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  1. Thanks -- haven't heard this one in a long time 🙂
  2. Hahaha -- I placed some plastic items in my sister's Suzy Homemaker Oven, turned it on & went outside to play 🙂 Couldn't sit down for a week...
  3. I'm a little behind the times... Happy belated Canadian Thanksgiving to our neighbors to the East...
  4. Having grown up in the Midwest & having a mother from WI... Totally love Charlie Berens...
  5. My response... I'd like iced tea please... Unsweetened... Coke (Coca Cola) Raised & Proud
  6. Thank for taking us along Miaminice. Fabulous photos, food & fun! You did a great job expressing your insights, the possibilities & realities of cruising during C-19. It's heartening to know you enjoyed your cruise and would cruise again. Wishing you a Christmas/New Year Cruise with Tui & hopefully you'll be able to return to Miami next year. Thanks again for taking your vacation/cruise time to share your experience with all of us to enjoy.
  7. Thanks Miaminice for treating us all to a fantastic cruise! Sad the end is near, but nice too know cruising has successfully returned in part of the world. You've done a fantastic job w/ your narrative & pictures to allow us to join, it's been wonderful "cruising" with you 😎 Wishing you an amazing final day at sea & smooth disembarkation & safe travels home. Cheers -- Von & John
  8. I was wondering if that would happen... I hadn't signed up - b/c I was unsure if I'd be able to swing it due to time zones & work...
  9. My mother broke her yardstick over an older sister's tushy... & Grandma made the sis give Mom a new one for Christmas 🤣🤣🤣
  10. We just received the September Newsletter this morning 🙂 Perhaps yours is still on its way...
  11. Good Morning -- for those who did not receive an invite/e-mail for the Galapagos PUP... There is a link on today's September Captain's Club Newsletter:
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