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  1. The 'Premium' level is unnecessary unless you want to 'stream', video etc. The middle level is good enough for browsing, whatsapp call (not video calls) and wifi calling. We had 24 days in Caribbean and then trans Atlantic. Only lost connectivity for last couple of days between Spain and Italy. Apart from that I was happy with the speed and performance of the connection. It was better than expected.
  2. I like the idea about Speciality restaurant and invitation in the room, but take it a stage further and speak with the restaurant supervisor, then when your Dad arrives have the supervisor tell him that there is something wrong with his reservation and he will have to share a table............guess who with?! Just be careful at the pre departure safety drill that you don't 'bump' into each other.
  3. Could be Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise. They are scheduled to announce their October 2020 cruise on June 25th. They have used a few HAL ships. October 2019 they charter Eurodam to Mexican Riviera and January 2020 they have Nieuw Statendam in Western Caribbean.
  4. It is not like the caribbean ports with tour operators waiting at the port to offer tours or trips. There may be some taxi cabs waiting to give tours but negotiation would be necessary over the price. The train station is right beside the dock and trains run to Cork City every 30 minutes. @kerryincork does the tourist train still run? the visitcobh.com website looks as if it has not been updated recently.
  5. Yes! And the chance of gun crime is negligible, unlike some other places.
  6. KDAM had a dry dock in December 2018, so unlikely to be another dry dock so soon. Possibly a charter, though departing on Sept 26 from Vancouver and arriving 7 days later in San Diego, doesn't give a good route/itinerary. Interesting!!
  7. Or Romanian or Libyan, Algerian...........?
  8. 10 am is what we do! Stefano's driver will be waiting for you! They are our drivers of choice. The drive to Civitavecchia is unremarkably bland.
  9. OP mentioned Nieuw Amsterdam, whuch does not have Vista suites. But, you are correct on ships that do have vista category.
  10. If you are in a Signature Suite (SY) or above, then yes, otherwise no.
  11. Ahh, you went in the summer then!
  12. Are you driving a rental car to Civitavecchia yourselves or taking a transfer? A private transfer is about 75 minutes and a shared shuttle could take up to 2 hours depending on if you are first pick up or last! A private transfer will take you directly to the specific terminal being used by Koningsdam that day. The terminals vary and are a long walk (or shuttle bus drive) from the port gates. Suggest you purchase water, wine and sodas on your last evening in Rome as there are no shops/markets close to the terminal n Civitavecchia.
  13. Tipping is not required, nor necessary. If you feel that you must 'tip' in a restaurant or taxi then just round the bill up. Make sure that a 'service charge' has not already been applied to the bill. Ignore 'Tip Jars' on coffee bar counters etc.
  14. Afternoon Tea is served between 3pm and 3.45pm daily. Finger sandwiches, scones and pastries, served with tea or coffee. High Tea (which would include HOT food) is not served.
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