (Cruise week etc) that may offer the SBP and then you can check the figures and refare?
  9. interestingly, it those dates are still available to book on HAL's website (Euro edition!)
  10. Due to maintenance, the website will at times be unavailable, including My Account, Online Check-In and booking cruises, shore excursions, dining and gifts. We apologize for any inconvenience. This is currently showing on the website (euro version). I sincerely hope that the are doing maintenance (and due diligence on the maintenance!) and it is not a 'catch-all' for the cr@p website that they have. The statement (above) is just a true reflection of the ongoing status of their website.
  11. Don't forget to check the voltage of the appliance you are using. Barcelona, like the rest of Europe is 220v. An adapter will allow a US plug fit a Euro socket, but it will not change the voltage.
  12. I don't see a 6 week gap! Feb 2nd - Feb 20th - 18 day Circle Hawaii Feb 20th - Feb 27th - 7 day Mexican Riviera Feb 27th - March 6th - 7 day Mexican Riviera and every week up to April 24th when she repositions to Vancouver to commence her Alaska schedule.
  13. First question is: Which Rome airport? There are two! The main international airport 'Leonardo DaVinci Airport - FCO' and the smaller intra european only airport of Ciampino - CIA. CIA is more difficult to access. FCO is closer to Civitavecchia. Is your flight within Europe or back to USA? It will make a difference to the 'FCO experience'! We have comfortably made 11.15 am flights from FCO to other european destinations. We arrange a car with Stefano's Rome Cabs with a 8.00 am meeting time. This gets us to the airport for around 9 am and it is then a leisurely stroll to the gate using a pre purchased pass for 'Fast Track' security. (the queue at the 'duty free' shop is a nightmare!). We can use the egates for passport control. Going back to USA, I believe that it you need to check in 3 hours before flight time, so with a 1pm flight you need to be there by 10 am. Still no problem, but I would arrange a pick up for 7.30 or even 7.00 am if an Italian public holiday or a weekday. Tell guest services on board the ship that you have an early flight and you need early disembarkation. Be prepared to self disembark and carry your own bags. Your car service will be parked just outside the terminal building.
  14. That is a great question! I had forgotten about DVD regions and Pal/NTSC formats! Hope someone can answer!
  15. I don't think it was a Hilton, but I think it was a 'Great Southern Hotel' in a previous existence. That group no longer exists. The walk would be 5/10 minutes but not very pleasant with all the traffic around the airport and all driving in the wrong direction!
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