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  1. If they really are that hard up for cash then perhaps just purchasing points for money straight up is next?
  2. For our Jan Indy cruise an inside is now a few hundred more than what we paid for our JS.
  3. The new chair hogs will be water hogs..... The other times you won't have to wear at mask (besides dining) is while exercising. "Also, guests should not wear masks while engaged in activities that may cause the mask to become wet, like when swimming in our pools, or when participating in strenuous activities, such as jogging, running, or fitness classes at the Vitality Spa and Fitness Center."
  4. So much for learning to live with it eh? The only business left will be Amazon and Walmart......maybe Amazon can start selling Walmart's dome of immunity??
  5. Not even a confirmed case and not allowed to disembark. And only a single person suspected. Everyone's on high alert. My region is going back to a modified Phase 2 as of 12:01am Monday it has just been announced. Not good.
  6. Same here. That's the only reason I go to the Caribbean every winter. With masks on deck, I'm out until no longer required. With masks onboard I'm out until no longer required mind you.
  7. I have never even considered this, it's brilliant. Royal gets their reduced capacity without any hurt feelings, those who really want to cruise can cruise, and those who are more flexible get something in return for their postponement. Could absolutely work.
  8. And I don't think the SIngapore cruises will have any bearing on the US cruises. Mask use in Singapore is already mandated and is followed 100% with no arguments. It really is the perfect place for Royal to start cruising. As a positive for the US though Chris Christie is now on board and has gone public about the necessity of mask use, hopefully people listen. And it won't be forever......mask use that is.
  9. I can see the line ups now, stretching all along the Royal Promenade......marks on the floor telling you wear to stand.....30 minute wait just to go up 2 floors.
  10. My Province was around 100 new daily cases for most of the summer, we are now hovering close to 1000. There are talks that we are heading back to Phase 2......some big announcement is coming today....ugh.
  11. This is true, but the future of their entire industry is at stake so I would imagine they'll take their precautions very seriously and probably want to make examples of a few people in order to deter others. Just like the MSC cruise that kicked off the family for leaving the excursion......haven't heard of any others getting kicked off for the same reason......yet.
  12. It's not good for him. But so far there doesn't seem to be any age distinction or health exemption mentioned.
  13. I believe Royal will be taking their pandemic safety rules very seriously as their very future depends on it. One more outbreak on a ship and they may be done for good.
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