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  1. If the Costa Concordia had not drifted to the island of Giglio but rather sunk about an hour later, would that have greatly changed the loss of life? Is the estimate that it would have been better or worse?
  2. I agree, Pat. Who knows how things will be in 2022. I'm not sure the veranda furniture would fit through the door (it may), but the chairs probably stack. You'll probably be happy with the sunshine you will find on deck. I was more of a shade seeker and frustrated at times. Feel free to reply if you have any other questions. Tim
  3. Pat, We enjoy sea days too. I never felt that the ship was crowded on sea days. I can tell you that we were able to find deck space every time we tried. I like shade more and wish there was more space in shade on the upper decks, though. The lounge beds in the Lanai were usually occupied on sea days, but I usually prefer spaces that are more out in the air. I was able to spend some time in the Lanai during the Jamaica day when I chose to stay onboard. We spent some time on the Aquavit terrace (mostly in the sun), which was nice. There are also some loungers (mostly in the sun) and
  4. Hi, ClevelandKid. We did this cruise earlier this year (Jan/Feb). I don't really have time to compose a review, but I'd be happy to try and answer any questions you may have. Tim
  5. We just returned form a 14-day cruise. There were "chocolate" desserts on the menu in The Restaurant only about half of the days we ate there. And some of what was on the menu had chocolate in the name but wasn't very chocolaty, according to my wife. She thinks they should have something chocolate as part of the every-day menu. I guess you could ask for ice cream with chocolate sauce, but that doesn't do it for her. Our waiter graciously brought her the chocolate mousse from the room-service menu a time or two. She thought the texture wasn't as good as what it was on a previous cruise.
  6. My wife and I, along with my three sisters and their spouses, booked a sail & snorkel excursion with Radical Catamaran Adventures in Roatán, Honduras. We didn't book a private excursion, but the 8 of us ended up being the only guests on the boat that day (late January). Our ship was anchored off Coxen Hole and we were on the first tender so we could get our day started. We were met just outside the port area and taken by van to Oakridge, partway down the island. The trip took about 45 minutes. The road was very smooth in some areas and kind of bumpy in others. It looked li
  7. We arrived in Miami on Viking Sky yesterday. It took less than 15 minutes to exit the terminal (Terminal J) once we departed the ship. We gathered our luggage and waited maybe 5 minutes behind just a few people to see the immigration/customs officers (there were 2). The one we went to reviewed our passports, asked us about how much we spent on items we were bringing back into the country, and then sent us in our way. We have Global Entry but I didn’t see any kiosks at all. Hope that helps some. Tim
  8. Yep, I hear ya. My wife is from Maine , so we are generally underwhelmed by lobster on cruise ships and many restaurants outside of NE.
  9. Viking Sky has been rocking and rolling some since my wonderful Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl last ni...I mean since we left Colon, Panama last night. One person in our party of 8 is a bit green around the gills. I hope I don’t chop off a finger at our cooking class at the Kitchen Table this morning. Maybe I should change into a red shirt. 😉 The seas are about the same today as we enjoy a sea day in the way to Montego Bay. Viking had a BBQ buffet by the pool last night for the game. It’s clear that Bergen isn’t located on the outskirts of Memphis. Having grown up near Kansa
  10. We’re on Viking Sky and the cruise is going great. Weather and seas have been perfect. The cruise schedule has been as planned so far. You may have to drag me off when we get back to Miami. 😉
  11. That's great news! Thanks for checking on that. Viking Sky has left Cozumel and appears to be headed to Merida (Progreso). Tim
  12. I've heard a story of this on another cruise line, but not Viking. Have you heard of this happening on Viking Ocean?
  13. Thanks for correcting my understanding of the requirement, Chief. I appreciate you knowledge and your willingness to share it with us here. Tim
  14. I'm not a sailor and the captain has never asked for my help on the bridge...but I thought I've read posts by knowledgeable folks that if a ship has just one means of propulsion (like if Viking Sky had just one operational motor) then a tug would be used. The thinking is that if that one source of propulsion failed, then the ship would be out of control. Maybe someone with more knowledge than I have can answer better. Tim
  15. Check out this Cruise Critic article: Can You Watch the Super Bowl on Your Cruise? Hope that helps. Tim P.S. We are on the Viking Sky Panama Canal Cruise as well.
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