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  1. Thank you, Waynetor for your fascinating accounts of your trip. May I ask a question? We are visiting Rio on the Coral Princess in a few weeks, followed by St Kitts and Martinique,( where a YF certificate or exemption is needed if travelling from YF area). We have secured a Yellow Fever waiver due to medical reasons and age (64 and 68). We were told to wear long trousers and long sleeved shirts, along with liberal supplies of something containing DEET (50% or more)...any comments please ? Thanks. Enjoy the remainder of your trip.
  2. That maybe so . That is why I posted that if there is a dress code it should be strictly enforced across the fleet!! We can go around in circles for days, but if the dress code were to be strictly enforced there would be no need for this pointless discussion !
  3. And clean ones look smarter for dining than dirty trousers!!
  4. We had read the Patter and signs outside dining rooms. We know what the dress codes say. The reason we were offended was that the dress code is not strictly enforced across the fleet. Other ships are perfectly happy for passengers to wear tailored shorts in MDR on Smart casual nights. Also upset that someone in dirty, work clothes was allowed in whilst others in good quality, clean, smart short trousers was not! This goes back to my comment that the dress code needs to be enforced not be dependent on who is supposed to be enforcing it !
  5. I'm sure you are not dense. What you say makes a lot of sense. The issue for me is...if there is a dress code..whatever it may be...why isn't it STRICTLY enforced, across the fleet?
  6. My husband was turned away from MDR on a Smart Casual evening when wearing brand new Polo Ralph Lauren tailored knee length shorts and a RL polo shirt! As as we had been waiting to get to the to be seated, we saw a man exit the restaurant, after dining, wearing tatty, paint splattered jogging pants that had seen better days, with a nylon football shirt....they were long trousers though, so acceptable !
  7. There has been much discussion of this on Coral Princess' Roll call for 18th or 19th March. (Can't remember actual date..we start our travel on 15th.) The issue is not YF in Brazil but being allowed into St Kitts and Martinique after visiting Brazil. In their written information Princess puts the onus on the passenger to check what they need with a Medical Practitioner. We were concerned that after flying from GB, we would be denied boarding. WE made appointments with our local Health Centre (GP) and were directed to a travel clinic. More appointments....when we gave our ages (68 and 64) and explained husband had had chemo and I am taking steroids for an auto immune disease, we were both issued with the YF Waiver Card. There was a small fee to pay. We were told to wear light coloured, light weight, long trousers and long sleeved tops and to use Deet Spray at least 50%. Other people we have read about have been denied a waiver and some have paid large amounts for the vaccinations. Think it depends where you are. Hopefully no one will be denied boarding, but it wasn't a risk we wanted to take.
  8. Agree...another of my pet peeves. Wish we could get the same terms, conditions and pricing as our friends 'across the pond' !!!!!
  9. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polishes when I don't have them done professionally. Quite long lasting and much easier to remove ( especially on toe nails) than professionally baked on gel. Sometimes do toenails myself and have fingernails done professionally . Like to match up colours though! So either do toenails to show at salon or take nailvarnish pot with you.
  10. Excellent idea. You have made five outfits very easily. Also made less weight in your luggage. Won't need extra shoes either with outfits being all based on black. Hoping to cut down on my luggage, so trying to do something similar. Well done!
  11. We flew from GB to Santiago and cruised to Buenos Aires on Emerald Princess in January 2018. 3 days in Santiago and 3 days in BA. Our weather was fantastic..no rough seas, no rain. Had a wonderful cruise and would thoroughly recommend it .
  12. No shuttle two years ago. As I stated above,. walked into town and had taxi back to port as docked overnight. Taxis were available from outside of port. We left early when there was no great queue, not sure how busy it was later,
  13. I have said this before and will repeat. I would like cruise lines to state their required dress code, not the suggested code and enforce it, in all locations of the World, across the fleet !
  14. Have heard quite a few people stopped buying it when they included mock tails, smoothies etc. Expensive at new price for those who may be diabetic or trying to cut back on sugar intake. Wish Cruiseline would take note and offer soda only package again..unlikely, I know!
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