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  1. Not cruising related but.....life changer, bake your bacon in oven on top of parchment paper. Perfectly cooked crispy all the way through without the mess! If not for bacon I could probably be a vegetarian!
  2. Nothing but good news today for me. Have 7/31 & 8/7 btb on the Mardi Gras and 10/2 Panorama. Am vaccinated and ready to go. We have an itinerary change.
  3. They will have fuel and supplies needed at the port when she arrives but she’s had many months sitting in Barcelona to get any finishing touches done. Right now she is still scheduled to sail 7/31 and it appears that Carnival is doing their best to meet that schedule.
  4. The way I see it is that they chose to require the mandatory vaccines in order to get the PVSA waiver, part of whatever deal they came up with.
  5. BTB 7/31 & 8/7/21, 12/4/21 and BTB 2/26 & 3/5/22. They were a lot more spread out when we booked them originally. We’re looking forward to the several restaurant choices, the roller coaster and water park.
  6. A welcoming party for Mardi Gras arrival is going to be a blast. Scheduled to arrive June 4, time depends on weather but we are certain that the captain will make sure to arrive at optimal time to make a grand entrance into Port Canaveral. The excitement is building and we all have a date that we know will be happening and no possible cancellation! Inviting anyone to come that can make it, have people flying in from out of state, driving many hours and a ton of local Floridians all ready to show some big love to the Mardi Gras and the new terminal.
  7. November 1992 Mardi Gras “Groom Boat Cruise”. Was the first of what has become yearly cruises in the pet industry.
  8. I had a similar problem once that could be the same for you. My account is fine and usually primary person booking. When my husband tried to add mutiple cruises to his cruise manager, it somehow turned out that he has 2 vifp numbers. He couldn’t add them both as they were booked under different numbers. That had to happen a very long time ago. Regular CS corrected it when we figured it out what the problem was.
  9. Also booking two 7 day cruises back to back they will credit $250 total obc. $100 for the first half and $150 for the second.
  10. It was in my cruise manager, I only checked both my July cruises and they were both changed to 30, hope we hear any news soon!
  11. Is this a good sign? I’m still hoping that our July cruises may sail.
  12. I have an 8/7 booked on the Mardi Gras, final payment date currently 5/9, Waiting to see if the July cruise is a go or not before I make any more payments too. Guess I should send off a note to my PVP also, May is awfully close.
  13. Well I hope they know something the rest of us don’t! First time I’ve seen a report like this, interesting.
  14. I am going to be interested when the reviews start coming in on these cabins, I have one of these suites booked on the Celebration TA, I really hope we like it. It’s the first time ever to book a suite and since we assume this will be our once in a lifetime TA I felt splurging a little was worth it.
  15. Live near the beach and beautiful local springs, campgrounds and such to hold me over till cruising gets started again. Victory Casino ship and local fishing charters will do for day sailing. I do have a flight to Salt Lake City in June where I will pick up granddaughter and head out on a road trip to Grants Pass, OR to visit her Grandma and my very senior mother in law that I love dearly. She’s not traveling anymore so we are going to her.
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