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  1. Thought i read somewhere that after checkin i could go to cabin.
  2. Consider this with Carnival in 2019 there have been 35 passenger assualts on cruise lines 20 were on Carnival this was on U.S. news feed today
  3. Sorry if this is already posted . but i thought i read somewhere that our keys are outside our door on embarkation. Boarding Equinox soon.
  4. This will be our 2nd time doing this itinerary its FANTASTIC .parked so close to the quarter its great
  5. we book transfers from airport to ship with Celebrity and the buses have lifts just let them know ahead
  6. um every room ive had on a ship if i open the shade the room gets flooded with light ..your going out on the balcony leave the shade shut 😛
  7. they will take care of all your wants and needs no questions asked ENJOY
  8. On a side note..... TRACYS CRAB SHACK is a MUST
  9. first come first served was just there on the Silohette plenty of tender boats one after another
  10. on Siluohette 2weeks ago they had no prob matching my 5 dollars with their match play making it $10
  11. We are flying down on the 1st and then taking a taxi to the ship on the 2nd would anyone know where she will be docked and what address i give the driver ?
  12. OK was all in fun i lmao while typing it
  13. last cruise mid week JOHNNY WALKER BLUE 99.00 its 300.00 canadian so i thought was good deal
  14. Sushi on five. 🙂 cafe el bachio 🙂 others will chime in ENJOY
  15. Wear anything weve seen from tuxs to raggy jeans with a wrinkled HD tshirt
  16. Our first time at this port... can we shop. see anything close to the ship
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