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  1. Thank you all for your suggestions. I've spoken with SS and they were very helpful.
  2. We are booked for a Caribbean sailing in November with the included air. We normally do our own air, but getting from Austin to Barbados is a bit of challenge, so we thought we might have Silversea do this. When can you request air schedules and book flights? Can you request specific flights? What is the air deviation fee, as we will be going to Barbados a couple of days early? Any suggestions or experiences you've had with their air would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Any idea if this is the case on the Reflection? We're boarding soon and wondered if we need to go straight to the cabin to pick up the key and drop the carry on bags.
  4. Just curious about the "different kind of passengers/ambiance?" We are booked for 3/2 on the Explorer. Is there something we should know about the passengers?
  5. We have been on the Reflection before, but were not able to drop our bags in our cabin and move on until the cabins were ready. I do know with the Revolutionized ships, you can do that, but were your key cards in an envelope outside the door? I'd really like if if we could drop bags and head to lunch before the cabins were ready.
  6. We just came back from several countries in the Med and NO ONE would take Amex. You'll definitely need either Visa or Mastercard
  7. The good news is that the cabin we waitlisted did indeed become available, but a prevailing rates. The rates were almost $2500.00 more than we paid for the current cabin. We passed.
  8. Does anyone know how waitlist cabins work? We’re waitlisted for a cabin on the Reflection this fall. Do they automatically change the cabin I’m currently in or do they notify me it’s available and we have a certain amount of time to respond?
  9. We are booked on the Silver Whisper for July. Final payment is almost here and we are anxious to make our shore excursions and dining reservations. However, a week out from final payment only 2 ports of shore excursions have been listed for the sailing through My Silversea. When can we expect the remainder of the excursions to appear?
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