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  1. IT’S POWERFUL! Ahhhhhh😍😍😍😍😍😍 thank you you so much for the suggestions (I’m in for Lobster Lunch 👍) and, of course, my Powerful!
  2. Oh I’m stacking in anticipation of packing. Got beautiful new luggage (my old were victims of lots of travel with work). I’m writing the to do lists, the packing lists, etc Im smiling, with fingers crossed. Thank you for your enthusiasm. ❤️❤️👍
  3. Wave! We will be boarding when you are leaving! so much about this cruise is perfect. Giant Aft Facing balcony cabin Lou along so Jim and Lou can go off on adventures if I’m too tired Lou is one of my best friends and to have a week with him will be great Bermuda. In my professional yachting days I would often spend a week or more in Bermuda moving the boat North or South. Bermuda always felt like home. To tell the truth, I personally would be happy to just see Bermuda from the ship (if I wasn’t strong enough to go ashore). BUT ..... I really hope to see Powerful or Faithful. Bermuda’s 2 tugs. Faithful helped bring our boat through the cut into St George’s at the tail end of a hurricane when I had been hurt offshore. Would love to see my Faithful again!❤️❤️
  4. We booked a Concierge Level Accessible cabin for 3 passengers last December. It’s aft facing - a requirement for my Hubs, Jim and Accessible for me. We sent back the document regarding my issues requiring the special cabin and a letter from my physician. We bought no-fault travel Insurance which covers pre-exhisting conditions. We thought we were set. A few weeks after final payment Jim got a cryptic message from Celebrity. On the call back we discovered Jim and I were moved to a smaller, non accessible AC cabin on the side of the ship and our friend was just floating around in the Celebrity computer somewhere. If that wasn’t bad enough, the Celebrity people refused to return us to our cabin, it was already filled with other guests. It took an agonizing trip up the Customer Service food chain until we found Mirai. She finally listened to us and looked at our record. The guests were removed from the original cabin (which had been reclassified from Concierge/Triple to AC/Double) our friend was givin an inside cabin a sneeze away at no additional charge. He will have all the perks of AC including Blu. We also can dine in any specialty restaurant for no charge for all 7 nights. There are more upgrade tidbits but no need to discuss them. By the way, we NEVER asked for anything other than to have our original reservation reinstated. Jim or I have spoken to Celebrity a few times since and each time the agent has told us the reservation is flagged as VIP and the upgrades listed. What really is killing me? My medical issues have resurfaced. It’s touch and go if my doctors will allow me to sail - depending on the results of a biopsy being scheduled. We fought so hard to get our cabin back and I have always wanted to share Bermuda with Jim and Lou. Now all I can do is wait and ... cry.
  5. Dont you hate it when places we love are discovered and change. 😞
  6. At Boardwalk Bakery at Boardwalk Resort (Walt Disney World) they have a creamy Sugarfree Cheesecake option. When we stay at an EPCOT Resort Jim understands his first duty as a husband is to hitup Boardwalk Bakery for SF Cheesecake. (He goes before he unpacks). could be the same for the Summit. Priorities! 😉👍
  7. I wonder how close the Cafe is to the boarding doors? Sounds like a first-day visit is in order. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 Thanks👍🤗
  8. Oooooooop! I LOVE tea and quiet time to visit with my Hubby and I haven’t seen Lou in over a year. Its Funny. Jim is not the least jealous of my friendship. Lou and I answer each other’s sentences and Jim is now a good friend of Lou. A visit to a quiet coffee shop is a perfect place for the three of us. I’ll be looking for the creamy treats. Lou eats the largest. Jim ...... not a sweets fan will pick something he hadn’t tried before. Thank you so much for the great idea!🥟🧁🍰🎂🍮🎉❤️
