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  1. Caribbean? Then it is $7 x number of days cruise. Or $20 per bag.
  2. Koningsdam 12th January in Port Everglades MDR was open 12 noon to 1.30 pm
  3. Sunday 12th January, arrived Port Everglades 10.30, checked in by 11 am onboard 11.25 am. Room was ready when we got there and bags delivered by 12.30. The system works, so no need to fix it.
  4. I asked about ZPM and fcc confirmed it would continue but called it VPM. (Maybe a FCC special rate.) When i pushed about buying a FCD at new rate and applying ZPM to it within 60 days she was a bit hesitant. I get the impression that ZPM will cease over the coming 60 days.
  5. Older FCD's will continue to be honoured at the rates quoted on them.
  6. FCC said it is to encourage full bookings rather than deposit certs. As far as i am aware FCC dies not make anything from FCD but gets some commission on bookings
  7. I will repost the announcement when i get better lighting!
  8. I will repost the announcement when i get better lighting!
  9. Goodmorning from KDM. We are docked in Curacao this morning. There was a response from FCC in our mailbox this morning. Seems I missed the announcement on 13th January!
  10. I am hoping 🤞that the new rules apply to FCD's only and if you book a cruise onboard you still get the tiered credit. Time will tell.
  11. Anyway the band in Rolling Stone Roc k room is amazing. It was like back to the late 60's and their performance of 'Hey Joe' was bliw ur mind stuff. Woodstock lives!
  12. To me "We' is FCC's in general. I have asked them the question and will look for an appointment
  13. At the FCC desk is this notice. The amounts are highlighted.
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