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  1. In August when cruising resumes you can see just how they work the social distancing.
  2. Lol I have a pretty good idea where you get your news. You seem stressed that there are many people not living in constant fear like yourself. I can lead a horse to water but I can't make it drink.
  3. We loved Marleau for the short time we had him. Reliable antibody tests will be here before a vaccine which is good. I am weary of a rushed vaccine.
  4. No need to fall for any conspiracy theories. It's just too late for any Government to just end a lockdown overnight.....it would be admitting a major mistake and thus political suicide. I must have missed the part where someone said those who died were disposable. That's far from the case. You can in fact protect the vulnerable while still trying to protect the economy. Who knows, in 5 years maybe the suicides related to all this will surpass the deaths from the actual disease. This is a real concern right now. Once again I must stress, turn off the news. You'll feel better immediately.
  5. Jumbo Joe has shaved his beard!!!! Looks 15 years younger!!! If your wife had the flu this past winter it may just have been Covid-19.....
  6. You came to a thread titled "If you are too scared to cruise, don't cruise". You came here. And yes, it does include a lot of people. Your Country has roughly 300 million people yet only only 94k have died so far. And there are quite a few people who say that 94k number has been elevated due to political pressure. Time to turn off the news.......
  7. Which is why social distancing is still important as is the use of masks while inside in public. Shutdowns though?
  8. Good call. Our next cruise is booked for January 2021 and I'm pretty sure we'll be on it. As for the others looks like August 1 is the tentative start date. No longer a threat to who? It's only really been a threat to the elderly and those with comorbities. The average person can fight this thing off.....most without showing any symptoms whatsoever. We should definitely be taking precautions to protect the vulnerable but to shut everything down was just wrong......but that will come to light in a few years. As is the title of this thread, If you are too scared to cruise, don't cruise. Please take heed of this advice.
  9. They have identified different strains of Covid-19?
  10. The lockdowns were only in place to avoid hospitals getting overrun. Hospitals didn't get overrun. Even in Sweden where there was no lockdown they only hit 60% of bed occupancy.
  11. The vast majority of people diagnosed with Covid-19 are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms.
  12. Lots of pressure to put Covid-19 on the medical forms apparently. Gotta justify the lockdown somehow.
  13. So far yes. Sweden is playing the long game. Will have to revisit these stats in a few years. Don't forget, Sweden did have social distancing in place, they just didn't lock everything down.
  14. Fun fact, Sweden never hit above 60% of occupied beds, and they never locked down.
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