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  1. And some new ports of call: Riga, Latvia; Klaipeda, Lithuania; Rijeka, Croatia; Marmaris, Turkey; Limassol, Cyprus; Casablanca, Morocco; Santa Cruz, Teneriffe. Some of them are only on a TA back to Florida.
  2. New Departures from Stockholm and Piraeus (Athens).
  3. Introductory "ALL Inclusive Offer!" CLOSE ALL-INCLUSIVE 2021 OFFER Book your 2021 Europe cruise now for an all-inclusive experience, valued at up to €2,100 per person. Includes: • Free Air (up to €400 per person) • Free Drinks • Free Onboard Spending Money (up to US$600 per person) • Free Stateroom Gratuities Bonus offer for suites: Free Internet and Free Dining Package per person
  4. The Europe 2021 season itineraries are now up on the HAL europe site! 😁👍
  5. Yes, but some evenings it uses the Rolling Stone Rock Room stage. Probably the night when RSRR band are not playing.
  6. Thanks for your review. Koningsdam is our favourite ship. Do you happen to remember who was the keyboard player in BBKings band?
  7. Don't know for sure, but as your ceiling is BB Kings dance floor, you will get some sound and vibration. The plus is that from the deck plan 1108 is at the opposite end to the stage, so the band will not be directly above you.
  8. Thanks for your review. Interesting to read your perception of HAL and X from a new cruiser perspective.
  9. Let's be honest, European customers will get the scraps again! We don't get the 'good' deals, nor even last minute offers. Sad and demoralized.
  10. So 7 days X 15USd = 105 - 50 obc = 55 usd cost! = no brainer! Even though you already have 'priority' boarding etc through your star mariner level, the value in a smaller evening meal location is worth it!
  11. This is an unacceptable diminution of the HAL service that is advertised widely within their own brochures. I had been looking forward to taking our grandchildren on a cruise, but if this is the HAL position, then HAL will not be considered. While it is reasonably acceptable that there are restricted Club Hal services out of season, the full service should be available 'in season' and the 'seasons' need to be clearly delineated on the website/booking. Even making the service (tolerably) chargeable would be better than this poorly thought out and possibly dangerous change of policy.
  12. It is only Ryanair that has the cajones to label Girona and Reus as Barcelona airport. OP, if you use the airport code BCN you will have no worries.
  13. As early in October as possible would be my choice. Prefer May, then September, but October would get an honourable mention!
  14. It works good for us.......3 red for me and 1 white for DW 😁🍷
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