  9. Wow! For once I’m without words (And Jim will find it AMAZING.)
  10. Aft facing handicap cabin, deck 9. I should be fine.
  11. What a lovely note, thank you. ❤️ Accident was after I moved ashore (to take care of my ailing mother.) On a blistering hot day in DC, I was helping an account setup an outside display for a boatshow at National Harbor. Big 100’ x 150’ tall circus type tent. Dark sky, we started to pack up. A small tornado skipped down the National Mall killing a young boy on a school trip, injuring others. Our giant tent flipped and landed on me. I screamed like a cheep B movie star! Haha. I was cut out before I suffocated. The show sent me photos of the hole in the tent. Jim called it the Donut Hole (his name for me is Donut). Both knees and one ankle were partially crushed. LOVE the Fairmont Princess. We used to stay at the Hamilton Princess moving the boat south in the fall. (You know I was a yacht captain) The Boss loved it there. He would come and stay on the boat and always took the delivery crew to Sunday Brunch in the hotel. i tried staying at the Bermuda Yacht Club which had reciprocity with my hometown Yacht Club UNTIL I discovered they had a gentleman-only Club room. My crew was still tying up, setting up the power etc. I stormed down the dock, hopped on the boat, we dropped the lines, the Boss arranged the tie-up at the Hamilton Princess and there we stayed after that. Guess what? I got to know the head chef when he was invited to the boat for dinner. He gave me a tour of HIS kitchen! It was fascinating!👍😉 im glad you still go. Bermuda, for me, is like Alaska. Once you see it, this love gets into your blood stream and you must return - cannot live without a visit. im not sure how I will handle it, but I must return to Alaska. Trip #8 for me. Everybody else ..... so sorry to take over this thread. May I ask? What is your most favorite meal on Celebrity?
  12. My Jim is not a jacket kind of guy but I’ll certainly copy your note to Jim and Lou. My one sadness ..... I will not make it to St. George’s. You see, in another life (80’s early 90’s) I was a yacht captain running a private 60’ Sailing yacht. Bermuda was my second home and we stayed WAAAAY out there. i wish ....... well, I’ll tell the boys what to look for and send them out on their scooters. (I know but the both ride Motorcycles.) Things to checkout in St George’s ... Bermuda cut a path through the coral so teeny little ships could call on St George’s. I watched Celebrity’s Zenith go through once. Guests could hand me a drink they were so close. Bermuda Harbor Radio is just outside St. George’s. Decades ago an oil tanker crashed on a reef and destroyed acres of coral reef - Bermuda’s only protection from giant waves. They created a powerful radio station which tracks all inbound and outbound traffic. i was hurt in a storm approaching Bermuda. They caught our radar reflection and guided the yacht through the tiny channel , in the tail end of the storm. A few days later they called me to remind me flat on my back could be achieved on deck in the sunshine. (They liked me because I always brought fresh baked goodies after I settled in from a passage.) Thank you for the heads up for Waterloo Inn. I’ll keep my fingers crossed! 🙏🤞❤️
  13. Ill checkout the sushi menu for Jim food. Thanks for the heads up. Pot Roast with extra gravy. By far a favorite. There is a small, roadside diner in Maine that has a great Pot Roast special on Tuesdays. We now have to plan to be in Rockport on Tuesday so Jim can have his pot roast when we travel to Maine. Jim is certainly determined. ❤️ Thank you for the Sushi on 5 tip.👍😁
  14. If it Moos, he likes it. I’ll tell him. Thank you for the warning. 🐂👌
  15. I like the idea of Blu and checking out the MDR menu. Great choice! Tuscan < sounds perfect. we could get thrown out of Qsine. We are the 3 happy ...... NO! NOT stooges, silly. Sharing plates sounds like perfect fun for us. These are my 2 favorite men. Lou was my best friend for a few decades. I used to call him my best girlfriend-he’s Gay. I met Jim waiting in line to ride Big Thunder Mountain. Luckily, Lou and Jim quickly best friends. On a trip to Disneyland the girls down the hall thought Jim and Lou were married! its great traveling with Lou. Besides traveling with our own physician, those two can go off hours (I cannot do long excursions) and Jim has someone to share the experience. Qsine will be perfect for us. Thank you for the advice. 😆❤️
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