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  1. Ooops! Sorry! I have only sailed Rotterdam once and in a Vista suite. It was fine. I would not book a Lanai as it does not have its own verandah but opens on to the promenade deck. You have reserved sun loungers.
  2. If it says 'suite' then it is double mariner points providing the suite is booked at a published price (not an upsell).
  3. They are great showers! Great pressure, constant temperature and no need to step over the bath tub side to get in. Also, a large cubicle, so no plastic shower curtain sticking to your back.
  4. If you are looking at itineraries on only Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam, then you need to look at videos or photos of only those two ships. A Signature Suite or Neptune Suite on Koningsdam is different to a Signature/Neptune on Eurodam, which is different to Signature/Neptune on Rotterdam. All have the same naming but different sizes, features, facilities. On Koningsdam we have been in both Verandah Staterooms and Vista Suites. Main differences are that the Vista Suite gives double mariner points for the number of cruise days, and has binoculars in the cabinet. Not much else. We have had an Aft view Vista and we were not impressed with the 'ride' while at sea (shimmy) and have been quite happy with Verandah Staterooms in our recent Koningsdam cruises. We have found recently that Vistas are not worth the extra money over a Verandah stateroom.
  5. That's all for me tonight! Got to go for a walk in the dark so I can't be seen! (joking!) Stay safe everyone!
  6. By house flags do you mean the blue pennant sometimes with & sometimes without 'Half Moon'?
  7. Then again, maybe they just use it to ship their cars etc
  8. She is being shifted to berth 01 tomorrow morning and is 'scheduled' (?) to depart on 2nd April from berth 01
  9. Edge is confirmed for 4.30 pm and Zuiderdam for 4.35pm, IOS confirmed for 5pm
  10. Following on from his previous posts I would suggest that poster was being facetious and intended to mention Zaandam (not Volendam).
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